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  1. For cooking with a fire try a camp oven. Can make basically anything you can cook at home in one. Greatest camping invention ever
  2. Same as Anim~ up there. As long as I can put my body into all sorts of different scenarios and get myself out of them I'll be good. Like Spider-Man without the spider abilities. Although that would be awesome..... Anyone know where they're doing radioactive tests and stuff on spiders???
  3. So a few weeks back I made a post wooting about a pull up pb. I'm somehow still getting stronger even though I haven't done an actual workout since July. Tonight I broke that again and got 5 in a row. Was jumping for joy almost. ...then a door broke at work and I had to go lift myself onto the dock. Stands about head height. After getting those 5 pull ups I figured "yea this'll be easy!" Not so much. My tail bone is still sore from the whoopsie fall I had when I just couldn't lift myself high enough and my arms gave out. Unfortunately that just happened to be right in front of a few people, so the joyful mood I had quickly turned to embarrassment. Now all I want to do is be able to pull my own body weight up onto a ledge or dock that stands at head height, so here I am at 230am pumping out push ups squats planks and looking for something heavy but quiet to do some rows with. Gym rush starts tomorrow after work for me.
  4. Weagles are done for the year! Just like my crows so you'll have to support someone else personally for me it's whoever beats hawthorn lol
  5. Jeez you don't mess around haha
  6. Would certainly make it easier to find Aussie based information for things like upcoming events, good restaurants, awesome deals on gear etc. and let's face it. Who doesn't have and use Fb all the time these days anyway?
  7. Good old Waldo. Always full of useful information. Thanks for the links. I'll have to check them out when I'm not doing anything at work.
  8. Hmm good point. Considering how much I move around and carry at work then go to the gym 3 days a week I might not be eating enough. I'll see what I can do about that. Cheers!
  9. Bread and rice both white. Not much though. Sweet potato. As little pasta as possible.
  10. Soda was months ago. Used to be like a dozen cokes a day if not more. And I've been eating pretty good for quite some time now too. At least since the start of the year. It's just that recently I've started to really crack down on what I'm putting in my mouth. Recently as in a couple of weeks. If I don't cook it I don't eat it basically. Few exceptions for social events here and there but those are rare.
  11. Hey guys, not exactly new to working out/fitness in general but it's been a few years so I guess I'm new enough. Had a few attempts over the last year to get back into it and failed for various reasons which I won't get into here. Anyway, recently I got myself a new job and a gym membership not long after. Things were going swimmingly for a month or so and then all of a sudden for no apparent reason I started experiencing a major lack of energy/strength. I notice it more as things that used to be easy are now hard to do. I've cut all shit food from my diet and only have soft drinks like a fanta or lift or something when I have a particularly bad day at work and I'm definitely eating enough during the day/night so I don't think it's that. I generally try and get 8 hours of sleep a night which doesn't always work. I've always been terrible at sleeping anyway so I'd figure my body's used to it by now lol. This got a little longer than I was hoping, so what I was wondering is if it's normal for things that used to be easy to suddenly be hard for a few days/weeks due to a diet change? Or could there be something else contributing to it? Thanks in advance.
  12. /waves goodbye to most of what's left of my faith in humanity. I'm dumbfounded.
  13. Bahaha. Drop bears gets everyone worried about koalas. Just another perk of the Aussie wild life And hey just cause I'm older and taller doesn't mean I'm not a little kid anymore! I still play around on the local play ground when I go past it. The dogs don't like not being able to follow me though haha
  14. Also, Climbing trees is awesome fun! Haven't done it in years. Might go up the road tomorrow after work now
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