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  1. Nothing brings guild leaders to a thread like monk on monk violence!
  2. Nope, never seen that before. Do your arms stay in close the whole time? I'm trying to visualize it and I'm not sure how you'd proceed once you shift from pulling to pushing
  3. Other monk quest I did: 60 seconds of grappling. Didn't win... didn't submit... but I spent most of the match at a disadvantage. That's what I get for only having done 2 groundwork classes I suppose
  4. They vary, some are follow X plan for 2 weeks, 4 weeks 3 months. Some are do X, My most recent monk quest: Do a plank longer than all the general plank quests combined x 2 3m15s tied my PR
  5. More like trains planes and automobiles. Our club is about 150km away as the crow flies.
  6. Tomorrow will be even longer, I expect that I will need to leave the office by 3:45 at the latest
  7. RP! No falling apart until AFTER the race! Also until after you and 7FG have your epic battle.
  8. All the yoga you put in to your challenges is awesome. Do you notice how much of an impact it has on your judo?
  9. First monk quest? Haul my butt 2h30m across the city to get to class today.
  10. Reviewed the diet section and I'm somewhere between lvl 7 and 9. Which is pretty much precisely where I want to be. Less dairy is my goal there, stupid coffee with milk and greek yogurt.
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