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  1. First time back in quite awhile. How is everyone doing?
  2. Hey peoples, what's up?

  3. So i'm guessing that's a no then Any ideas would help as one of my career goals is to become a fitness trainer, i'm in decent shape currently...just wanna make sure i stay that way and if possible improve.
  4. I plan if everything works out the way im hoping it will, that i will be able to enlist into the marines around spring, so i was wondering if anyone could help me put together a exercise routine that can help me build a basic foundation so that i might have a fighting chance for when i enlist. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day -Prospect
  5. As of now i am officially in the assassins guild
  6. Recap of my goals : MAIN QUEST : To lose the excess weight I built up over the 2 years I quit working out. Side Quest : Do the Beginner Body Weight Circuit Workout 4 days per week. (+4 Str) (Tho at first it was tough, i managed to follow through and completed my 4 days every week of the Beginner Body Weight Circuit Workout. Took a week for my muscles to get use to the routine, after that it was more fun.) OVERALL SCORE : A. 4/4 points Side Quest : No sweets or fast food for the next six weeks. (+3 Con) (didn't quite do as well as i had hoped to on this one, suddenly quitting col
  7. Not sure if this quad. post is allowed, but only way i can update ^^ So far I've managed to meet most of my goals during these past six weeks, it's been tough.
  8. on the final days of the challenge, keep up the good work everyone :D

  9. sounds like reasonable goals, with enough hard work can be achieved
  10. I'm down for whatever, as long as its challenging
  11. You really thought things through, welcome
  12. you don't have to get rid of your old self exactly, you could look at it as if your evolving and taking a new step into becoming a new you, and gaining more life experience as you go on.
  13. I can't imagine a life without MD, tho its been awhile since i last had some myself
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