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  1. Haven't done a waist measurement in awhile. I'll have to get that done soon. Had a few overeating days that I am working on.
  2. So, the last couple of days my brother has started to send me messages. For those that don't know, and care. Quick summary. probably about a year or more now, my brother got kicked out of the place he was living. He lived there with his girlfriend of many years. They have a daughter together, and she has 3 other kids. He did some shit, the girlfriend said gtfo out. So he is basically homeless. Growing up, he stole a lot from me. He is a drug addict, though of course he thinks he isn't. I am the big brother, and still tried to protect his ass just about all my life. I have felt very bad not be
  3. Indeed. Honestly, I wasn't going to try to shoot for actual score. Though, I don't know that I would have scored much better if I tried haha. I really wanted to see where I was at. Much to work on, but happy to be able to at least some
  4. 100% awesome work man. Like seriously well done. Hopefully, whichever path you choose leads to being very fulfilling for you, and pays well That extra money means home gym upgrades! or something haha I had the J&J vaccine. My arm was sore a bit, and I was really tired for a few days after. I didn't realize how much it was taking out of me, until a few days later when the tiredness was just suddenly gone.
  5. What's that, another challenge where I just up and disappear? haha Honestly, the challenge just failed hard. With that though, I have mostly done ok. I did have a couple of days that I overate, and over carbed a bit. Wife had gotten wings for me one night, but they were breaded. I didn't eat too many the first night, but I still have that stupid "Don't waste food" going on. I first thought, I might not eat any. Then I thought I would do a small amount. It just messes with my whole balance of the day. 8 carbs for 4 wings is insane. I ended up just eating the rest "to get rid of them
  6. We out of town to my sister in law's place. We got out Covid Vaccines while we were there. I survived fine. Looks like my weight stall is over. Getting a little drop over the last couple of days, which is most excellent
  7. That's a good question. I imagine it's working well now. Today was actually the first day I am feeling all the way back to normal. I had a bit of arm soreness, but it wasn't much. I also felt tired for a few days, but that may have been a lot because of me not getting to bed on time etc. haha. What's funny, is I got home Monday, then saw a email from my doctor's place to schedule my first vaccine shot haha. That looked like May time frame though. My son did have a pretty bad headache after the vaccine, but that went away the next day. His arm was still really sore for a
  8. Well, just a quick blurb. Heading out to my sister in laws place. We have secured a covid vaccine for us each. Getting the J&J one on Saturday. Only had to drive 2 1/2 hours away to get it haha. Weight has stalled this week, but I expected that. Sleep and food has been on Target. Last night I did eat more though. Walking has been not happening. Wednesday, I did some work on our car. Had to take off part of the under side of teh dash to replace a couple of motors that controls the AC and such. It was such a pain, and I am still sore today. It's like I had a workout h
  9. Man, shit like that always gets me riled up when I hear people say stuff like that. I'm glad that you can get past that from people.
  10. Looks like I am stalling out this week. Expected though. I really need to focus on getting my walks in
  11. Yeah, a C is still a passing grade. Even with not giving it 100% last week, I find myself not mad about it. So that is a win there. It's improvement, and that really is what is best. I don't have to be perfect, I just need to improve
  12. Sorry, sorry Here you go and this one too to pretty much show how hard it would be to rid the world of the covid variant
  13. Nice work in week 1. A while back I got a refurbished kindle paper white. I have been pretty happy with it.
  14. Hmm, that's true. Never tried growing any. I did see those inside herb growers too that I could try too. Maybe Nice work on Week 1, Here is to a solid week 2
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