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  1. Well, damn. This challenge really ended up just getting worse and worse for me. Though, these last two weeks, I think I am working something out. I stopped exercising, so I need to get that going again. I have been very disappointed in myself. I haven't been losing weight. Here I was on the cusp of getting to my lowest weight in awhile, and it seems like I just couldn't do it. I won't even be able to get to the 250's by my birthday. Things just went wild on me. I got fed up I guess with the lack of progress. I was pretty frustrated. I felt like I must just be doing something so off. The problem I believe, is I am eating too much. At least for the activity level (or lack there of) I am at. I was starting to look into macros again, but I spent this week experimenting a little. Plus, my scale stopped connecting to fitbit. I just got a new one today. I started walking after I dropped my son off at school. Much more then a little walk, but no major 5 mile hike or anything. Anyhow, I started to try to make sure my kcal in myfitnesspal was in the positive. A few days I was very positive, and it seemed things we moving good again. Of course, these last couple of days, I have been eating a bit more. So negative numbers again. I think this will be a part of my next challenge. I want to target having that green "calories remaining" section. I just have to decide on how big of a gap I want. with that, I can have days where I eat more food, I just have to make sure I have to put in the work I have really been enjoying the walks too. It will get colder here soon, but I think I will get them in. Eventually going farther and farther. I'd also like to try getting some running back in. Hopefully, my ankle is up to it. I might check into some specific running/walking shoes too. Sleep has been a but erratic this week. Going to get that back under wraps too. The list stuff is still there. I made some progress, but really it will get done whenever. Trying to get myself to get on it, just wasn't working. Being that I pretty much have been "off" these last couple of weeks, I plan on getting everything started up tomorrow. New challenge, new thread. No week 0
  2. Tateman

    Wobbegong Gets Real

    I wish I would have been more active these last two weeks. For the lunch people, there are some answers you can give. Q: "How much weight have you lost" A: "The way I am eating is about how the food I eat, is making feel." Or some variation of this. You can explain how sugar makes you feel, or how carbs is basically sugar. At least for diabetics. Certain carbs for sure can spike your blood sugar levels a lot. Eating keto, or low carb, or high carb, or any other way can be done to lost or gain weight. For me, Keto helps control my appetite (most times). So eating Keto doesn't mean I automatically lose weight because I am in ketosis. Eating better foods, and not all the junk is better for anyone style of diet. Hopefully, things have gone well for you this challenge.
  3. Tateman

    Bean Sidhe vs Chaos - No power in the 'verse

    Sorry I didn't come around more often. My last couple of weeks kinda went all haywire on me. Next challenge we all get to try again!