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  1. Welcome back! I was just looking at a few profiles the other day. Just remember all the other people that use to be around before I had left too. Following!
  2. Tateman

    Tateman: The Pain Train is comin', baby! Woo! Woo!

    Thanks. Trying to look at the more positive things of what I am doing at least. Looks like bowling is still a no go for me. I went tonight. I threw one ball, it wasn't bad. Second ball was "Oh hell no". I packed up my stuff, and came home. I guess no match club bowling this weekend, and no idea if next week will even be an option. I joked with some people that I am going to have to go practice bowling left handed. I actually might this weekend haha. I want to bowl damn it!
  3. Tateman

    Tateman: The Pain Train is comin', baby! Woo! Woo!

    Hey, how have you been? Long time Oh, and just so you all know, my attitude isn't all bad this week This was my walk yesterday. Busted out my old 2xl sized shirt that I fit back into
  4. Tateman

    Tateman: The Pain Train is comin', baby! Woo! Woo!

    Well, didn't update my thread yesterday. Doing ok I suppose. Last few days I have been in a bit of a funk. Workouts and walking are getting done, but I really don't want to do anything. I haven't been getting to sleep on time either. Last night, I stopped reading on time, then just sat here kinda staring off into space for half an hour. It was like my mind went back to race mode. Like this morning I got up and showered. Then sat on my bed after I put my shoes on. Just my brain wanting me to do nothing. I took the dog out, and told myself "Well, you are already dressed, might as well just go for a walk" So I did. There are things around here I want to get done today, but I just don't have the will power or whatever to actually do it. I think this is the little funk I get into around my mothers death. So, I just am here trying to survive it haha. I did walk today, and yesterday I walked a bit of a different area. My exercises yesterday were pretty simple, but made me realize I do struggle with some of my balance. 3 x 15 calf raise hold 3 x 20 seconds One leg balance 3 x 20 sitting twists I expected the balance one to be super easy, but I struggled to balance on my right leg. So I suppose i do need to work on it.
  5. Yeah, sugar makes a big spike in your glucose levels. On Keto, I barely have any regular sugars these days. I do have sugar alcohols in some foods, but it is the ones that have no effect on my blood sugar levels. I was in a diabetic class, and they talked about things to do if your blood sugar were to get in the dangerous levels. First thing is to eat a candy bar, or drink a soda asap. That is, if you don't have the emergency glucose tablets. Because that sugar will spike your levels up high enough to get you to a place where you can get help, or do what you need to do. The problem with the processed sugars like that, is the crash after.
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    Wobbegong, focus!

    Friend request sent from my 3 accounts Hope you get that bug! That would freak me the hell out
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    Tateman: The Pain Train is comin', baby! Woo! Woo!

    Overall, it was fine Arm is startign to feel better. I don't think it will be bowl ready for awhile still. I have kinda stretched my arm a bit. It has been getting better. I am just trying to remember not to carry heavy items with that arm. Even taking the trash out today, I reminded myself to carry on the left arm. For Pokemon Go, It isn't too bad for me. I'm level 37, but I also have two other accounts too. I level 35, and level 30. So last night, I did not get to sleep. It was launch day for the new World of Warcraft Expansion. Battle for Azeroth. I did stop playing close to 11:20 pm. But then I just sort of spaced out. Even with midnight rolled around, I had the thought "Ok, get to bed on time at least. Then I only lose points for not reading." Instead, I stayed up till 1 am. One part was getting a email from my friend's Uncle. My friend died in 2012. We had kept his facebook page up. I guess they wanted to get it taken down now. So, I did that today. A little bit of a downer mood, just because I had to go digging though the old files to get the information needed. I did take some time to read some emails and chat conversations that I did have with my friend too. I still miss him. Was my best friend for like 13 years or something. Hell, my only in real life friend that I ever really did stuff with. I suppose I do have other friends. I consider many people online as friends. Some of the people I bowl with are my friends. Just not best friend type level I guess. It's kinda weird. On to other news. Today was Fast Tuesday. Well, I didn't quite make it haha. Monday night, I ended my eating at 5 pm. Today, I was going strong for a long time. I even cooked a bunch of chicken for myself. Made lunches for the kids. Got a little hungry, but was doing fine. Then about 4 pm, I couldn't take it. I wish I had tested my blood (still need to unpack the meter). I felt like I was hitting low blood sugar numbers. I was getting a headache and such. So I gave in and ate food. I think it might have been too much of a fast to try for. I think I will alter my challenge to make just a longer fast, and maybe build up each week. I'l have to fine turn it I also got in my walk this morning Quick recap of goals for yesterday Goal#1 - Keto, Tracking, and even more IF 08/13 MyFitnessPal - 1662 Calories, 25 net carbs (13 net minus the Quest stuff). IF done Goal#2 - Read, Rest, Recover, Repeat Big nope here. 1:30 am to 7:39 am. 5 hrs 22 mins. 19 x awake for 47 mins. No reading done. Goal#3 - Bring the Pain Monday I got in a small workout, and got in my walk. Goal#4 - Don't forget the list! No real work on the list.
  8. Tateman

    Tateman: The Pain Train is comin', baby! Woo! Woo!

