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  1. Thorns, dude, what the hell. Just stop. You've done enough exercise to fill my entire life. Twice. Maybe even thrice. You straight up jumped out Bane's crazy jail. Some pizza? I'm surprised you didn't ALL the pizzas after that workout. You are a beast.
  2. Awesome job so far Kat! i found the same thing with tracking last challenge. It made me eat a bit better because I knew I'd be posting, and that was the main benefit. NO refined sugars most of the time though? THAT will be a challenge. Good luck!
  3. Glad you're feeling better and got out jogging! I'll be spending a lot of time at Queen's College on campus this fall which backs onto the same pond. If I'm able to, maybe I could jog with you some days! Regatta Day is only a holiday in St. John's though . Keep it up!
  4. Hey Rogaecia! Great goals! I especially like your motivation. Doing this kind of thing for yourself is an excellent motivation. YOU aren't going anywhere. You decide whether or not you disappoint yourself. YOU know what you've been able to do. And it looks like you're doing great so keep it up!
  5. Thanks Odin and teros. I managed to bike to and from work tonight and my knee was fine (as in, no crunching) but it still doesn't feel right. As of right now though it's not a barrier to my biking so that's good. Also, heard back from one of my profs who's also the honours advisor for anthro, and she tells me those two honours courses don't have to be back to back, so Dec '14 is what it looks like after all Kat! So excited to finally be this close. Hey Rogaecia! Thanks! I see this is also your second challenge (really liked your motivation btw) so good luck with your goals! This week's going pretty good with the biking and protein, but still no BBW, veg day, or religious stuff (the week is young).
  6. Well, Sunday did not go as planned. I woke up to a steak, and at that point it just spiraled into a heavy, heavy meat day. I didn't get the BBW circuit in either, because I did something to my knee biking home Saturday night and didn't want to make it any worse by slamming all 260 pounds of me onto it for the lunges and stuff. I did get the hour of religious stuff in though! It was actually longer than that, just because once I started, I didn't want to stopped until I'd finished that mini project. I compiled all of my scattered genealogy research notes into a list of ancestors and the sources I have for each of them, so now I can go back to the archives at some point to re-confirm said sources and have them all in one, easily editable and printable document. Overall, there was a bit of fail last week, but considering I only started on Tuesday (and only REALLY started on Wednesday), I'm satisfied with what I got in there. Kat: Dec '14 is the goal, but since I'm planning on doing the honours program it might have to be Apr '15. I might have to split the last full semester into two slack semesters depending on course offerings. I'll put up a pic of my tentative schedule later! Grandparents are in now for a belated birthday dinner before work (yesterday was my birthday), so I'm off to eat a steak and bike to work for the night. Updates at 12 or so!
  7. I am SO late to everyone's threads apparently, but you've got some awesome goals set-up Kat, good luck! Also, card carrying? Do we have cards? We SHOULD have cards. somebody get on that haha. FotB!
  8. Great goals Ben! You did great last challenge even with the "failing, you got this. Failing a little is all part of it, that's how you figure out exactly where your strengths and faults are when it comes to this stuff. Following you man, good luck!
  9. Hey Eli! Great goals! Hopefully now that the gluten deal is figured so you don't have to eat it, and you figured out that sneaky hidden gluten, you'll be feeling well enough to destroy these goals. Great progress so far! Keep it up! Also, thanks for the email/ FB post recipes!
  10. Holy crap, Thorns! I'm a little late getting to your thread and BAM, you're already killing it. Again. Love the goals, love the attitude, love the progress. You are such a boss, I can barely handle it. FotB!
  11. Hey, glad to see you back! Paleo is on my eventually list. It is haaard. 80% seems like a good compromise though, good luck with it man!
