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    Thanks Though I don't have a current paying job. My job right now is house Dad haha. Money is super tight, so I'm going to have to figure out something here in the very near future. Good luck on the interview. I was laid off in 2010. My youngest was born in 2011. So it has worked out that I was able to be the stay at home Dad. The downside is now I get anxiety thinking about trying to go get a job. Any of my IT skills are 10 years old. That is like super ancient days in terms of the computer industry
  2. Ran off the rails a bit the last few days. Still, movement forward. Today was a good day. Got in my run, and everything else seems to be lining up. Will be off to read in 45 minutes or so. Goal#1 - Return to Keto, Tracking, and Intermittent Fasting Jan 5th - 1547 Calories, 14.7 net carbs. 22 hrs 18 mins fasted. - 3 points Jan 6th - 1864 Calories, 12.8 net carbs. 21 hrs 33 mins fasted. - 3 points Jan 7th - 1788 Calories, 4.3 net carbs. 22 hrs 3 mins fasted. - 3 points Jan 8th - 2810 Calories, 18.6 net carbs. 21 hrs 41 mins fasted. - 3 points Jan 9th - 2042 Calories, 9.9 net carbs. 18 hrs 53 mins fasted. - 3 points Jan 10th - 1839 Calories, 22.7 net carbs. 22 hrs 31 mins fasted. 2 points Jan 11th - Did not fully track, was over carbs when I was tracking part of it. 16 hrs 51 mins fasted - 0 points My eating no tracking frenzy continued on the 12th as well. I have it under control today Points total: 17/21 Goal#2 - Running, Walking, and Workouts Jan 5th - Sunday is rest day. Just happened to be day 1 of the challenge. Only 1,369 steps. Jan 6th - 7,896 steps. I did C25k Week 1 Day 1. I was only able to complete 7/8 of the interval runs. - 6 points Jan 7th - 5,938 steps. Workout done. - 6 points Jan 8th - 7,024 steps. C25k Week 1 Day 2 completed - 6 points Jan 9th - 2,886 steps. No workout. - 0 points Jan 10th - 10,132 steps. C25k Week 1 Day 3 completed - 6 points Jan 11th - 4,752 steps. No workout - 0 points Week 1 step goal was 5,000 steps. Points total: 24/36 Goal#3 - Bring back the sleep routine Jan 5th - Off the computer at 10:30 PM, reading done at 11:30 PM. 11:32 PM to 6:34 AM is about what my hours were. - 4 points Jan 6th - Off the computer at 10:30 PM, reading done at 11:30 PM. 11:43 PM to 6:54 AM. - 4 points Jan 7th - Off the computer and reading done on time. Fitbit tracked 11:43 PM to 6 AM. - 4 points Jan 8th - Off computer, and reading done. 11:47 PM to 7:01 AM - 4 points Jan 9th - No reading, all computer time. 1:31 AM to 6:45 AM - 0 points Jan 10th - No reading again. 2:40 AM to 8:54 AM - 0 points Jan 11th - No reading. 1:30 AM to 10:17 AM. - 0 points Points total: 16/25 Goal#4 - Report in Jan 5th - Not much, but I check out a couple of posts, and posted a bit. - 1 point Jan 6th - Did the same yesterday. Not too much checking in, but at least I was here and posting some. - 1 point Jan 7th - I did post - 1 point Jan 8th - I did post some - 1 point Jan 9th - I did not post - 0 points Jan 10th - I did post, but not much done. - 1 point Jan 11th - No checking in done - 0 points Points total: 5/7 Week total points: 62/89 - 69% I started off pretty great. I let things slip, then started to get back into the old mind set. Not a fail, but room to improve this week.
