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  1. Greetings Aonghus! As another SCAdian here, I just wanted to say hi from Ealdormere. XD Part of my fitness goals (but one of those big nebulous why goals) is 'survive Pennsic' You got this!
  2. Right! A couple of updates! I totally failed a fort check and faceplanted with the plague for a few days. It's made energy levels low and the gym is just not a thing right now. This is not the end of the world. (I also learned how many steps one gets in a day when shuffling from bed to couch to fridge is exhausting. 692 steps. For the day. And it required many naps. That there is a failed fort save.) My current meds collection and IF don't really play nicely together, but rather than a big carby breakfast.. now I nibble lightly on a banana and some protein in the morni
  3. Alright! I made it to the gym last night! The parking lot was a zoo. The change room was a zoo. The legs were having /none/ of the idea of getting near the treadmill (one of the 'joys' of life with a disability, sometimes your body tells you what the plans are.). And there were exactly three of us in the pool. So instead of treadmill, there was a lot of range of motion and stretching work in the pool, and a good solid soak to try and ease some of the muscles. @Skygirl asked if I find the heat helps.. yes. For my particular flavour of cranky in my legs, hot is made of w
  4. At this point? My physiotherapist will be happy if I get in the habit of actually getting to the door, even if I do nothing else beyond sit in the hot tub and encourage all those pissed off muscles to relax for half a minute. Today's plan is to try and figure out the treadmill to get a little beyond my step goal for the day. (If its super busy, or the workday tries to kill me, hot tub it is!)
  5. (It's always morning somewhere.. just run with it. ) Hello there Nerd Fitness! I am a gamer geek, both board and table top games, a larper (stand around and look poncy flavour of larp rather than the run around in the woods hitting people flavour), a string nerd and a history geek. I've been a long long long time reader of this site, but always a lurker and making excuses as to why I couldn't participate fully. I mean, clearly /my/ version of broken was completely different than everyone else's, right? Of course. Ha. Yeah right. I need to respect my flavour of broken (
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