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  1. Hope the rest of the day is better. It's always nerve racking too with work cutovers to thing.
  2. Man, ain't this the truth. I know in America, the government subsidizes the corn industry. That's why there is High Fructose Corn syrup in so many things. It is super cheap. I noticed when I was doing Whole 30, there was sugar in almost everything. Sugar or anything ending in ose. Dextrose etc. I even saw dill pickles that had high fructose corn syrup. Like WTF. I also feel like the best "diet" is the one that you can find sustainable to you. For me, it's keto. I know for many, it is not that. I don't think having fruit would be the end of the world. Just Like you said there is fiber the slows down absorption. It's much better then having fruit juice. or any other sugar laden products out there. Not sure for the knees, but I know my wife has had issues for a long time. Her pain is because her knees are pretty much bone on bone. The cartilage is basically gone in her knees.
  3. I can only think of deserts to make haha. Challenge looks good. following along
  4. Hot sauce was a stable for many people that I know of for their breakfast burritos
  5. Week 0 Day 2: Goal 1 - sleep I woke up really tired this morning. Looking at my fitbit, it looks like I was woke while in a deep sleep cycle. Maybe that is why. I got off the pc and did my reading. Fit bit tracked 11:52 PM to 8:02 AM with a 94 sleep score. I did feel like I had a good nights sleep. I only recall siting a couple of times, and it was mostly in the morning. Goal 2 - Keto with IF 1872 Calories, 10.8 g net carbs. 18 hrs 42 mins fasted. Yesterday was fine. I started close to 12:40 PM. After exercise and walking Oddly this morning, I am feeling like I want to eat already. Goal 3 - Workout, walking, and activity marks Got up and got my workout going. I delayed a bit. Then I just went into it. I freaked out a little on one exercise, but didn't quick the workout itself. I just changed up what I was doing. So while not the greatest, I still accomplished some things. Much better then doing nothing, or quitting after I had issues. I didn't go for a morning walk, because the whole family went to walk around noon. It was just a short walk around the apartment complex. (And yes, no one gives any cares about wearing masks. We were the only ones that I saw. I also set myself a timer on my fitbit. Every 30-45 minutes I would get up to mark on my whiteboard in the room. I would go in there then do 10 bowling arm swing drills, then make the checkmark. I did this 5 times during the day. Goal 4 - Chores Basic chores are being scored, but I did them. Saturday will be clean day. Of course, I could always just do it earlier in the week haha. Overall, really good day. I am still looking up a few things. Like workouts and stretches. I might just go with my own thing this challenge.
  6. Yeah, I figured progressing from last challenge usually works well for me. I actually liked the marks task too, but wanted to up it a little. I've been trying to think of little quick movements or something I can do real quick too. Yesterday, I did the bowling drill exercise each time. So 10 arm swings each time meant 50 reps over the day I think today I will do arm stretches just to change it up. Yeah, my last appointment I thought thing would be better with the arm. It took like 4 months before it felt like it healed any. There have been times when I come to bed, and something is on that I know already, but my brain gets too distracted still. Yeah, I think I will ask about it. Worst case they give me a bunch of range of motion things I can do In the past I did look at TRX straps. I do have rings and straps here, but no where to really mount or hang them. I have thought about using the closed door method, I just don't want to break anything in the apartment haha.
  7. Following along. Hopefully, some fire extinguishers can find a way to help put out some of those life fires.
  8. Following along. Complete coherent to me too
  9. I've heard some people don't care too much for Jeff Cavaliere, but I just saw this last night about getting bigger arms too
  10. I was just talking to my son about that mobility challenge, and how one of the things was to just about be able to do that squat sit like pose. Even demonstrated it a bit. I can hold it for a few seconds, even being super big still. My son things he would die haha. Following along!
  11. My wife does love to watch things like the ID channel. I never cared that much. Though this kind of stuff is on, and I go to bed. Suddenly I am just hearing this, then I can't sleep till I see the end. Same would be for any of those Brother vs Brother house type shows. I start hearing it, then it starts the wheels turning in my brain. I like to have a fan, or some little white noise, but lights and sounds that want to engage my brain are a no.
  12. Nice. Planks can be pretty damn tough. Even in my best times I don't know that I could do a super epic one.
  13. I have many a fails in challenges. One thing I try to do is look at the positives. Even if I fail, what did I learn from it. Good luck this challenge.
  14. Yeah, one of my first goals awhile back was to stop that late night snacking. For me, it took a couple of weeks to really get use to it. I find it was just to easy to mindlessly eat stuff. When I stopped, I craved it more then I was actually hungry. Are you doing like a 16:8 for intermittent fasting? And, I think it is always a good thing to try to reduce sugar intake. Good luck this challenge I'd say because it is so close to MFers haha
  15. I was going to say you could pre make some foods, but it sounds like you had that take care of already I was thinking like a frittata or something with eggs. Then adding in some yogurt that you can add in granola or something if you need to get in a little more?