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  1. Happy Birthday! Hopefully, you are felling better. Glad to see MR. R seems to be doing better as well!
  2. First time was ER visit, then started him on fluids, but he had just gone to the bathroom and thinks he passed it then. They kept him awhile because his heart was racing. He was scared though. It was his first time really going. Second time he was in really bad pain, for a few hours, then passed it again. They must have been really small, because he didn't notice. The only sign he got was he felt much much better. So I guess plenty of fluids. Really sucks that none of the places have called you back.
  3. Oof My oldest son has had 2 kidney stones. Hopefully, Mr.R has a speed recovery Good luck with your challenge. I intend to make a challenge this time around haha.
  4. I had a similar conversation with myself. There is a lake near by, and it is pretty good for Pokémon stuff. I have not been walking each day to build up to looping it (hopefully multiple times) Still, I want all the Litwick shiny
  5. What a cute pup! I too am trying to get walking with the mini challenge
  6. I've gone out the last two mornings. Catching all the pokemon haha
  7. One of the statins I was on use to make me very lightheaded and dizzy when getting up, even just from a chair. So there could be something to check with the doctor about medication side effects. Maybe they can change the meds, or adjust the amount.
  8. Do you have any enemies who needs a good tomato pelting? haha
  9. good luck. Back when I took my wife to the ER, we were there a long long time. Hopefully, they can get to you quickly!
  10. Well... it's 1:22 am and I am here making this post haha Went out for a walk on Thursday with a bandage on my toe. Bowling was also fine Thursday night. Sent out a return for the shoes Friday, we went to the new Techcu Arena for the San Jose Barracuda. I didn't walk with the Pokemon go incense, but I did do plenty of walking around the arena. I also nominated a few spots to be new pokestops haha Today, Pokemon Go fest finale. I didn't really do much walking, but did get out with my son and caught lots of pokemon. Sunday will be get up and get laundry done. Plus I'll be filling our water jugs up, and carrying them upstairs. I did also sign up for the Nerd Fitness walking challenge https://landing.nerdfitness.com/free-challenge I hope to get myself walking more before then though
  11. Yeah, I was thinking maybe some pasta sauces or something you can freeze for later.
  12. My wife is in the same boat with her knees. The doctors say the same about not wanting to get the knee replacement till as late as possible. I believe my Dad some some kind of stem cell procedure, but I don't know how all that really went.
  13. Haven't even seen one! Though I haven't been getting out there as much as of late. Everything challenge wise has pretty much been a fail, yet again. With that said, there have been some improvements I suppose. While I haven't been getting out for pokemon walks each day, I have been randomly getting some things done. Wife and I went to take my kid to his dentist. Last time they only wanted one person in with him. Instead of hanging in the lobby, I went out and walked. So, I've done that a couple times. A few times I have gone out and got a walk in, just nothing consistent. Food tracking hasn't been happening. No tracking blood sugars each day. Sometimes some cleaning/going though some things, but only like once or twice. Sleep I have been doing ok with, but also not ok. Like last night was a 2am night, and getting up at 7am sucks haha. Other nights I have been at least getting to bed by midnight, but not reading. Yesterday, our car battery died when we were picking up our son from school. I have some new shoes (Will most likely return them) that are a bit too tight in the front of my foot. I walked back home to grab our battery jumper, and other car. It's like a 23-25 minute walk. I was moving pretty quick, but about half way in, it felt like my sock turned to sand paper on the top of my toes. Made it home, grabbed what I needed and headed back. When I got back home, I checked my feet. The toe next to the pink toe on my right foot was not happy haha. Not blister, but it was all red with a small amount of blood on the nail part. Other foot was a bit irritated too, but not as bad. Today it is sore in my old shoes. It hurt a bit driving my kid to school today, so I think a walk might not happen. Not this challenge related, I have been having more of an urge to go hit up the gym in our apartment complex. Really not much in there, but I've been thinking of just going while I feel like I want to get going. Who knows. I've been trying to think of ways to just get things going. I know the other day I was thinking about my state of mind. Like I am pretty chill about things most the time, but I know I get overwhelmed, and that is really how I feel about a lot of things going on right now. I know it's simple, do one little thing. It just all feels like too much, and I can never just do the one little thing.
  14. I hated dealing with a temp crown. Glad to hear the new crown doesn't suck Also, very cool riding photos. Love the cat painting. While I love thunderstorms, I can imagine it being really freaky trying to ride a horse
  15. Thanks I had heard from some people about learning from a fluent speaker is good, because you can learn the sentences and inflections from people actually speaking. Getting a good base though might be good. I hadn't taken German since like 7th or 8th grade. I do recall some of it Might just have to check it out
  16. dang, that sucks. Hopefully, it will pass.
  17. Yay Looks like I'll be repeating in 5 years instead of 10 haha Damn thing scared me at first. Got a email a new result, then another email saying I had a letter. I assume if it was bad, I would have gotten a call, but you never know Either way, am tracking food so far. Just a banana. About to grab some food for lunch. No walk yet, will probably go out later with my oldest. Sleep has been ok. I am reading, and getting to bed. I just am not sleeping the best. I just get too hot. I need like a separate temperature zone just for me. I also think my body has just been use to not getting longer sleep. So I wake up a bit, then do the in and out of sleep thing for a few hours. Hopefully, all of this will start working itself out as I keep sticking with a routine. Eating better, moving more, and losing some weight will all help.
  18. Yeah, I'll be doing stuff tomorrow Overall, it was ok. So procedure went fine. Actually fairly quick. because I have sleep apnea, they were thinking I might need to be awake for some of it, but I wasn't. /whew There was 3 polyps they removed. So now the waiting game to see if they are cancerous or not. Otherwise, I am doing ok. Lots and lots and lots of family shit going on still. Not all my immediate stuff, but still stuff that is stressing out my wife. No walk done tonight. I was ok, just a bit tired.
