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  1. Not gonna lie, but I totally blew this challenge. The first two weeks or so were great, and I was hitting my goals almost every day. Week three came along and I didn't do anything. Week four, same thing. Five and six, still nothing. I think the only goal I did well on was the no soda. I caved and had soda a few times, so I would give myself a B grade for that goal. Pretty sure I get a D for everything else though. Those first two weeks were awesome, though! I felt great about myself and about life. I even got my husband to work out with me a couple of times. Even though I didn't do very well in meeting my goals, I am a little bit closer to leveling up, and I am extremely thankful for that opportunity. Thanks everybody for all your encouragement. Maybe we'll all meet again in the next challenge! HV
  2. Still no soda so far! I've been tempted several times this last week, but every time I said "no." So proud of myself right now. I also exercised for five days this week! I even got my husband to join me on Monday; poor guy was so sore after doing all those squats! Unfortunately, I haven't submitted anything for publication this week and I haven't been making my 1000 word goals. I'm thinking I should have made the goal 2 or 3 days per week instead of 5 days...ugh. Oh well. 2 goals out of 4 this week ain't bad. HV
  3. Thanks for the encouragement guys. I really appreciate it
  4. This week has been kinda tough with my goals. I don't think I've made 1000 words any day this week and only did my workouts for three days (hoping to do one tomorrow to make up for one of those). But I did get that story submitted on Monday, and I still haven't had any soda. Not a total fail for the week, but hopefully next week I'll do better. HV
  5. Just submitted a short story to online fiction magazine! I forgot to mention my word count in my cover letter, but the story is within their word-limit, so I hope they won't count that slip-up against me. I should hear back in a couple of weeks. If they accept it, I'll get paid $50. Woohoo! I also did the beginner's body weight workout today; I got through two circuits, whereas a few weeks ago, I was only doing one circuit. Yay progress! No soda so far today . Still working on my 1000 words for the day. HV
  6. Hello, Spider! Thanks for posting on my thread. Looks like you doing pretty well with your goals. I appreciate your honesty in your daily food choices. I can't wait to see how your tunic turns out. And to echo several other posters, I so wish we could have a bellydance class for all the Druid ladies! When I was in college, I learned some bellydance on my own from videos and books, but I didn't really have access to a local bellydance community. Hopefully I'll be able to find one in the future so I can learn more. HV
  7. Ah man, hate that for you. Maybe once you've got the lifting calluses, they can work with the garden calluses when you do other hands-on tasks...idk. Good luck on your to-do list!
  8. I love flavored water, especially if it's carbonated. Peach and white grape are my favorite flavors. I hope I hear back soon on the submission, though I expect it might not be until after the challenge is over. Oh well.
  9. Wow, your goals look awesome. A lot of us Druids are trying to get into lifting too. I'm so excited to learn from the Warriors how it all works. Good luck; I believe that you'll do great. HV
  10. I really admire your goal to promote poverty awareness. It also seems like a lot of us Druids are trying to do more strength training, and that's pretty cool. I look forward to encouraging you toward your goals! HV
  11. Here's an update for this week. I decided to include stuff from Monday, even though I didn't sign up until Tuesday. Monday: Submitted to a haiku magazine. Drank soda. Didn't get to my workout or my 1000 words. Tuesday: No soda. Did my cardio--a bellydance DVD produced by Neena and Veena Bidasha. Didn't get to my 1000 words. Wednesday: No soda. Didn't get to my strength training. Wrote 1,020 words. Thursday: No soda. Did my bellydance DVD and wrote 1042 words. Friday: Still up in the air.
  12. I would love to be able to take a nap at work! But I can't. I only get a 30 minute lunch break (no lunch if I'm scheduled for less than 5.5 hours), and I spend half of that time eating my food. I suppose a 15-min power nap would be fine; I may try that some time this week and see how I feel. No soda today! Yay! Drank a bunch of water instead. But I'm so tired... I also have a question. Even though I signed up for the challenge on April 16th, can I count the submission I mailed on April 15th toward my submissions goal, since I submitted it within the time frame of the challenge? HV
  13. This is my first challenge too. I'm super excited about all the awesome things all of us will accomplish over the next six weeks. I really appreciate your goal to say no to sugar; one of my goals is to stop drinking soda all together and eliminate a huge source of sugar in my life. I hear the sugar cravings are really bad though, so I hope we can encourage each other when those cravings hit. HV
  14. Congratulations on running your first half-marathon! I can definitely relate with the food expenses. My hubby and I have a really hard time not spending a bunch of money at the store, especially when we want to buy a bunch of junk food like gummie bears and ice cream. I look forward to reading about your progress. HV
  15. Way to go with the Spanish goal. I look forward to hearing about your progress.
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