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  1. I've done my yoga classes each day so far this week! I'm pretty said today'll be pretty much my last class at this studio. I did some research into studios in my new area and I think I've found one that will be a good fit. There's a couple women from my sailing club that go to this studio on a semi-regular basis as well, so it will be nice to have some yoga friends I have also remembered to write about my practice in my logbook, so that's really great. I am SO EXCITED for Games! Maybe almost too excited. My team is driving up to Edmonton tonight, and then ALL of Team Alberta flies to Sherbr
  2. Hahaha yeah it's a little excessive for everyday life XD haha behind a tree works well
  3. I LOVE my green smoothies in the morning! I too was skeptical to begin with, but you can't even taste it in there hahaha Dude don't even feel bad, I'll totally one-up you here! I'm a competitive sailor, we pend hours on the water during competitions. I also drink a SHITLOAD of water (9+ liters a day during competition) My wetset has breather holes all over it so I just pee straight through it if I have to XD Although your goals are big ones, it definitely seems like you have a good handle on it! Awesome that you're getting the fam on board as much as ya can too Good luck!!
  4. SO pretty much just parroting everyone else here, but I totally agree that "I don't" is so much more powerful than "I can't." For myself, I DO NOT drink when I am training, and rarely drink outside of that. When I used to say "I can't drink because I'm training" it's all come-on-live-a-little-do-you-really-hate-fun-that-much, but when I say "I don't drink" people get to feel like an ass if they push me on it, it's great! Haha I really like all your goals, I know you'll do AWESOME!
  5. So this will be my second go at the challenges. My first was as a druid and I did not complete it due to becoming supah busy and my challenge was no longer a priority. This time I'm going in KNOWING I will be supah busy, so I will be factoring that in from the start of my challenge. Here it goes! MAIN QUEST Rehabilitate my back injury. So the background on this is that I am a competitive sailor and have succumb to an unfortunately typical sailing injury. Most people have quads that are overdeveloped compared to their core, but due to the specific motions of sailing this imbalance puts HUGE s
  6. Wow. Okay. So after receiving the newsletter about the next challenge starting up, I remembered I completely forgot to stay updated with this one! My life has been super busy between the start of sailing season, and my family's decision to move to be closer to the yacht club. I've also been pretty bummed out as my carpal tunnel issues have made it impossible to sail for the time being. So between all that, the challenge just totally fell to the wayside. I have kept up my yoga, I'm going every day during the week. I've been able to perform poses flat on my hands as opposed to using my whole fo
  7. Thanks for that tip, Evenewbie! Update #3 This has been a very hectic week for me, and I've only been to yoga once. My carpal tunnel has only been getting consistently worse, and as such I have had to make the tough decision to withdraw from my school program for the sake of my health. This also means I've still been unable to resume my gym sessions, there's often times where I can barely pick up my purse let alone lift weights and such. I am making more of an effort to cycle as transportation so i'm still getting SOME extra exercise in! What with the last week being as it has been, I've
  8. I totally second the spaghetti squash recommendation, holy crap it's like the best thing everrrr.
  9. I think that's a smart way to start out for sure. I always find it tough to break a poor habit if I don't have something better to replace it with. And funny how that works, hey? The more I work out the more I want to work out, the more I eat well the more I want to eat well, the more I work out the more I want to eat well and the more I eat well the more I want to work out! So yay you for the awesome start!
  10. Thanks! Yeah it's a rough sport for sure, but that's why I love it, it's such a challenge! This'd be my sport at it's best Most've those are smaller Canadian acts, they totally deserve waaaay more exposure! Lemme know if ya like 'em\ Hahaha not steel-y enough! I'd say at least the last minute and a half were sheer willpower lol Thanks! Fantastic sport if I do say so myself
  11. Oops, didn't realise anyone'd replied to this! Thanks Thanks! Yeah, luck and talent are both overrated. My coach has this saying up in his office "The harder I train the more talented I become." SOOO true haha
  12. ooooh boy tell me about it! between sailing and the gym my hands get straight up nasty, especially over the summer
  13. Awesome on the goals you did accomplish this week! Totally sure ya can do better next week
  14. So I just had a meeting with the sports nutritionist available to my through my selection for Canada Summer Games! Pretty cool. She figures I need to eat more protein, and probably also take calcium supplements due to the whole no-dairy. Overall my diet checks out fairly well so that's great It's FINALLY getting nice here in Calgary, 20 degrees with some craaazy winds. Not too long before the ice is off the lake and I can get out in my boat!
  15. Update #2 Yoga on Sunday and Monday, going to class at noon today. Planning class on Wednesday evening. Special open-for-10-years celebration class on Friday. Planning one gym session this week, increase to two next week, three week after that. Avoiding sugar is going well overall, the only times I've had it has been in things I didn't think about as containing sugar, like a juice or salsa. I've started being more aware about reading labels to look for the nasty little bugger! I've been doing my physio consistently every other day, but I really NEED to make the time for it every single day.
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