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  1. Well, it was at 2:30 am instead of 3:30 am haha. I'm actually late tonight too, but I'm not planning to stay up too much longer. I've gotten I few exercise ideas for workouts. Planning on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for workout days. Bowling tonight was not the greatest. Last game I pulled it together a bit, but my team got destroyed. Ahh well
  2. 2 walks for 2 days is excellent I also shudder to think of going fully off grid haha
  3. I was totally going to ask if they made giant googly eyes I am glad they do.
  4. Welcome back. Sounds like quite the excellent journey you went on. Now on to the new journey!
  5. Welcome in! Hopefully, you have a good 5 week challenge
  6. Oh man, I know this feeling. Like I want the weight gone asap. I've just been trying to convince myself that it is probably better to lose slower, and let my body re adjust to the lower weight. I've dropped fast, and regained it even fast before. Good luck this challenge. I haven't made much changes in music myself. Kind of been listed to the same stuff. Maybe adding in covers from Frog Leap Studios. When I was running, I did use Spotify to play random 140 bpm type songs, just to get in that a faster rhythm
  7. Excellent goals, hope the nausea goes away soon. Can't believe it's been so long. I joined in 2013 after lurking for a bit, and I can't believe it's been that long either haha.
  8. The look on your dogs face haha. I guess you have to get the headpiece or something with the eyes. Not sure where else to go.
  9. Here we have it. I turn 48 on November 2nd. We have Halloween (My youngest doesn't care), and then my Birthday. My Dad's is on the 8th, but he is in another state. November 19th is the release of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shiny Pearl! Thanksgiving is on the 25th of November here in the USA. All the things! During this challenge, it looks like my wife will be going in for surgery as well. She is getting the gastric bypass. She did have some other surgery years ago, but it didn't seem like they did much. There is also a stomach hernia they are removing. She'll be in the hospital
  10. Our freezer does not have a light, so I assume all is ok there If you a back yard or some area, maybe you can setup something to hit to take out some frustrations. They can just think you work out. Meanwhile you are smashing a tire with a sledgehammer or something. Hopefully, you can get in some kind of rest.
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