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  1. Doesn't sound like a total failure, you got some pushups in, and you were being active or resting, from a fitness perspective those are good things imo. Just because things didn't go precisely according to plan doesn't mean you didn't make at least SOME progress on your personal fitness journey, and that's always a win in my mind.
  2. last bit of weekend stuff squats 5 (they were slow, 5 count down 8 count up) pushups 98 plank 1 min
  3. The Oatmeal is pretty great, that comic is exceptionally amazing. I always wondered how the inch measurement was created, now I know!
  4. 7FG's reach is obscene, it is a huge advantage for striking unless the opponent knows how to cut distance safely, even still then it just changes from fists and feet to knees and elbows.
  5. "Blah Blah Miles Blah Blah" http://theoatmeal.com/comics/senior_year
  6. I like the Mushrooms and Bugs idea more! *prod* Hey slowpoke... Longest shower ever oooooor ?
  7. Also in related not-quite-challenge news I finally bothered to take some "before" pictures... I'm hoping their existence will help me stay on top of my fitness goals. I haven't decided if I am going to post them or not... though I did notice when I stand I tend to be shifted slightly to one side. My initial theory is that one of my legs is longer than the other.
  8. My right side has the balance and is getting pretty close to having the strength, left is a bit farther behind. Forgot I'd broken the 6th rep in already on Friday so I didn't add an extra this run through, ah well 6x1 5x2 Assisted Pistol Squats 6x1 5x2 Decline Pike Pushups 6x1 5x2 Straight Leg Leg Lifts 6x1 5x2 Incline One Arm Pushups 6x1 5x2 Elevated Leg Inverted Rows 50 Second Wall Plank Before class on Saturday I also showed some of the junior belts what Dragonflies are. Was able to do 5 in good form!
  9. that vitamoves warm up looks pretty sweet
  10. Bah, can't update google docs at work if someone wants to add: 62 squats 62 pushups 2.5 minutes of plank 16 dips to my numbers I would be thankful
  11. Post spam continues! Did my workout this morning! 6x1 5x2 Assisted Pistol Squats 6x1 5x2 Decline Pike Pushups 6x1 5x2 Straight Leg Leg Lifts 6x1 5x2 Full Dips 6x1 5x2 Elevated Leg Inverted Rows 30 seconds Side Plank Was already late for work so I missed my hip stretches Also filled the breaks between sets with punches & punch deflections because why not.
  12. Yesterday I cooked another meal. Took all the veggies that were half used in the fridge and the last of the bacon and threw it all in a pan. Was awesome! Kale, Broccoli, Celery, Mushrooms, Red Peppers, Green Onions and bacon. I was out of garlic so that was the one thing it needed, threw garlic powder in which helped but wasn't the same. Ta-DAH
  13. so lazy with updates, bleh. Wednesday: 5x3 Assisted Pistol Squats 5x3 Decline Pike Pushups 5x3 Incline 1 Arm Pushups 5x3 Straight Leg, leg lifts. 5x3 Inverted Rows, Straight Leg 45 seconds side plank L & R Hip stretch routine cooldown. Another strike had potatoes instead of sweet potatoes for lunch.
  14. ^ This, I will totally try this. Not full pistols yet, especially on my left. Right is getting pretty close.
  15. That's what I like to see!
  16. it is a 50/50 split between maple and Christmas trees up here. You've seen the Rankin/Bass Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer right? Looks a lot like that, year round. And fair point re: originality of foodz. Good food > original meals for sure. Especially for building the habits of doing it yourself.
  17. Cooked dinner last night, same thing as last week but whatever, I never said I would be ORIGINAL in my cooking... next challenge maybe
  18. It sounds like your motivation (willpower) is being used up by the job. If you're gonna do stretching etc to help your bottom half try doing it before work can drain your energy dry. Also do you have good shoes/insoles? If you're standing a lot getting some good cushioning down there is key.
  19. I hope this felt as good for you as it did for me; even though you're holding off on the purchases. Such a wonderfully tangible sign of progress in my mind.
  20. Looks good joedog! Will throw my contributions in there.
  21. No failure, small setbacks maybe, tiny hiccup perhaps, but no failure. Shrug it off and kick week 2 in the face!
  22. another round of bodyweight exercises... should have made this a component of my challenge 20 min stick work warm up 10min each side. 5x1 4x2 assisted pistol squats 5x1 4x2 decline pike pushups 5x1 4x2 straight leg raises 5x1 4x2 full dips 5x1 4x2 straight leg inverted rows 40 second wall plank Hip stretching cooldown. I really love this routine Cheech! I'm really missing my pull up bar that got lost in my recent move. Need to get a new one.
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