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  1. This thread reminds me that I need to watch the rest of the Witcher season 2 haha. Also very impressed for gardening in the snow
  2. Thanks all. I'm already in a bad mood. I wanted to start off on fire, but now I'm thinking of just changing things to be super easy. I have at least been getting sleep correct these last couple of nights. I tracked calories for one day. Sort of walked a bit yesterday, plus carrying up three five gallon water jugs upstairs (two at the same time ). Just my brain is certainly not in the mood for anything. Then this morning, I see one of the guys I bowled with in the past died. Like seriously, death can go F itself right now. I'm getting sick of it. Still, I'm trying. Even if I fail the whole week, it was better then last week Maybe this week just turns into warming up week, that's ok too. I'm working on it. Feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything. There is just so much more to do then what I have listed out.
  3. Two days before Christmas, I got word that my cousin died. He was 6 weeks older then me. I'll be 49 in November this year. Apparently he had a heart attack, and has had a multiples. In fact, has a pacemaker already too. We were all much more close back when I lived in Missouri, and saw that side of my family a lot more. My cousin was a big guy, and I'm sure that was part of what led to his early death. Years back, my uncle (his dad) had mentioned to me "Yeah, we can see you are a Thomas" while hitting his belly. I mean, at the time it was funny. But it just shows that I have a lot of bigger family out there haha. For New Years, I helped my sister-in-law move. Part of why I am late to the challenge Her fiancé is currently on dialysis. He also has quite a few issues from having uncontrolled diabetes. They are not that much older then I am. Eyes are messed up, kidneys etc. This all got me thinking about my own mortality again. My wife had her weight loss surgery done. She's still recovering some from that, but mostly recovered. I basically sat out the last challenge to take care of her. Before all this, I've been getting that feeling that I really need to change things for myself. All of this and all the other things we've all been through the last couple of years, I figure it is time for me to get serious. #1) Sleep Yes, big surprise my number 1 goal is to get my sleep in. It is just so important to everything else. Fully rested, I make much better choices. Getting rest allows recover from workouts etc. In general, thing are just much better rested, instead of feeling drained and sleepy. 10:30 PM Start reading. 11:30 PM head to bed. Wake up, and get out of bed. No sitting there playing on the phone. 15 points per day. 105 points per week. #2) Calorie tracking I want to get back to tracking my calories. I want to be under 2500 calories for now. I can adjust to see how I feel. Nothing special for a way of eating. I just want to start making smarter choices. Higher volume, lower calories I suppose. I did consider going back to Keto, because it did work well for me. I just don't know that that is going to be how I would want to eat forever. I still like having my popcorn Tracking calories in Cronometer, plus staying under 2500 calories 10 points per day, 70 points per week. #3) Walking and workouts One thing is clear, is I need to make sure to take care of my heart. So bring on the cardio. I might also be able to convince my older son to start walking too. He has mentioned to me lately. Maybe even get the rest of the family going. I also want to build up my strength. There are a few goals I wish to accomplish, and getting stronger will help For walking. I am going for 15 minutes to start off. I might do 5 minutes to start with my kid, then do more after. I figure that's a good start. Eventually, I will move it up to a certain number of steps. For workouts, I believe I will just start off with things at home. Everyone and their mom will probably start using out little gym at my apartment complex. So I want to start off with something else. Eventually moving into the bit of stuff at the gym. Walking 5 points every day for 15 minutes each day. M, W, F for workouts. 10 points each. 65 points each week. #4) Chores and Early spring cleaning There are many things to get done around here, plus the stuff that needs to get done each day or two. We close up our storage unit a couple of challenges a back. So we still just have so much stuff to go through. Chores each day are dishes and cat boxes. Then I need to get though a tub, or a few boxes of baseball cards/comics. There are many other things, but these are what I shall focus on. 5 points per day for chores, and 15 total points for decluttering each week. 50 points total per week. Challenge point totals: Week 1 - 0/210 Week 2 - 0/290 Week 3 - 0/290 Week 4 - 0/290 Week 5 - 0/290 Total points this Challenge - 0/1370 Measurements Start / Finish (coming soon) Chest - Waist - Bicep (L) - Bicep (R) - Thigh (L) - Thigh (R) - Weight -