  12. Eli: Got your email and the facebook post, thanks! Kat: Definitely biking still, but hikes have become a bit of an ordeal. I still might have a few, but we'll see. August is berry season though so there will probably be some decent hikes eventually. Teros: Thanks for that protein link! I love beans, so I'll definitely give butter beans a go. And thanks for the invite, but I'm still a part of the Fellowship of the Bat, and I can probably only handle the one squad at a time. Update This week got off to a rocky start because of work craziness, but I've been getting the biking and protein in almost every day. Sunday is a day off, so probably getting the BBW, Veg day, and hour of religiosity in then. School starts next month again and I'm so pumped to be getting back to it. OH! I paid off my tuition after for those who were watching me fail at that last challenge, so I AM going back now! Awesome schedule too, so excited. Just 3 terms left and I'll finally have my bachelor's degree. Woo!
  13. Hey! Yeah, I don't really know any good vegetarian sources of protein, so I'll have to look that up. I'll be getting a lot of my protein from protein shakes that we sell at work though, and protein bars too probably so I'm not too worried about that. I would LOVE some recipes though. I can't cook worth a damn really, so I might as well try and learn now lol. Also, I just realized I left out the grading when I posted this, so that's incoming.
  14. WOO! Second challenge! Quickie run-down Main Quest: Weigh 230 pounds by January 1st, 2014. Goals: 1.) 120 minutes of cardio a week. 2.) 80g of protein a day, 1 vegetarian day a week. 3.) BBW once a week. Life sidequest: -1 hour of deliberate religious stuff (meditation, prayer, study) a week. Elaboration Main Quest I need to focus on weight loss, for a bunch of reasons, mainly to make it easier on my back. Also, it's just a number I can use to gauge my fitness, etc. Goal 1 Last challenge, my goal was 90 minutes of biking a week. Some weeks I scraped by, some weeks I DESTROYED 90 minutes. Like 200+. So, I'm upping it to a 120 minutes minimum average. Goal 2 I tracked my food last challenge, and tracked my protein for a week as part of the mini-quest. This challenge, I want to make sure I get lots of protein (without going overboard) to build some muscle. Muscle burns fat better (I've heard) so that's how this fits into my main quest. I went vegetarian for a few months a year or two ago, and really liked it, plus I want to eventually go paleo, so this is a step towards that long term goal. Goal 3 I did the BBW last challenge, and ALMOST got through it three times in a row. Now, I just want to make it a steady part of my weekly routine. Life Goal This is a mental health thing as well as an I-really-need-to-study-my-own-beliefs thing. I may or may not have mentioned that I'm an Anglo-Saxon heathen, but it takes a lot of independent study. Which is something I've been failing on. Could be just meditation, prayer, writing, crafting, genealogy research, lore reading, whatever, as long as it's deliberate and in done in a certain mindset. I'd like for that one hour a week to be straight in a row as well. Rewards: Goal 1: 4 STA Goal 2: 3 STR, 1 WIS Goal 3: 3 STR Life Goal: 4 WIS So, some of you know me from last challenge, some don't. I was an adventurer then, and now, and might be for a while. We'll see. Regardless, I am back for round two, and pumped. Here goes. ----------------------------- WEEKLY REPORTING Week 1 Goal 1: 112/120 minutes Goal 2: 497/560g Goal 3: 0 BBW circuits Life Goal: Done! Mini-Challenge: Done! +1 WIS Week 2 Goal 1: Goal 2: Goal 3: Life Goal: Mini-Challenge: Week 3 Goal 1: Goal 2: Goal 3: Life Goal: Mini-Challenge: Week 4 Goal 1: Goal 2: Goal 3: Life Goal: Mini-Challenge: Week 5 Goal 1: Goal 2: Goal 3: Life Goal: Mini-Challenge: Week 6 Goal 1: Goal 2: Goal 3: Life Goal: Mini-Challenge:
  15. Thanks for the congrats guys!I'll definitely be applying what I've learned from this challenge in the next, which I expect will be much better. I definitely will be coming back as an adventurer Katia! For this and the next challenge probably. I may just stay an adventurer forever, who knows lol
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