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  1. I made yesterday into a rest day because I'm getting sick again and it's probably because I don't take enough days off. Plus, it had been 2 1/2 weeks since my last rest day, so I figured it was time. I don't like taking days off. The entire day was spent thinking about how I had 3 hours from 11 to 2 when I could have been lifting and felt like I was just wasting time by not doing so. Calorie-wise, I ended up around 1950. A friend came over and we made broccoli cheddar soup from scratch. It was delicious, but holy crap is that a lot of cheese. Luckily I planned for it by keeping my breakfast a
  2. Congrats on the new baby! That's so exciting! I'm glad that everyone is doing well.
  3. I keep trying different flavors of protein powder hoping something will be good. Right now I've got cookies and cream. It's not terrible (I can drink it mixed in only water), but it isn't particularly good, especially mixed with other stuff. I've tried chocolate, which I'll probably go back to after the current tub runs out, and chocolate peanut butter, which sounded amazing and then tasted more like burnt chocolate than anything else. The chocolate flavor blended with frozen berries (or peaches!) and almond milk turns out pretty good. Also in oatmeal. The other flavors taste a little odd.
  4. I do a mix of the starting strength and the stronglifts 5x5. I started with 5x5 last July and really enjoyed it. But I've adjusted so that if I can do 3 sets at particular weight I'll go heavier next time. But I still try to do five. Also, I like to add things that intrigue me. I've added cleans and sometimes I'll do farmer's walk or some dumbbell exercises. The program seems to be working for me so I've stuck with it. Also, there are tons of squats in it and I really like squats Usually when counting calories I go down to individual ingredients. I cook a lot of my own food, so it helps that
  5. Yesterday I finished off with about 2000 calories. Today I'm ending up with 1600 calories. Workout was 90 minutes of karate and 30 minutes of stretching. It's funny, I've eaten 400 calories fewer today than yesterday, but I've ended the day a lot more full today. It really drives it home that the quality of the food eaten is more important than the amount. Yesterdays cookies and M&Ms were high in calories but not at all filling, so I kept eating. It also helps that I've been busy all day today. No time to get bored and eat a snack. Again, I did not swim today like I had planned. I got up
  6. Good job with week 1! Other than the meat, what are you eating to get all the protein? I'm getting sick of my protein shakes.
  7. How's the challenge going so far? I feel you on the snooze button thing. I hit it every morning. It used to be hit accidentally when I was trying to turn the alarm off, but I'm pretty sure it's no longer accidental.
  8. So I kinda fell apart this weekend when it came to tracking food. There was a lot of cookie baking (apparently my friends have decided that I'm the person to go to when they feel like baking.... not that I mind, I love baking and I send the resultant goods home with whoever is around at the time so I don't eat them all myself. It's just problematic that while baking cookies a lot of cookie dough gets eaten in the process) and going out to eat and superbowl party fun (well, fun up until the steelers lost... but then reruns of robot chicken were watched to bring everyone's spirits back up... and
  9. Weights this morning: Squats: 45x5 85x5 135x5 160x5x5 Bench Press 45x5 65x5 85x5 80x4x5 (realized that I wasn't going the whole way down to my chest with the 85, so I lowered the weight and made sure I was going through the whole range of motion) Power Cleans: 65x5 75x5 85x5 75x3x5 Incline Situps: 25x3x10
  10. The numbers are weight x sets x reps; if there are only two numbers then i only did one set and just didn't put that in Yesterday ended at about 2100 calories. Today was incredibly busy at work, so I didn't get to swim. I did get to karate though. So I had 90 minutes of training followed by 30 minutes of kata and stretching. Looks like today is going to end somewhere between 1800 and 2000 calories, depending on what I decide to eat in the next 10 minutes. Tomorrow is going to be just as busy as today, but I should definitely be able to lift. Hopefully I'll get to run too, but we'll see how
  11. Way to go on the pushups. I really like your garden goal. I like the idea of having a garden and growing my own vegetables, but putting it into practice is difficult since I like in an upstairs apartment. I do have a lot of houseplants... does that count ?
  12. Lifted this morning. Luckily the sheets of ice on the roads and sidewalks weren't enough to close the gym And even better, when I got there I was the only person on the entire floor. There were about 3 people upstairs on the cardio machines, but that was it. Squats: 45x2x5 85x1x5 135x1x5 160x3x5 Overhead Press: 45x1x5 65x1x3 65x4x4 Deadlift: 135x5 185x1 205x1 225x1 235x -- Got halfway up and then it went back down. I'll get it next time. 225x3 205x5 135x5
  13. You have great goals! Diet Mountain Dew is one of my downfalls as well. Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke too. People think I'm crazy, but I think they taste better than regular soda. Good luck!
  14. Oh! I forgot to post what I did do today. 90 minutes of karate practice. 10 minutes of stretching. 20 minutes of attempting to make my toes bend so I won't break them if I kick someone. Much to the amusement of my sensei and of the black belts, they refuse to cooperate. Instead of bending back, the 3 little toes just spread out to the side. Also, I signed up for my first triathlon today! It's a sprint tri in Bath County, VA on June 18. 750 yard swim (open water). 20K bike ride. 5K run. It'll be awesome!
  15. I use a spreadsheet to keep track of everything I eat. It works well, since I'm usually near my computer at work, so if I have a snack I immediately log it. Yesterdays workout is posted above. I ended the day at 1655 calories. I'm happy with where I ended up for the day. Today's didn't go so well. I was good up until I got hungry for a snack and ended up eating an entire bag of chex mix. Also my oven broke, so I used that as an excuse to get chinese food on my way home from training. Even so, it would've been fine if I hadn't gotten the fried rice. Ah well. I'll get back on track tomorrow. Any
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