  4. I was going to do more this weekend, but just didn't. Had to do adulting. Still I ran an incense for an hour, and got one shiny. It was good enough haha. I'm more excited about the dragon even starting up tomorrow. Also, I almost have the stardust questing done to get the new hat I ordered a couple of anker battery packs to carry with me when I was doing longer pokemon go days. Hopefully, your feet recover. I too know of the pain of wearing worn out shoes for far too long haha
  5. And the main monitor is working. Decided I would unplug it from power for a couple of minutes. Plugged it into my laptop, and the monitor came back to life Maybe this means things are looking up
  6. Well, I've had some bad luck for my computer haha. I was going to reinstall window on my computer. I needed to replace a fan on the Corsair AIO. (water cooling all in one system for the processor) I finished backing up my computer, and was going to get to work in the morning. (the 4th). I replaced the fan, then turned on my system. Then suddenly the processor was getting really hot. I double checked things, I only replaced the fan, didn't actually take the heatsink off the processor. Only moved the radiator part around. Then it start shutting off from overheating, and suddenly started making noise. The pump in the AIO seems to have died. It sucks, but it is a bit older. I figured it would happen eventually. I ordered up a new heatsink. Then I prepped it for when the heat sink was coming in. Since I didn't have a running computer, I decided to mess with my old pc. It was slow, but figured I could get online and such. Got it all hooked up, and wanted to see if I could get any games to work. The screen locked up when I tried to play wow. I couldn't recall if the video card had issues in the past, but for sure it would not play any games. One reboot, my main monitor didn't come on anymore. That really made me thing the card was messed up. Still, it was fun to mess around with. I've always liked building PC and such. Today my heatsink came in, so I was excited to get it installed, then get back my computer. Well, I guess I didn't check to see the supported processors for this heatsink. It was just one I had looked at awhile back, and saved it in my list. Technically, it fit, but the screws would not screw into the holes. That is when I saw it wasn't made for my version of processor. It would have fit my Other PC that my younger kid uses. So damn, I made the mistake. Ended up ordering another one, this time making sure it is compatible I needed to hurry up and get ready to raid in Wow with my friends. No PC to do it on, but I did have my laptop. So I set it up to play. It was fine, but I noticed my main monitor was still not working. I have my switch plugged into it as well, so I checked to see if I was able to see the switch on the hdmi cable. It's a no go. So it looks like my Monitor might have died too. I'll still try to get it working when I hook up my main PC, but I have a feeling it is shot too. So yeah, not having very much luck with my computer right now. As far as everything else, I am being the good Nurse still My wife has been doing well, in some pain still. Will need to take her back to the doctor to get her drain removed. No real progress made challenge wise. I've just been trying to be available whenever the wife needs some help. I certainly could be doing better with food.
  7. Is there anyplace you can rest on the walk? Like maybe walk for a few minutes, then sit a a bench to rest a bit, then walk more repeat? Otherwise the bike just might work out better for less impact on joints etc.
  8. She is doing well so far. I was up till 3:30 or so last night. It wasn't just for me. She would get up and need medicine or something I did try a bit to catch up on sleep while she was in the hospital. Though one night I stayed up to power though the end of a book haha. I got to spend almost 1 1/2 hours in a Walgreens drive thru yesterday. Totally fun. haha Their system was down when we were on the way home, and my wife needed a couple of prescriptions from there. I went out later to get them. Then it seemed like ever car in front of me had to sit there for 15 minutes ate the window. Lots to do today, even though I don't want to
  9. Yeah, I saw we were getting close. I've kept people on my list still. Getting eggs from the gifts can be nice, or raids too. We can always wait to hit best friends until you get a lucky egg if you like. I know the new event starts tomorrow, and friendship goes twice as fast too.
  10. Welcome back! In week 2 of the current 5 week challenge now. You can still join up if you want. Plenty of people there, and in other areas of the forums too.
  11. Quick check in. Brought the wife home today. I'm adding Nurse back to my title haha. Skipped bowling to help take care of the wife. Will need to take her back on Tuesday at some time to get her drain tube removed. A week or so ago, we had a power outage. My computer hasn't been all that happy. So currently backing it up to reinstall windows. All in all, doing ok. Not really doing anything challenge wise though. Just busy focusing elsewhere. No real excuse for some of it though. Maybe I can get some things started up again tomorrow.
