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  1. I have not posted much but I have been Paleo for approximately 2 years and I once hated vegetables, pretty much all vegetables. Over time, my taste buds "reset" and now I find myself piling on the broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, etc. Two years ago I hated sweet potatoes, now I am ready to plant my own so I hopefully have a massive amount of them in the late Fall/ early winter.
  2. The second workout was not nearly as bad. I was still "stiff" for a few days so I had to wait until today to go for a second try. I was not nauseous after completing the third circuit but I immediately went out and walked my dog after completing the workout to cool off. Turns out having a 40 pound dog take you for a walk is a good cool down exercise............ errrr taking her for a walk.
  3. My name is Rob and I live in New Orleans, Louisiana. I am a 35 year old attorney who played football and ran track in high school. I was always in pretty good shape throughout high school and even college because I worked part time with my father in a pretty physical and demanding job almost every weekend. Fast forward to law school and I have been pretty sedentary ever since. I found NF about a month ago when I switched over to a Paleo lifestyle. This morning, I finally got off my tail and did my first beginner workout circuit. Boy did it kick my butt. I was not able to finish th
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