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  1. SQUEEEEEEE GREAT theme choice, one of my all time fav animes!
  2. Wrap up/Rundown post:time! No Cheating! (+2 Wis, +2 Sta) "Mercy is the mark of a great man" *STAB* "Guess I'm just a good man" *STAB* "Well, I'm alright" - Mal A: 0-3 slip ups B: 4-9 slip ups C: 10-14 slip ups D 15 or more 8 slip ups. I did really well here, I think the cooking thing really helped, ordered food way less and when I did was not nearly as inclined to be bad Stick Practice (Dex +3, Sta +3) "You got a wife? All I got was that dumb-ass stick that sounds like its raining." - Jayne A: 2 hours of practice a week B: 1 hour of practice a week C: 30 min of practice a week D: 15 min of practice a week Averaged out to a solid B at 1h15m, got more in during week 1, 2 an 4 but nothing in week 5. Stick work is fun so this was't a hard part of the challenge for me. Time to cook (Wis +3, Cha +2) Zoe: So… are you enjoying your own nubile little slave girl?Mal: She wanted to make me dinner. Well, at least she's not cryin'.Wash: I might. Did she really make fresh bao?[Zoe glares at Wash.]Wash: ...Quaint!Zoe: Remember that sex we were planning to have, ever again? A: 2 meals a weekB: 1 meal a weekC: 1 meal every 2 weeksD:1 meal every 3 weeks SUPER proud of this accomplishment. Not only did I drastically improve the amount I cook, but it never felt tedious or painful, and one of the meals I cooked was a BBQ with home made burgers, and other meats for 6 people! The key with this quest will be maintaining my performance and ideally improving even farther. Sidequests failed, I've been trying to work up to heading into the gym super close by and just getting the membership but it hasn't happened yet. Maybe that will be the goal for my week off. I think next challenge will shift more toward fitness goals again regardless of what I do. Final rating, B+
  3. Been bad about updates but here is one Got stick work in on Saturday before class started, got the full hour in too. Was working with one of the kids in the club explaining the ins and outs of stick work and targeting when using a stick to help give him a point of reference to the sequence we were working on. Cooked a sweet potato hash last night, it was pretty tasty but needed more bacon. Used leftover lettuce like scoops for eating it, worked nicely.
  4. Down the street from me? Where? I've lived on many streets in Toronto!
  5. He didn't get the chance, I was the third dan's training dummy and then I was working with a brand newbie, which is always an interesting experience.
  6. That sloth almost killed me, gotta be careful with those memes... they'll getcha. I should take a page from your book and work to fix my feet too. I don't have flat feet but my arches are more like... something that isn't much of an arch at all and as a result my weight is slightly rolled inwards on my ankles. I'm looking through that fixflatfeet site now for ideas, glad you posted that!
  7. also now that my phone is behalving like a phone here is some food I made. Yes I know there is a thread for it but it is also a key part of my challenge
  8. So my workout consisted of grappling with someone 60 lbs heavier than me. Also my Goldilocks trend continued, the third dan who runs the grappling night used me for all his demonstration. He has no idea that some of the other blackbelts refer to me as the Goldilocks partner either, I'm just that perfect size and shape.
  9. Mine does on a regular basis, it is actually a challenge because he weighs like 30 lbs
  10. not sure what day we're going this week, Thursday became a no go.
  11. that would require certain lifestyle changes... the cons currently outweigh the pros.
  12. Cooked pork sausages on the bbq last night, with some broccoli. Confirmed there wasn't any filler in them so bonus points for paleo goodness. Wasn't feelin' the workout this morning so a did a bit of stretching. I'm thinking I need a slight shake up to the routine to re-engage, just not sure what I should do instead. Maybe a week of yoga or something that, I'm open to suggestion.
  13. "It landed on your roof..." *looks at shoes abashed*
  14. evil bond-villain type scary? underground lab type scary? T-virus type scary? Walmart type scary?
  15. NB? Really? Whereabouts? I was just there last year, hit NB, NS, and PEI
  16. Cooked fajitas used iceberg lettuce as the wrap, worked much better than romaine. Also got back into my morning groove: 7x2 6x1 Assisted Pistol Squats 7x2 6x1 Decline Pike Pushups 7x2 6x1 Straight Leg Leg Lifts 7x2 6x1 incline one arm pushups 7x2 6x1 Elevated Leg Inverted Rows 60 second boring normal plank
  17. so in order to make sure cheech keeps giggling: Box jumps 4x3
  18. Seems like. I will wear it as a badge of honour.
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