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  1. Teros, thank you for an EXCELLENT job on mini challenges. Every one has been helpful, engaging, and a new way to grow. I'm SOOOO impressed you did a Spartan race! I'm working toward a Warrior Dash, and those are much lower pressure (and don't require burpees!) I faced a medium sized fear this week. I shattered my ankle several years ago when I missed a step in the dark, and I've been afraid of walking in the dark ever since. This week, I did a couple of my daily walks at night. There was enough moonlight to see fine, but I was still pretty scared. Kudos to EVERYONE who faced a fear. I've been so inspired reading about your progress this week.
  2. Checking in after the second week. Here are the numbers: Sleep 7-8 hours: 14/14 A+ Exercise: 9/14 D Zombies Run: 3/4 D Meditate: 5/14 F Drink plenty of water: 14/14 A+ Eat real food: 14/14 A+ Eat when hungry: 14/14 A+ Eat between 9 am and 8 pm: 0/14 F- Got WAY off track this week with exercise and meditation, and need to get back on track. Hopefully work this week will be less demanding. Adventurer's week 1 mini challenge: PUSHUPS!! didn't do any, but thought about it. Ed and I should start lifting instead of just talking about starting to lift. Adventurer's week 2 mini challenge: drink only water for at least 3 days. This was surprisingly easy. +1 Stamina
  3. Nothing but water Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday; enjoyed a hard strawberry lemonade last night. My usually intake is three to four fills of my 3 c water bottle, so that's 72 to 96 fl oz a day.
  4. Posted my weekly update on my thread. Feel free to check it out! Also, you might be interested in looking at the weekly challenges for Level 1 Rebels. Sometimes I love weekly challenges; sometimes they're more than I can keep up with; sometimes I'm just not interested. I think it's at least worth checking out.
  5. Checking in after the first week, this time with solid numbers instead of vague "I did well" mumbles. Here are the numbers: Sleep 7-8 hours: 7/7 A+ Exercise: 6/7 A Zombies Run: 2/2 A+ Meditate: 6/7 A Drink plenty of water: 7/7 A+ Eat real food: 7/7 A+ Eat when hungry: 7/7 A+ Eat between 9 am and 8 pm: 0/7 F- Adventurer's week 1 mini challenge: PUSHUPS!! didn't do any, but thought about it. Ed and I should start lifting instead of just talking about starting to lift.
  6. On board for drinking only water for three days. I'm waving a sad goodbye to those nightly Twisted Lemonade "electrolytes." I knew that was a rationalization, but this challenge really calls me on that delusion.
  7. Do you want a Wednesday running nudge here or on FB? There's a mysterious dish that includes green jello and cool wip which is called Watergate Salad. I'm pretty sure the Watergate Hotel would disavow any knowledge of it.
  8. I wish I could see you and your sister running. Sooooo cool you can run together.
  9. I wish I could see you and your sister running. Sooooo cool you can run together.
  10. I get asked that question a lot. I have a 1-1/2 pt water bottle and try to empty it at least twice a day. When I work out, I add another water bottle. I often drink 3 or 4 a day, so I think I'm all right. If it's not TMI, I also pay attention to the color of my urine and make sure it stays light yellow. I will be at least checking in on the mini's. I think I'll really like this set.
  11. Actually, that first recipe has become a family tradition at our house for Thanksgiving *blush*. I got the recipe from my half sister; she called it Corn Pudding.
  12. Delibrate error. When I type a spelling error, it's underlined in red; I think it may be my PC or my browser rather than the NF site that does that. No clue on the bold. Could you be accidentally hitting <Ctrl-B>? Hooray for nice comments! Definitely keep track. I seem to mostly remember the negative stuff instead. Speaking of nice comments, an elderly man stopped me yesterday when I was shopping and complimented my "strong calves." It was a nice boost.
  13. Thanks for checking in, Primeval & Neph. I'm doing well on this challenge, and SO glad to be back. If you have time, please drop in on my friend's quest: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/51704-paleo-pooped-in-tennessee I'm back, thanks to a kick in the tail from her.
  14. I'm so impressed by your goals! I did the math, and I may be doing 15 or 20 miles a week, but I'm walking most of it. You inspire me. I can't imagine running an entire marathon; I can't even run an entire 5k yet. Maybe by October...
