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  1. I never learned to swim fast haha. I tried before, but honestly, I never though I went very quick.
  2. Sounds like good goals to me. walking outside can be good physically, and mentally. That's one reason I want to get back to doing it regularly.
  3. yup, 100% the same. I can get things done late, but I am much more likely to get it done in the morning. I had my doctor's appointment Monday afternoon. Overall it went fine. The bloodwork I had done for it was back at the end of February though. So I am roughly 50 pound heavier since then. The doctor retook my blood pressure, and it was like 140/90. Worrying a bit, but I have never had high blood pressure. I also talked to her about me really hitting it hard again for weight loss. We agreed that she didn't think I needed to be put on meds currently (whew). We made a follow up appointment for November 3rd (day after my birthday), to check for my blood pressure, and a1c. I won't have to go to a lab, because that have a a1c machine there. So 3 months to get into better health (and keep on going). This is only the second time I have seen this doctor, but so far I like her. She didn't have anything negative to say about me following a keto diet plan or anything. I didn't exactly ask her opinion though, but my last doctor did because it was too hard for her to do. Either was, mostly pleased with how thing are looking. I hope that maybe I can get a bit of weight off by my next appointment, and be much healthier in general. I've done well the past few days with everything. Getting in my reading, and getting to bed. The last couple of nights I have actually had some decent sleep (cat isn't attempting to wake me haha) I haven't gone out for a walk per say. Monday after my appointment, I did get in some shopping. Walking around a bit there. Tuesday and some of today I have made a few trips to our dumpster here in the complex. My oldest son's bed frame had broken. It's particle board one. So last night I threw a few parts out, and the rest today. Exercise carrying heavy stuff down the stairs and walking to the dumpster. I'm counting it haha. Yesterday, I did up my calories a bit. Was having the snack bug hitting some. Overall, I'm not too worried about it. Just kind of interesting to have it happen.
  4. Nice on the climbing progress. That's good stuff
  5. I do really hate waking up sweating. I'm hot in general, so I basically just have a sheet for me, then sometimes a bit of another blanket. Well done avoiding that vending machine
  6. You got this! Hopefully, you can get the interview soon.
  7. Hey, I feel the same for myself. My only real life social interactions were bowling and sometimes Pogo. Though not so much the Pogo. Of course, I didn't think much into the language barrier there too. That for sure can be a limiting factor for what might be available for choices. You are right though, you do have NerdFitness, and we are all here whenever you need to rant or just to hang out My main social interactions online are here and games like World of Warcraft.
  8. Just the picture made me thing this looked really good I suppose if you find ones you especially like, you have the recipe you can use to get the ingredients for to make again.
  9. Well, there is intermittent fasting. I know plenty of people that will go 3 days or more before eating I too have used Zucchini as noodle substitutes. I have heard of a few veggies that are actually fine being frozen. Broccoli and cauliflower come to mind. As for other vegetables, there is Asparagus. Also Brussels sprouts (I never liked them myself, but haven't tried any time recently) I know that my wife and my Mom had made a shaved brussels sprouts before, and everyone has liked them. I saw this recipe that might be good https://www.perrysplate.com/2011/02/guest-post-crispy-roasted-brussels-sprouts-winners.html
  10. Yeah, November might still be iffy around here at least. I saw an article that mentioned there might not be a halloween trick or treat this year. Who knows. My birthday is only a couple days later, but nothing special planned for me
  11. 100% here to help support as I can. I've always though you were a pretty cool person.
  12. 100% agree on the school. At least in our district they are saying distant learning to start, then see how things go later on. There are discussions of things that could happen later in the year depending on covid cases and such.
  13. Yeah, I never feel like I can get good shots of food. Anytime I transfer files from phone to PC, I just use the charge cord. I have heard of people doing other things with drob box or whatever, I just never tried anything else.
  14. Sounds like some crazy amount of traveling all around.