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  1. Awesome interview with Steve on the blog. I saw that picture of you on the jetty and said, "Hey that's Brisbane Waters. That must be Dominic from the forums." My wife's grandma actually lives on Orange Grove Road and we lived with her for about a year when we were first married.
  2. Zesty

    Green Tea

    Thanks for your thoughts everyone. I am attempting to be as "purist" as possible for 30 days for weight loss purposes and then depending on how I'm going I may introduce some "cheats" such as coffee or milk. I'm planning on going to a speciality tea shop over the weekend so hopefully I'll get to try some different teas and if anyone is interested I'll post about the ones I liked.
  3. Zesty

    Green Tea

    Well from my research it seems that coffee is not considered Paleo due to the amount of caffeine content not the actual ingredient itself, but like I said that is from a "purist" perspective and it is debated frequently. Green Tea seems to be the substitute because it has less caffeine content then coffee and has many other benefits such as increased metabolism which helps in weight loss. Plus I'm not a a big fan of coffee in the first place, I could only really drink it when it had heaps of sugar and milk. I've started drinking Green Tea now and I can have it easily without any extra sug
  4. Decided to start drinking Green Tea instead of Coffee. Anyone recommend some good brands? I've been told Sencha is delicious.

    1. marionette


      I have been drinking stash teas like a fiend lately. Their green is good and they have awesome herbal teas.

  5. Zesty

    Green Tea

    So I know that coffee is not considered Paleo by the purists but it seems that many people who follow the Paleo Diet drink Green Tea in place of coffee. I'm just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on this and whether there is some other alternative for those of us who need caffeine in their diets (I have low blood pressure and find that if I don't have a bit of salt and caffeine in my diet I am almost always light headed and pass out quite frequently). If this has been discussed elsewhere please le me know as I did a forum search and couldn't find anything. Also if there are any G
  6. First day of Paleo Diet! I had two hard boiled eggs and an apple for breakfast. Lunch was Roast Beef, Veggies, and a few Grapes. I don't remember what's for dinner but my wife has it planned out. So far so good!

    1. Jimmy


      Nice work Zesty! Paleo is the way to go imo :)

  7. Which beaches allow dogs on the Central Coast? I didn't realise there were any. Did you actually go to the game? I had a couple of mates who went and said it was good.
  8. Hey Dominic, I was just reading through your Battle Log and wanted to say awesome job. Where do you normally go walking/jogging? I was thinking of doing the path from Gosford Waterfront to Woy Woy sometime soon. Might ride my push bike instead of walk though. I also read that you're a Mariner's fan? Glad they finally won a Grand Final. Fourth time lucky. Haha.
  9. Thanks everyone, thanks especially for the links Dominic, I'll check them out. I saw the challenge and I'm still trying to think about what my goals should be.
  10. New rebel from the Central Coast. Well technically I'm from Florida but I've been living in Australia for the past 7 years and I'm married to an Australian so I've been told that I'm at least half-Aussie.
  11. Found this site while looking up information about the Paelo Diet and thought it would be great to talk to people about fitness and more "nerdy" things. My real name is Zach but I love the word Zesty (best word in the dictionary in my opinion) so that's what I usually go by online. I am 25 years old living on the Central Coast of NSW in Australia. I was actually born in Florida but have been living in Australia for 7 years now with my wife, who is Australian, and our 5 month old son. My hobbies include gaming of all kinds, video games, board games, and card games. My wife and I enjoy wat
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