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  1. Was in Costco yesterday, they have an aisle of Christmas stuff up Hopefully you have been getting all the good sleep!
  2. There is a guy I have watched on youtube. Most does keto stuff, but he uses cgm stuff. I think he was using levels. He might have switched to a different one. One thing I do recall him saying, was every now and then he would get a sensor that was just off. Reading like 30 points different then the one he just had on etc. So, maybe the one you got was one that just runs higher for whatever reason. And just for something different, pokemon cat haha
  3. Hopefully spoons return. Welcome back. I am a week late, but should get a something posted up too haha
  4. Wife is home from the hospital. It's certainly been a couple of days haha. She is doing mostly well, Having pain issues still. One Oxy ever 4-6 plus one more if she needs, plus some Tylenol every 8 hours. So far, she has been needing the extra oxy. Though it is only the 2nd day after knee replacement, so I expect she shall be in some pain for a bit. Overall though, I fell she is doing better then expected. PT guy came today to have her do some extra work as well. Heat here has been making me not feel all that well. Don't even think it is that hot, but I just feel like I am not handling it well. Sister in law heads back home tomorrow morning. Will see how this next week goes Challenge wise, not much is really happening. It is what it is. haha
  5. I can not even imagine if they told your father it wasn't fixable, and you had to move. We still here for you. Even if no challenge, let's talk something else.
  6. Things have been ok. Eating too much, check. Going to bed at 2am check haha. I did however track the last few days, even if I was over. I did get out and get another walk in at least. Nothing super special on the Pokemon Go Incense though I did walk faster, but starting getting shins pains. Tried to slow down a bit, but I was still kinda feeling the mood to walk. Plus, I was very annoyed at some people out walking, and decided getting in a higher gear to get around them was better to do haha. Of course, people coming the other way feel like they have to take the entire sidewalk instead of going single file to let someone by. One day, maybe I won't step off and let them feel what happens when you run into a big person haha. Naw, I wouldn't be aggressive like that. Just pisses me off when people have no care. Had a bit of some bad mental juju pop up a bit ago. The whispers are still hanging around in the brain space, but I'm coming here to visit people to help with that a bit. Last couple of days I have been trying to think of a way to get me really to refocus on my health, and what I want to do. I just keep seeming to do the same thing over and over thinking it will work this time. It's why I might even try to go keto again. Even if restrictive, it's a set of rules I have to follow. Main reason would be to try to get my blood sugars into a good range. I just know I will want things. Maybe, I can deal with it, and devise a better plan to combine world of eating. It made me think Keto, but with fruit haha. Big problem I have with moderation type eating, or just eating in a calorie limit, is I just can't. There is too much around. I ignore it for awhile, but eventually it gnaws away at me. I use to call it my shark eating. I tell myself I shouldn't eat whatever, but I can't stop. I haven't had it be that bad in a long time, but I know that binge eating can be there. blah, really rambling haha Friday, my wife is having her knee replacement surgery at 12:30pm. It's a bit of a drive to that hospital. So I get to deal with that, and traffic. Don't know how everything will work out. Maybe they keep her overnight. At any rate, pretty much all of my focus will be there. I'll see if I can get things in order with me at the same time haha
  7. I am certainly in the move more boat. Hopefully, I can get myself more regular at it. Seeing you talk of meal prep is making me think I really should be doing that kind of stuff again. My wife hates seafood, so I haven't had nearly any of that for so long.
  8. Hopefully, the camping days will get you lots of relaxation
  9. I wondered if maybe they were computer generated, but I did find an article that kinda goes over it. Sounds like they use an outside source. https://bunnystudio.com/blog/how-to-secure-closed-captioning-jobs-netflix-easily/ Did your Dad get paperwork from the doctor explaining what he needs to do from prep? If so, tell him to look at that haha. If only it were that easy.
  10. Happy Anniversary! Have not been to a Chuck E Cheese in a super long time. There is one near us, but I heard it's way different now haha.
  11. aww, I miss having kitty cats running around. I know young kittens can be a handful. Hope the housewarming party goes well!
  12. This last has been a whole bag of meh. I did track a little, but really had some mental struggles going on. Stopped doing any walking. Still was reading, but have been defaulting back to reading at like midnight or 1, then going to bed after 2am. Went to bed at 4am one night. So really feeling not great mentally, then being tired from lack of sleep means more and more not wanting to do anything. So pretty much just moving last week to the trash. No need to dwell on what I didn't do, and try working on what I can do this week Last night, I did actually go for a walk. In Pokemon Go, the current even gives me double incense time. So my daily goes from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Last night, I took advantage. Some really exciting spawns last night. First spawn was a Dragonite. I was super shocked. I hadn't seen any Galarian bird on the daily yet, but that changed last night Of course, it was a one ball and run away. At least I finally saw it haha. It was colder last night while I was walking, but I made notice of home much I was enjoying the walk. Not just getting some cool Pokémon spawns, but getting out and doing a little "exploring" Ended up walking for 42 minutes. 1.76 miles. I tracked going up to the apartment lockers to get a package there too haha. Also did track food, even if I ate more then I should have. I hope this to help lead me into a good week this week. Squirtle community day classic in a few hours. Then I have some raiding in World of Warcraft. About to go get in some shopping now, but when will I get a walk in, no idea. Maybe after raiding haha
  13. whoopsie So totally went to bed late Thursday night. The next morning I went to see Transformers with my oldest. I had plenty of chances to go for a walk after, yet I did not. It has warmed up, but even at night I did think of it once, but was just not in the mood. Calories were high too, but I did track everything at least. Last night, I again went to bed late. Not as late as before, but still late. Got up this morning, and it felt like it was super stuffy and hot already. Decided a night/dusk walk woudl be better. 9 at night and it was still close to 80F. At least the sun wasn't beating down on me. I did get the walk in at least. I didn't want to pass on it two days in a row. Pokemon daily incense was ok Fire and dark event out, so that was most the spawns. I did catch a shiny Vulpix. not on the incense, but just one out in the wild haha. Calories tracked for today. A bit higher, but not horrible,
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