  12. And Doctor just call. Things went well. There was a few things they had to deal with, but everything went good. Wife should be heading to her room in a hour or so. whew
  13. Thanks! Thank you Yeah, I swap the band too. The band part is fine. I have the fitbit sense. The spot wear all the sensors are and stuff, is were my skin is getting irritated. I might just not wear it for a week or something, just to get things back to normal haha. Funny thing with the movies, I started repeating the lines. I am turned towards my wife, then I'll say the line that is coming up soon. In surgery news, I have still not heard if things went well or not. Had a text from Stanford at 8am that the procedure started. It's now 5 hours later, and not a word. I didn't go back to sleep, incase I needed to be ready to answer my phone. So I am tired, and my nerves are shot. I am getting really worried that I have not heard anything.
  14. Thanks! Woke up at 4:15 am to take my wife to the hospital for surgery. Fun times haha. I wanted to try to get a shiny pokemon in pokemon go today. It seems I didn't have to try very hard. This was like the third pokemon I clicked on when I got up So at least there is that. Wife is currently in the Surgery room. Surgery should be 2-3 hours. Could be 4 depending on scar tissue, and what the doctors have to do. No walking really, or workout yesterday. Super super tired today. Will have to see if I get anything really done. I am sorting birthday emails and deciding if I need to go get the free food offers haha. Right now, I can get a free burger at Habit grill, a free dozen glazed donuts from Krispy Kreme, and a kids scoop of ice cream at Baskin Robbins haha.
  15. Yup, same for me for binging. I have been getting back to a sleep routine. Pretty much get out my computer at 10:30pm, then ready till 11:30pm. I get up and check doors, put the alarm on, and head to bed. Once I am consistent with it more, things get easier for sleeping, though sometimes stuff just interrupts. Like if I am too hot etc. One problem I do have these days, is that my wife is up later. SO when it is shut down time for me, she is still watching things on the tv. Then while I am reading, she goes to bed to read and watch tv. When I go in there she usually shuts down the lights and such, but the tv is still on most times. The light and noise does bother me. Especially if it is something my brain will get into. The other night, it was die hard movies. It's not always a problem, it just doesn't help. When we first moved into the apartments here, I put up tint on our window, because it was just too bright in the mornings. I have been tempted to get a sleeping eye mask to help block out light. I've even been tempted to get ear plugs, but I feel like it's not very safe being completely shut out from everything haha. Haven't updated week 1 which wasn't that great. Will have to update in the morning. Week 2 day 1 is not good too haha. Will have a busy week 2, so we shall see how things go.
  16. Bowling was fun. I had a great look. Though the first game I had a couple of splits that kept the score lower. Made up for it in the other two games. 174-225-236 I put my fitbit on the charger last night, then forgot it when I went to bed. I was going to come back out and get it, but noticed that my wrist is becoming irritated. It's better this morning, but still a bit red. I was going to try to wear the watch with the face on the other side of my wrist, but it didn't feel great when trying to type and such. So I moved it over to my right arm, which feels so awkward haha. Hopefully, I'll switch back to the normal side soon. 6,912 steps yesterday. Calories on point. Things are mostly going well. Had a little hard sleep again last night, but not as bad as the other day. (this post was from Friday. Apparently I missed hitting submit post haha)
  17. Great work so far. I also know that feeling of challenge starting on Sunday. My brain still tells me no
  18. Hope the Thanksgiving turns out well, and you make it out not feeling cranky!
  19. Costume is great! Have fun on vacation day
  20. I hate when I have allergies or something acting up, because I am thinking covid right away. I've been very on top of things though, so I feel like I will be ok. Even with flu season stuff. Hopefully, you test comes back negative, and symptoms clear up quickly.
  21. Missed another walk/workout day yesterday. I did get to sleep on time, but brain decided there would be no sleep until at least 2:30. Alarm went off this morning, and I decided to try to get a bit more sleep. It was the correct choice, because I woke up feeling much better. Even went and got in a shorter walk in the afternoon. Sitting at 3733 steps now. bowling shoudl get my to my goal Calories seem to be going fine. I just need to make sure I am getting in that walk I had finished off The Broken Earth series. I liked it. I had worried I couldn't get into it at first, but I was able to. I have a big list from my wow guildmates on what I should read. So ticked this one off. Decided to break it up a bit, and checked out Ready Player Two from my library. I was able to get it on the kindle instead of having to read on the phone. In other news, my wife is going in for surgery on my birthday. Will have to drop her off at like 5:15 am At the earliest, she will be out Wednesday at like 5pm, otherwise it will be Thursday at 5pm. I guess the releases are all done around 5 haha. Will still work to getting in my goals next week, but I might have to focus more on taking care of my wife. We shall see how bad/good things are when she gets home.
  22. When I give myself a hair cut, I just end up much more bald haha.
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