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  1. can't make smoothies with that...
  2. ... it looks kinda like a helmet, Z.
  3. Nice workout, what did you do with the battle rope?
  4. Totally forgot to put this in: Finally tally on Sunday: Full Bridge: 12, 8, 11 I'm gonna have to do more of these, they really worked me out.
  5. I am going to Devastate this challenge! like... this guy:
  6. Sugar is your anathema! Even if in marshmellow turned rice crispy square form. Activate "Empty Calorie Evasion Prana"!
  7. mmmm... smoothies, I like your plan for this week's evil ex... who was probably my favourite evil ex.
  8. So did my pushup routine yesterday, better than the last time but still too far below the expected numbers for me to comfortably move on to the next day. my result 18,22,16,12,15 goal: 18,22,16,16,25+ Thinking about doing some yoga tonight, will help stretch AND strengthen my knee.
  9. Yeah it is nice reaching for my mug only to find it empty
  10. Agreed on the vid, sharp kick.
  11. Another reason to turn them in to punching bags...
  12. So this week went well for the most part. Water 6/5 only day I was under was Sunday and that's still better than I expected. This goal is really going well for me my body has adapted well to the increased intake and now just makes me want to drink more. It is only 10:30 and I'm like 1100ml into it. Stretching 2/1 did 2 sessions to make up for the one I missed, every time I do leg stretches my knee feels a tiny bit better so that makes me hopeful. Only did 2 days of pushups because I expected a big pushup day on Saturday in class and we didn't really do that many. Gonna tear it up today, hoping that I'll be able to move all the way through week 4 this week. Knee pain hasn't been *too* bad but it is still present. but at least I don't feel like this anymore:
  13. It is our worst kept secret, 7FG harped on me to make an account, now we prod each other about fitness stuff.
  14. correct, the torque is on the kicking knee and it is not fun, that said my knee hasn't been too hurty, was able to do 5 slow squats in class without real issues... beyond how hard slow squats are.
  15. HA! Finally, a use for small children, I wondered why people kept them around
  16. in and around the joint, it happens on both knees but left is worse than right, probably since it has less muscle strength.
  17. damn, your pull up and chin up numbers are starting to climb. Good stuff Z Gotta get back on my bar too!
  18. Did my kicking last night, we only did 700 kicks and 700 strikes because we ran out of time in class. Knee held up relatively well... it didn't get any worse at least. Axe kick is extremely painful to execute currently. Also I weighed myself after the workout and I've apparently lost 10 lbs somewhere in the past 2-3 months. I suspect a chunk of that was water that I'd just finished sweating out but still good. Now I just need to gain it back as muscle. I really need to figure that part out.
  19. That baby is correct! You set the bar ever higher K, keep it up!
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