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  1. Tuesday 9/1 Health & Fitness Paleo starting this afternoonWalk to grocery storeGroceries so I can eat properlyLife Pay bills--DONEPay rent--DONESeptember budget--DONEClean out fridgeClear kitchen countersWash dishesTake out trash
  2. Now to embark on my quest. This week's travel plan: Health & Fitness: Eat at least 80% paleo.No wheatNo potatoesNo added sugar (except dark chocolate)No dairy (except butter)Lots of veggies & fruitLots of proteinHealthy fatsExerciseWalk or bike 30 min/dayReview the info in NF Yoga & do at least 2 sessions (eventual goal is to do at least a mini session every day before bed to wind down)Do at least 1 strength session (eventual goal is 3/week)SleepEstablish a regular sleep/wake schedule, probably 9pm-6amSet up bedroom for proper sleep--clean, no devices in room at night, etc.No
  3. I've been away at the NF Academy, but the facebook group has gotten huge and hard to follow. There's also no good place for a battle log, so I'm back here for another try at the general forums. Hi, I'm Tamesis Greer, a ranger from the north who has been living in exile in other parts of the country. I've been working in a field I loved, and am now about to leave it due to burnout. My current job is too big for one person, and the things that drive me crazy will be present in most other jobs in this field, so I'm sadly giving it up. It was also an office job, which is not great for a ranger w
  4. I've been over at the academy but looking at becoming more active on the general forums. Looks like I missed this challenge. When does the next one start? Can't find a calendar.
  5. Yep, I'm planning to buckle down on the paleo diet and really control the carbs so I can lean out. It works if I actually do it. If only it wasn't so hard (cake! Nom nom nom)
  6. Thanks, Bekah. I guess I'll just have to take the plunge and brave the boys section. I may wait a little on the clothes (especially pants) until I've had the chance to work out some more and shave as much fat off/build more muscle so I don't have to keep buying new ones. New clothes will be my reward :-)
  7. You might also have your B12 checked if you are also having fatigue in addition to the depression. I find my energy level and mood are better if I take B12 & D everyday (I had a deficiency about a year and half ago).
  8. Be careful with the shoulder. I ended up with rotator cuff tendinitis when I tried doing gymnastics again in grad school and was working on my thesis (lots of computer work). You may want to add stretch number 5 from this site (sleeper stretch) to your routine. I'd learned other arm stretches as a gymnast, but not that one, and it may be a hole in your program.
  9. This is a bit longish, but hoping someone can help. Short version: Genderqueer and need help figuring out how to modify my presentation A while after realizing I was asexual, I found out about gender non-binaries and realized that I am genderqueer. I'm biologically female, but I realized that I'm more comfortable identifying as gender neutral. Even as a kid I dreamed about being more masculine, and I've never really been happy with the way I look. I don't want to go all the way, but I do want to present as more masculine and would be happier without breasts. Unfortunately, I am short (5'2"
  10. This taking pics of what you eat and posting them is a good idea. I might be more accountable if I had to share pics. Now just have to figure out how to post them...
  11. Can people recommend good types/brands of jump ropes? I found a couple of other threads that mentioned them but without any real examples. I use a jump rope mainly for warm ups and adding a cardio component to my strength circuits. I'm looking for a rope with ball bearing rotation for smoothness, 7.5-8' (I'm 5'2"). Preferably not adjustable since those don't seem to have great reviews, and I would have to do major adjustment. The kind of rope I've been using at the gym (a softish plastic licorice type something?) is great except it keeps twisting in the middle and tripping me up. I'd be abl
  12. Another asexual here who may also be gender fluid. I'm mostly ok with being a woman since it's convenient for social purposes, but I'd probably prefer to be some flavor of gender neutral. Like you, I'm working toward a more masculine/muscular look. Alas, I am short, so I'm never going to be able to achieve the exact look I want.
  13. Drat. Tamesis Greer stopped for a snack, ate something that didn't agree with her, and has been sick for 2 days. Dropping out of the monster chase to fix her diet. Have fun, guys! Don't come back too singed.
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