  19. I was totally guessing that is what they would find. How has the Doulingo been working for you? I have thought about trying it. I took a couple of years of German in school, and though about getting back into it. Or maybe even trying Spanish. Just don't know well I might learn
  20. Good luck this challenge! Hopefully, you can get the knee looked at, and healed up soon. Then you can do all the LARP things too
  21. Sounds like fun was had Happy week 1!
  22. A little less then 4 hours till I go for the colonoscopy. It's been super fun haha. Lost 5 pounds since yesterday! haha I suspect I shall gain that all back as soon as I can eat real food tonight. This is the first time I am ever being put under anesthesia, so we shall see how I feel later today. Last two days, I did get to read, and went off to sleep in good time. Didn't sleep the best, but that is a different issue Checked my blood sugars the last two mornings. Maybe tomorrow I'll check after eating. Yesterday consisted of clear liquids and I could have clear hard candy. No red, orange, blue, or purple colors. I did have one clear liquid protein drink, but otherwise a few jolly rancher's and water. No walking, because I had to take a covid test before the procedure, and am suppose to isolate. I did get one in on Sunday, but not yesterday. Not sure about today, depends on how I feel. If I do walk, it will be later tonight. Sunday was a bit of a shock. I thought it was just pre procedure covid test. Turns out it was EKG and bloodwork too. Didn't really get through items the last couple of days. Just trying to do what I can during all this prep stuff. Really will focus on things tomorrow.
  23. Well, I am coming back in to try to get the ball rolling again Things have been very much bad, so I could use some win here haha. For those that want to know: With all that, things have been crazy. It just makes me think a lot about how I really just need to get myself into much better shape. Wife and I have also been discussing moving out of California. I need to get a job, but even with that, buying a house seems to never be possible here. We still have a year on our lease here, but I don't think we will be here after that. Family seems to be looking more back to the Midwest area. I have family back that way. Over this next year, I'd love to hit a few goals. I want to run again. I'd like to be able to do a pull up. I need to drop some serious weight too. All this with all the craziness going on haha. To get myself going, here are my goals Goal#1 - Sleep I need to get myself into a much better sleep routine. Not only for my health, but also it's school time again for my youngest. This year is a new school, and we are close by. Still, I'll need to be getting up early haha. I'm going to have to get to bed earlier then I use to. Mostly to make sure I have the best chance of getting some good sleep. I do like reading before I head to bed, so I will be doing that here as well. Off to read at 10pm, then off to bed at 11pm. There are a couple of nights that this might not work out the best. One night is bowling night. Sometimes, I don't get home till 10. Then Friday is usually the day the wife and I catch up on tv shows we watch together. New stuff will be coming out soon, so I expect days of watching after I should be reading time. I think the rule for those two days will have to be read or get to sleep right away. Still aim to get to bed at 11. The weekend isn't a worry for getting up early at least . Off to read at 10 pm, off to bed at 11 pm. 10 points per day, 70 points for the week. Goal#2 - Pokemon Go Go Go I want to get to doing gym stuff, and running. I just need get started a bit slower with how things are so crazy around here. Funny enough, there is a new daily incense in Pokemon Go. This last 15 minutes, and pops up pokemon as long as you are walking. There is a chance to see new Legendary pokemon too (super hard to catch). My son hasn't gone with me every time, but I have been walking each day for the last 4 or 5 days. My goal is to continue doing this every day. Hopefully, getting my oldest kid to join me. Maybe after a couple of weeks, I'll get walking further, but for now I'll stick to this. Walk 15 minutes everyday (preferably using the pokemon go app to catch'em all) 5 points a day 35 points for the week. Goal#3 - Track Eating and Blood Sugars To help getting myself on track, I need to go ahead and focus on tracking my food. I also need to at least test my blood sugar levels once a day. I have been thinking of getting back to keto to get my sugars back in control. That just might be a decision that randomly happens at some point this challenge. I'm just not happy with my current numbers, and I am tired of having to take pills for it. Food wise, I'd like to get myself into the 2500-3000 range. My brain really wants me to go lower to lose weight as quick as I can, but I know I really just need to do the slower grind. Once I get back into more and more exercise, then I will be burning a bit more deficit I am currently in colonoscopy prep. Some limited stuff today, Monday is clear liquids and clear candy I can eat. So I am not worried about this for the next few days. Track Blood sugar at least once a day. Track Calories max 3000. 15 points per day 105 points for the week (week 1 75 points) Goal#4 - Declutter and Spring cleaning all the things I did have a goal last challenge to get through some of my cards and comics. I did actually get through a couple of boxes. Not nearly the amount I wanted to haha. Now with the thoughts of moving, I need to do this, plus all the other things. Really, the first thing I do is probably getting through the cards/comics. Though on weekends and such, it might move to areas of the apartment we attack. Throwing things out, and goodwill a bunch of stuff. 20 minutes a day is a good start. Most likely, I will spend much more time on things, but telling myself 10 or 20 minutes sounds better haha. 20 minutes a day decluttering 5 points a day 35 points for the week. Challenge Points: Week 1 (07/31 - 08/06) - 0/215 Week 2 (08/07 - 08/13) - 0/245 Week 3 (08/14 - 08/20) - 0/245 Week 4 (08/21 - 08/27) - 0/245 Week 5 (08/28 - 09/03) - 0/245 Total challenge points - 0/1195 Measurements: Chest - Waist - Bicep (L) - Bicep (R) - Thigh (L) - Thigh (R) - Weight - And there is the challenge. Good luck to everyone, and hopefully I can be around for the entire challenge
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