  15. Yay!!! Good to see you back.
  16. Nice detailed goals. You've gotten some good knee pain suggestions already; I hope they're helpful. Paleo recipe blogs are great if you're looking for recipes; several of my friends like Nom Nom Paleo. So glad to see you here!
  17. It's been a long time since my last challenge and even longer since my last successful challenge. This is my third try at level 5, and I'm determined to finally master this level. My Stealthy Ninja buddies and I are cheering each other on. Because life is crazy, I'll mostly be posting on Facebook, although I'll check in here weekly. I'll also be doing most of my tracking through Todoist which is a to do list app, and has been a lifesaver for me over the last couple of months as I've started using it every day to keep track of my life. Main Quest I'm ready to start pushing limits: running more, running faster, lifting heavier weights, building a stronger, healthier self. I want strong, solid habits that will carry me through tough times.. This is longer term than just a few months. I want to lose weight and get stronger. It will probably take at least a year or two, with regular plateaus built in, for me to lose enough weight to weigh 150 pounds (or less,) which is the upper end of the suggested weight range for my height. I'll judge more by how I look and feel than by the number on the scale. This isn't just about getting SKINNY, though; I want to be able to do more, live longer, and look better. One of my big intermediate goals is to to run (jog, NOT walk) a Warrior Dash. I'm working up to that with daily cardio exercise and monthly 5k races, some of them trail races. My short term goal is to run the Warrior Dash in May 2015. Motivation I don't want my fitness level and size to limit what I do anymore. Current Missions Fuel myself properly and earn CON+2 by Eating ONLY when I'm hungry (1 pt per day) Eating ONLY real food--minimally processed meats, veggies, fruits, nuts, and minimal dairy (1 pt per day) Drinking plenty of water (1 pt per day) Eating ONLY between 9 am and 8 pm (1 pt per day) Exercise every day, with a Zombies Run 5k workout twice a week to earn STA+3. I'm starting with walking 1.8 miles on other days, but may mix it up later with some strength training. Improve my health, get stronger, faster, reduce stress, live longer and earn CON+1 by sleeping 7-8 hours every night. Life Quest Calm and focus my mind, reduce stress, live longer and earn WIS+2 and CHA+2 by meditating for 15 minutes every day (1 pt per day, 1/2 pt for any meditation time) Bonus Quest Build strong habits by succeeding in ALL the quests for this challenge. Scoring: CON+1 for All B's or higher on all challenge goals CON+2 for All A's on all challenge goals STR+1 STA+1Grading A (100%) 34-42 days 25-30 workouts B (75%) 25-33 days 19-24 workouts C (50%) 16-24 days 13-18 workouts D (25%) 7-15 days 7-12 workouts F (0%) 0 - 6 days 0 - 6 workouts
  18. I hope your calf (and Primeval's calf) got better. If you're back to normal, I'm a big fan of hydration, plenty of fruits and veggies for vitamins and minerals and preventive stretching. I often stretch my calves several times during the day because they're always very tense deep inside.
  19. It's tough to balance budgeting and healthy eating. I think you're doing well.
  20. I doubt you'll enjoy the second book more than the third. It is almost required reading for nerd/geek literacy, but you don't need to apologize for your taste. Plot is DEFINITELY not the Douglas Adam's strong point. The absurd humor and cardboard characters continue through the whole series. If it makes you feel better, I haven't watched True Blood or Game of Thrones.
  21. This was my gift to DH a couple of years ago for Valentine's Day, and he really liked it: http://jackofcrafts.wordpress.com/2012/02/14/52-ways/ Regarding sweet potatoes, I HATED them for many years, but have learned to like them. The baked "fries" are SOOOO yummy. One recipe suggested a dash of cayenne pepper, and I was surprised at how yummy that is. Somehow the spicy hot works perfectly with the sweet.
  22. 1. Food When Hungry Real Food Water 9 am - 8pm 1/16 - - - - 2. Exercise Cardio workout 2/2 for week of 1/13 Walked 0.9 miles (It was COLD!) 3. Sleep Asked DH for help getting up, and he woke me up at 7:30 am. 1 pt 4. Meditation Meditated for 15 min before getting out of bed. 1 pt
  23. 1. Food When Hungry Real Food Water 9 am - 8pm 1/15 1 1 1 1 2. Exercise No workout today 3. Sleep Lolled in bed till almost 9 am. 0 pt 4. Meditation No meditation today. 0 pt
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