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  1. She is, and while the Insanity program is quite good, it requires you to have some level of conditioning that is definitely not for beginners. I would love to get impressions from more experienced people like you or Cheechoe. Oh yes. Somethimes time flies while working at home and we don´t go to bed as early as we would like, but we really really hope to correct that as soon as the house is 100% finished! I may not have posted here, but I´ve kept updating the log. Everything is going well, I will have to upload it at home since I can´t copy the comments just with Copy-Paste. Still a lot of things to do in the house (organizing specially), but everything indicates we will be done for the end of the challenge =).
  2. Great going with the water goal Eboncat! Have you felt any changes yet? When you achieve your first full unassisted pull up it will be glorious!! Persist! =D
  3. Oh man, good luck with the festivities. I know December will be a calamity for me >_< Good work with the pull ups! I want to go back to them. My biceps won´t grow themselves! Well, they will but I have to torture them first. I love egg recipes! Shamelessly copying!
  4. Love the Invader Zim theme, man! By the way, what do you think about the voice acting in Latin Spanish and English? I think most VA are way better in Latin Spanish, specially Gaz. The only one English one that feels better is Zim. Opinions? Talk about doing a lot of stuff! Great way to keep yourself busy and progressing! How is the cooking project coming up? ¡Mucho éxito Sparaucchio! Los saludos desde México son obligados: Pfffft! how inaccurate! Everybody knows our butchers dance randomly in the streets WITHOUT roses!! Get your facts straight Vazquez!
  5. Like you wouldn´t believe it... It was a surprise for me too. I even know of someone IRL that is getting leaner only by sleeping 8.5 hours a day. Nothing else. =0
  6. Zuel

    The way of the sword.

    Wow! Super update! Maybe you didn´t run everyday but stretching is already an amazing activity for the body. Good going!
  7. Wow Risen, that sounds amazing. I haven´t tried doing push ups lately, but I don´t think I can do 50 for the moment and even less planning to tackle a 100. Good to read your knee and shoulder are feeling slightly better.
  8. You seem to be in a very difficult situation. Much kudos to you for staying in the good fight! You will thank yourself for not giving up.
  9. The magic of the blender. There are vegetables that add volume and nutrients to shakes and the taste hides well enough to keep enjoying it as a snack.
  10. Oooh, the envy for you people having to up your caloric consumption is ever prevalent |-.-|.
  11. Congrats in the weight loss Shotokan! Also the time frame is quite ample. Stability is so important when you want to prevent a yo-yo effect. I´m seeing more clean days than not. Eventually the good options will win out at this pace. Keep it up! =D
  12. Zuel

    Towards a new balance

    Wow, your company is great indeed! Hope you get back to your normal performance soon!
  13. Much success to you Bananapeel! I looking forward to read you here! Oh man! Monk + Medical Knowledge = Pressure Points??? XD
  14. Interesting challenge this week. And interesting reading your thoughts guys. I am very harsh on myself if left by my own devices. I sometimes feel bad for feeling good, say, for helping other people. As if I do the right thing only to feel good with myself and not because it is the right thing to do. Sometimes I have to consciously stop myself, smack that little jerk of an inner judge and get back on track. Also, I try to keep myself busy and not to think too much when I´m alone with myself, else I end up in some dark corners.
  15. How are you feeling Teiring? Get well soon! =0
  16. I like the concept of not using external help to train. Wish you to succeed man. You will develop some serious focus!
  17. Oh yeah! Fan are a must. Otherwise say good bye to comfort. Haha, ok then, it´s better prevent cravings! Thank you Caponerd. It is shaping up nicely! It was delicious, I love me some shrimp. Agree completely! Thanks a lot Cheechoe! It will get better once we organize all the stuff we brought. Yes, it can get quite hot around here, even during winter. I did, it was quite entertaining. ------------------------------------------------------- Updated my log again. Everything is going well. But there are some changes with our routines: My girlfriend will stop doing Insanity for a while. It seems she is not getting as much from the program because she still lacks a bit of stamina. She will go back to using her routines (mostly strengthening with some resistance) and increase the pace up until she can complete more than 50% of the circuits without extra rests times. Hopefully, she will go back to the program next year. Besides, we care more for a stable progress rather than reaching our goal in only 9 weeks. This weekend we have to organize our closets, install some changes to the roof and set the light-bulbs bases (which I didn´t do last week ¬¬) Have a nice weekend everyone! =D
  18. Oh man, this is gonna be great. Glad to read you are excited about it. Feeling a lot of positive energy from here. =D
  19. Good week man, and way to seize a medical condition to your advantage! Still, hope your dermatitis goes away soon. Excellent choice, Broccoli is a great one. Just be careful not to get bored with it. See if you can experiment with more options, you might find a couple new favorites.
  20. Thanks, that is correct, it is from videos. What I did try is to complete the routine a 100% instead of 90~95%. That second to last set is a killer! I wasn´t succesful today, but will give my best again tomorrow.
  21. Thanks Lexionidas! Great work with your cold progress! =P
  22. How is your water intake? I have noticed I feel reeeeeally tired when I don´t drink enough water.
  23. Oh man, every time I read about the deep tissue guy I cringe! Does it ever get easier? Have you felt different training after going with him?
  24. Good to read you Maa! Man, I can´t break the 5 minute barrier XD. I will keep doing this cold rinsing from now on. I feel revitalized after done!
  25. I´m not sure if I´ll try it. The Insanity routines give 30 seconds to rest between 5 minutes sets anyway and I´m don´t feel like resting even less than that O_o. If anything I will try keep going non stop in the final sets which I usually fail (Burpees/push up variants most of the time).
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