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  1. Teros, thank you for an EXCELLENT job on mini challenges. Every one has been helpful, engaging, and a new way to grow. I'm SOOOO impressed you did a Spartan race! I'm working toward a Warrior Dash, and those are much lower pressure (and don't require burpees!) I faced a medium sized fear this week. I shattered my ankle several years ago when I missed a step in the dark, and I've been afraid of walking in the dark ever since. This week, I did a couple of my daily walks at night. There was enough moonlight to see fine, but I was still pretty scared. Kudos to EVERYONE who faced a fear.
  2. Checking in after the second week. Here are the numbers: Sleep 7-8 hours: 14/14 A+ Exercise: 9/14 D Zombies Run: 3/4 D Meditate: 5/14 F Drink plenty of water: 14/14 A+ Eat real food: 14/14 A+ Eat when hungry: 14/14 A+ Eat between 9 am and 8 pm: 0/14 F- Got WAY off track this week with exercise and meditation, and need to get back on track. Hopefully work this week will be less demanding. Adventurer's week 1
  3. Nothing but water Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday; enjoyed a hard strawberry lemonade last night. My usually intake is three to four fills of my 3 c water bottle, so that's 72 to 96 fl oz a day.
  4. Posted my weekly update on my thread. Feel free to check it out! Also, you might be interested in looking at the weekly challenges for Level 1 Rebels. Sometimes I love weekly challenges; sometimes they're more than I can keep up with; sometimes I'm just not interested. I think it's at least worth checking out.
  5. Checking in after the first week, this time with solid numbers instead of vague "I did well" mumbles. Here are the numbers: Sleep 7-8 hours: 7/7 A+ Exercise: 6/7 A Zombies Run: 2/2 A+ Meditate: 6/7 A Drink plenty of water: 7/7 A+ Eat real food: 7/7 A+ Eat when hungry: 7/7 A+ Eat between 9 am and 8 pm: 0/7 F- Adventurer's week 1 mini challenge: PUSHUPS!! didn't do any, but thought about it. Ed and I should start lifting
  6. On board for drinking only water for three days. I'm waving a sad goodbye to those nightly Twisted Lemonade "electrolytes." I knew that was a rationalization, but this challenge really calls me on that delusion.
  7. Do you want a Wednesday running nudge here or on FB? There's a mysterious dish that includes green jello and cool wip which is called Watergate Salad. I'm pretty sure the Watergate Hotel would disavow any knowledge of it.
  8. I wish I could see you and your sister running. Sooooo cool you can run together.
  9. I wish I could see you and your sister running. Sooooo cool you can run together.
  10. I get asked that question a lot. I have a 1-1/2 pt water bottle and try to empty it at least twice a day. When I work out, I add another water bottle. I often drink 3 or 4 a day, so I think I'm all right. If it's not TMI, I also pay attention to the color of my urine and make sure it stays light yellow. I will be at least checking in on the mini's. I think I'll really like this set.
  11. Actually, that first recipe has become a family tradition at our house for Thanksgiving *blush*. I got the recipe from my half sister; she called it Corn Pudding.
  12. Delibrate error. When I type a spelling error, it's underlined in red; I think it may be my PC or my browser rather than the NF site that does that. No clue on the bold. Could you be accidentally hitting <Ctrl-B>? Hooray for nice comments! Definitely keep track. I seem to mostly remember the negative stuff instead. Speaking of nice comments, an elderly man stopped me yesterday when I was shopping and complimented my "strong calves." It was a nice boost.
  13. Thanks for checking in, Primeval & Neph. I'm doing well on this challenge, and SO glad to be back. If you have time, please drop in on my friend's quest: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/51704-paleo-pooped-in-tennessee I'm back, thanks to a kick in the tail from her.
  14. I'm so impressed by your goals! I did the math, and I may be doing 15 or 20 miles a week, but I'm walking most of it. You inspire me. I can't imagine running an entire marathon; I can't even run an entire 5k yet. Maybe by October...
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