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  1. this is exactly why I say you're no innocent!
  2. GIVE ME YOUR USER NAME!!!! (PM or something!) I haven't played in a while but I was playing every day for a long stretch. I've been bad and have forgotten all about this mini-challenge but I'll hop to! For today's thing I'd say my weakness is my stubbornness, it helps me sometimes but it also holds me back sometimes. Exercise-wise: legs, anything legs. Even though squats are a part of my routine I'ma do something else leggy tonight!
  3. when has she ever seemed innocent?
  4. Our resident hobbit's approach to challenges works really well for that. Each week you're getting something new and fresh to do that keeps you hoppin' mentally and physically. I keep meaning to steal her methods and then forget and do my usual stuff.
  5. somewhat, it has mostly shifted into muscle pain... mostly. Knees are still a bit off but they've always been my creaky joint at the best of times.
  6. It is to the point that our Grandmaster is making jokes about it, he feels bad always asking but at the same time I enjoy doing it. and yes! I made burgers! I think I'm gonna do lettuce wrap fajitas again tonight.
  7. So Monday night I cooked, BBQed for the first time on the new BBQ. Made burgers and veggies but I made the patties myself! Also did my workout on Monday 7x1 6x2 Assisted Pistol Squats 7x1 6x2 Decline Pike Pushups 7x1 6x2 Straight Leg Leg Lifts 7x1 6x2 Full bodyweight dips 7x1 6x2 Elevated Leg Inverted Rows 4x3 Dragonflies Went to class on Tuesday and got more stickwork in teaching some greenbelts. Helped one of the kids grade after class too. I'm often used for gradings because I'm in the "Goldilocks" zone of height and weight that allows me to work with practically anyone. Skipped the workout Wednesday, I was starting to feel a bit creaky in the joints so I figured that I wouldn't beat myself up too much about it. Also I actually participated in the general fitness portion of the class on Tuesday so that helped me not worry about it.
  8. He is and he does, it was a pretty good signing and he took the time to chat for a bit with each person which was nice.
  9. Grats on the progress! It is always strange to see weight loss as a result of increased caloric intake, I can logic it out but it still seems a bit odd from a 1+1 = 2 standpoint.
  10. mmmmhmmm... how much time did you spend watching the other videos on that channel? I can, they burn but I can crank out a decent set in good form. I just wish I had a base that would let me do them at home. I've been thinking about that myself K, because I didn't expect to be able to do them as cleanly as I did. My theory is that I've lost about 20 lbs or so over the past year and a bit and that made all bodyweight exercises that much easier as a result. Also one of the yoga/stretch routines I do involves a shoulder stand into plough which probably helped.
  11. Wednesday in class got in my first bit of stick work for the week, 25 minutes Friday Workout: 6x3 Assisted Pistol Squats 6x3 Decline Pike Pushups 6x3 Straight Leg Leg Lifts 6x3 Incline One arm pushups 6x3 Elevated Leg Inverted Rows 60 second wall plank Saturday in class I got my stick work done, 35 minutes. I was lucky because a green belt I was working with was getting ready to grade and stick work is first introduced at that rank, so I got to do lots of stick work with them. Saturday night I cooked again! This is really the area that I'm doing well in, I'm exceeding my own expectations in a huge way and it is making me very happy. Eggs with veggies scramble with bacon and sweet potato pancakes. grated sweet potato very fine, added onion and egg made them into patties and fried them in the bacon fat. Only thing that could have been better would be if I had drained the sweet potatos more after I grated them, there was a lot of water and that impacted the eggs' ability to hold the patties together while I fried them.
  12. No kidding, must be easy for stuff to go over her head, good reflexes or not.
  13. Those burgers sound great, I'll have a BBQ soon and will be able to try stuff like that! I really need to start cooking in bulk...
  14. Home grown, nice! I don't know how I feel about 5e yet... I really loved 4e and the basic edition of 5e reads a heck of a lot like 3.5... hope that there are more elements of 4th in the full edition.
  15. I thought about cabbage too, not a huge fan of it raw though; it might be worth it for the trade off of more fajita in a single leaf..
  17. Nice progress on those planks... don't forget your side planks! You know the old saying: "All abs and no obliques makes homer something something"
  18. "You can't win Anakin. I have the... DRY... ground!" >_> Sorry, couldn't resist.
  19. Excellent Week 2! The Blerch is awesome and I battle it regularly! Matt Inman (The Oatmeal) was doing a book signing in Toronto back in the spring and I got him to sign my book! I also got to ask him about some vaguely creepy cupcakes someone had baked him: "So those are going right in the garbage when you leave, right?" "Oh yeah! The last time I tried fan baking they were cookies that had more pot than flour in them"
  20. Double quoted for emphasis. My grandmaster gave me grief about this during my first Hapkido class and it stuck with me ever since, in every aspect of my life. The second you think something won't happen, you'll MAKE it not happen. Just ask, no matter what she says you'll be a better you from the experience. Either she says yes, and if so: If not, you at least tried and removed some of the trepidation of repeating the exercise again in the future with someone else (or maybe her again once she realizes what we all already know). Also how you ask is super important, it only turns weird afterwards if you let it.
  21. Cooked last night, made fajitas but with lettuce as the wrap. It worked ok but I need other suggestions for wrap alternatives. Did my workout this morning: 6x2 5x1 Assisted Pistol Squats 6x2 5x1 Decline Pike Pushups 6x2 5x1 Straight Leg Leg Lifts 6x2 5x1 Full bodyweight dips 6x2 5x1 Elevated Leg Inverted Rows 45 Second per side Side Plank
  22. bit of an intro, but here is a vid:
  23. That sounds like a great weekend! How was Battle of Gods? Was it subbed or dubbed?
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