    Thanks. I hope is goes ahead and stop hurting
  9. Tateman

    Tateman: The Pain Train is comin', baby! Woo! Woo!

    Day 1 is here This morning, I got up and took measurements. I also took some pictures. I did a little workout: 3 x 15 squats 3 x 15 crunches 3 x 20 sec planks Next I was off for a walk. I did take over a Pokemon Gym on my journey as well My arm is feeling better, but not enough that I will bowl tonight. I also didn't want to do any exercises that would engage my arm. If I am feeling it, I think I might see if I can bowl a game on Thursday. I have Match club this weekend, but if I can't bowl, I can't bowl. I was late to bed last night, but the challenge hadn't started so... tonight will be better
  10. Back for another challenge! This challenge, I am going to add in some actual fitness into my goals, so I know the Pain Train will be coming for me. Those DOMS will be killer. Still, I know I need to get more going in my fitness if I ever want to get to my fitness goals. I also have weight loss goals, but that is really going to be a side effect of how I do with all my other goals. I want to get to the 100 lbs gone mark before my birthday (November 2nd). This means first goal is to drop 17 more pounds. 2nd goal is to reach the 250 mark before the end of the year. It might be tough with holidays coming in a few months, but I believe I can do it. 253 lbs is the lightest recorded weight I have. I was 225 pretty much all of my middle school years like 30 years ago haha. With all that, let's lay out the goals for this challenge. Goal#1 - Keto, Tracking, and even more IF So really the backbone of all this has been me eating Keto since the beginning of the year. Yes Keto isn't specific for weight loss, but it has helped me. I don't feel as restricted as I thought I would. Plus, even with some hunger cravings I do get, they are not nearly as bad as I use to be. So being in Keto does really help suppress my hunger. Once again, stay under 20 net carbs. Track everyday in MyFitnessPal. Do intermittent fasting with my eating window of 11 am to 6 pm. Now to kick it up a notch. I have been wanting to try it out, but just never have. The 24 hour plus fast. So during this challenge, I choose Tuesday as my non eating day. Water only day. This will actually be more like a 39 hour fast if I stop at 6 pm on Monday, then eat at 11 am on Wednesday. It sounds crazy to me, but why not give it a shot. Keto+tracking+normal IF = 1 point per day. 7 points per week. Fasting day complete = 5 points. (if this is too rough, I can cut it out later, or scale it back ) 12 points total per week Goal#2 - Read, Rest, Recover, Repeat The sleep challenge is back. Basic rules still apply. Computer off at 11 pm. Then reading started by 11:15 pm. Off to bed at midnight. Though a few minutes is acceptable if I am finishing a chapter or something. I'll need to make sure my sleeping is on point, because I will need the rest with Goal#3 1 point for reading on time, 1 point for sleep on time (no later then 12:30). 2 points per day, 14 points per week. Goal#3 - Bring the Pain Here it is. Another attempt to get exercise added into my life. I signed up for the NerdFitness Academy recently when it was on sale. Now time to use it. I will start off with body weight workouts, and eventually go on from there. I also am going to add in walking each day. I would get hung up on numbers in the past(and I am sure I will again), but my goal is just to get out there for a few minutes. Not just walking the dog around, but going myself to walk. I looked up a near by Pokestop in Pokemon Go. There are a few at the Fremont Library. So each day, my goal is to walk to the pokestop and back. Each morning I can probably bust this out fairly quick. There will be some adjustment though for when my son is back in school. I'll deal with that when the time comes. I will also have some weekends that I go drive for a hour + to bowl. Those days I will need to just figure it out. Monday, Wednesday, Friday = Workout days. Everyday is walking day. At least 15 minutes. 10 points for each workout. 30 total for the week. 3 points each day for walking. 21 per week. 51 points total per week. Goal#4 - Don't forget the list! Yeah, that is correct. I need to finish moving in! I'll see how much more I add to the list as time goes on haha. Unpack computer area boxes Hang new shelves Hang pictures Apply window tint Build my LEGO! (Doctor Who, and Voltron!) Register for classes Get back to checking blood sugar levels Longer term list items: Get through my sports cards (massive downsize) Board/Bag/Go though all my comics Try to sell off my old bowling balls/equipment Start sending off pictures/slide/videos to get digitized (very expensive, but a little at a time will help) No points for this goal, I just need to get it done. Measurements: Day 1 / End of Challenge Neck - 18.11 in / Chest - 49.37 in / Waist - 53.30 in / Bicep(L) - 15.11 in / Bicep(R) - 14.84 in / Forearm(L) - 12.59 in / Forearm(R) - 12.59 in / Thigh(L) - 26.10 in / Thigh(R) - 15. 98 in / Weight - 281.1 lbs / Points Week 1 (08/13 - 08/19) - 0/77 Week 2 (08/20 - 08/26) - 0/77 Week 3 (08/27 - 09/02) - 0/77 Week 4 (09/03 - 09/09) - 0/77 Challenge total: 0/308