  3. 2018 was one of my best years. 2019 however was not so great. In fact, the last half of the year really put me in a downward spiral. I got to my lowest weight of 253 lbs on May 19th. As some of you all know, my Father-in-Law was in the hospital. Things were not looking good, and he indeed did pass away on November 18th. We were also dealing with problems in my apartment. The pest treatments were finally finished at our apartment the week of Thanksgiving. Most everything is back in place, but there is still lots of work to finish getting things back into place. Mostly my computer area. It was right around July when things started to go south. Eventually, I pretty much shut everything down. No exercise, no keto or any type of healthy eating per say. I did have a couple of times I attempted to right the ship, but things were just too highly stressed at the time to deal. I started one last time right after my birthday, but gave in to the "Oh the holidays are here, might as well not deal with getting back to keto". So what happened, I gained back all the weight. On December 30th I was up to 331 lbs. 78 lbs gained. Really mostly in middle of July. I almost erased all the good of 2018 in such a little time. Past is the past though. Time to focus up on today. I started again on the first, at least with my food. I'm down 10 lbs sine the 30th. Go Go water weight Time to hit 2020 hard and see if I can accomplish the goals I had set for myself. My big goals for this year. 1) Get to under 200 lbs. This means losing 121 or so pounds this year. 2) Do a freaking Pull up. Hopefully more then one, but at least one! 3) Run. Not just a 5k, no not even 10k, but I want to be able to hit 15k. The 15k mark seems absolutely impossible to me. I can't imagine running 10 miles. A little over 3, I know I can do that. Though at one time, I thought that was impossible. There is a reason, and possible secret goal to the 15k mark. A few year ago, I signed up to run the San Francisco Hot Chocolate 15k run. I paid for it all, and wanted to use it as motivation to make me move. Well, that year was another downfall. I failed to get training, and was in a downward spiral that left me gaining weight, and being miserable for a few years. The race wasn't the cause for my breakdown, it was just one of the many failures I was piling up for myself. Since I started back to getting healthier, it has always been kind of the demon I wanted to conquer. The race happens in ever January. So this year, I plan on tackling the distance. Possibly signing up for the 2021 race. We shall see. Now I need to start up with challenge goals to help me reach the goals I want to accomplish this year. I think it is part cold turkey, and part easing back into something to establish routines. I know there will be some obstacles. My oldest son turns 21 on the 15th. The day after we are traveling down south for the memorial service for my Father-In-Law. I plan on staying keto for this. I know there are going to be a ton of not even close to keto foods there at the reception. It is turning into a bit of a family reunion type even for that weekend. Food and exercise might be rough. I am determined to stick with it though. Obstacle #2 this year is a possible trip to Disneyland. We haven't booked it yet, but we are looking to go in April. a full week. For this, I do plan on going off Keto. Similar to when I went to New York. Shouldn't be too big of a deal. I will have chances for exercise there, and plenty of steps. There are plenty of other obstacles out there, but I will have to just tckle them as they come up. The first challenge of 2020 here we go. Goal#1 - Return to Keto, Tracking, and Intermittent Fasting I jumped in on this as of the first. Seems to be back to how I was before. First couple of days I want like 12-14 hour fast. The last two days, I am back to 18 hour fasting. So I want to stay under 20 net carbs and fast for 18 hours. I am tracking in Cronometer, and the Life fasting app. 21 points per week. 3 points per day. Tracking, 18 hour fast, and under 20 net carbs. Goal#2 - Running, Walking, and Workouts Starting over with C25k for running. I will do this Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. For workouts, I am going to start back with the Nerdfitness Academy bodyweight workouts. That should help ease me back in, and help establish a routine. Plus I can just do them at home. Eventually, I will move on to the apartment complex gym. For walking, I want to jump right back into 10,000 steps a day. Instead, I think I need to gradually get there. I am going to start with 5,000 each day, and increase it by 1,000 each week. By the end of the challenge, I should be at 10,000. Sunday is rest day. 36 points per week. 1 point per day for step goal reached. 6 total per week. 5 points per run or workout each day. 30 points per week. Goal#3 - Bring back the sleep routine This has been one of my worst things recently. I started to get back on it the last few days, but this I was back to going to sleep at 4 am yesterday. If I am to do all the running and working out, I need to make sure I get this rest in. 25 points per week. Off the computer by 10:30 PM to start reading. 2 points Reading, then off to bed at 11:30 PM. 2 points. Saturday gaming with friends night I stay up a bit. 1 point for getting off the PC within 15 minutes. Goal#4 - Report in I need to be reporting in more often. It helps me keep track, and help keep me motivated to see how everyone else is doing. 1 point per day 7 per week. Points: Week 1 (01/05 to 01/11) - 62/89 - 69% Week 2 (01/12 to 01/18) - 0/89 Week 3 (01/19 to 01/25) - 0/89 Week 4 (01/26 to 02/01) - 0/89 Week 5 (02/02 to 02/08) - 0/89 Total Challenge points = 0/445 Measurements - Day 1 / Day 35 Neck - 19.01 in / Chest - 53.11 in / Waist - 57.00 in / Bicep (L) - 15.86 in / Bicep (R) - 15.55 in / Forearm (L) - 12.99 in / Forearm (R) - 12.99 in / Thigh (L) - 28.58 in / Thigh (R) - 27.95 in / Weight - 320.5 lbs /