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  1. What's the pushup competition consist of? This year I'm trying to build my reps and hit 2013 pushups every month with a bunch of friends. Tracking progress is key for me.
  2. Hi all, I'm a bit new to town in terms of NF, but I love the concept so much that I wanted to jump right in with this challenge, even though I might be posting just under the wire! I'm not new to fitness and would consider myself relatively fit, but am constantly looking at new challenges. Currently I'm working on a few long term goals including 55 pushups straight, a clean no swing/no false grip muscle up and a front lever. I hope to achieve these by the end of the year. My goals for this challenge are as follows: 1) Go to yoga class at least once a week for next 6 weeks 2) Stretch 3x a week (hamstring and hip flexors especially) 3) Run 2x a week for >= 4 miles per run 4) Eat green vegetables at least once a day 5) Draw at least one character per week Plan: 1) My yoga classes are already paid for via a Gilt deal so I only need motivation to go. I've already went once a week and was totally motivated by the people doing headstands and leg behind their shoulder L-sit type moves all around me. 2) Stretching is always a big problem for me. I don't like to warm up and I don't like to stretch. I'm going to try and incorporate some stretching in after my gym workouts, but if anyone has some good tips/videos/etc please msg me! 3) Currently I get at least 1 run in a week. Sometimes it's short though. I'm going to try and plan run dates to keep me on track to meet this goal. This week might be a wash since it's already Wednesday, but I will try to get at least one good run in this week. I'm ramping up to do an event in June called a Ragnar Relay race. Very cool for people that are into endurance running! 4) Diet is another big problem for me. Vegetables are typically a pain to prepare, and I don't love the taste. I was reading the post about Staci and might try some steamfresh vegetables because they seem like they're already prepared. 5) This is my non-fitness/diet goal. A big passion of mine has always been art. I'm not very good, but I always dreamed of having a webcomic like Megatokyo or Something Positive. Drawing at least one character a week is really tough for me in terms of pulling myself away from chatting on gmail or watching netflix, but I just got a Surface and drawing on it has been really great so far. So that's it. Hopefully I'll keep motivated for the next 6 weeks at least!
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