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  1. It could be worse. They thought at first I had fractured it, and might need surgery to fix it!
  2. My last challenge was going awesome UNTIL I FELL OFF A HOOP AND SPRAINED MY WRIST. So, I have at least found out today that I'm not allowed to do heavy lifting for another month. I just tried to pump my bike tyres up, and that was impossible enough. :-( So. No more gym or callisthenics until my wrist is healed. :-( :-( :-( So that means I need to focus on other things. I've chosen weight loss, writing, and flexibility. Weight loss Track calories for a month Come under calorie goal for 5 days a week 1 2 3 4 Writing Character sketches:
  3. GUYS I'M SO ANNOYED. I binned off the hoop and fell on my wrist! I went to ED and got it X-rayed... couldn't see a fracture but I might have broken the scaphoid, which means I have to wear a splint so NO HOOP. Or basically anything upper body. Need it x-rayed again in two weeks, everything crossed that it isn't broken because that means surgery. I did get one hand off in gazelle, which is an improvement, so I'm happy with that anyway. But I wasn't doing anything spectacular when I fell, just slipped trying to get off the hoop! Guess I'm focussing on my writ
  4. Look at this nerd who won the ward 'star of the month' prize...
  5. YAY, NEW INSTAGRAM FRIENDS! I approve of all the pictures of food. Yesterday we got to 'F' on our A-Z of animal move of the week, so it was Firebird. I have super tight shoulders, so this was not an easy one for me. The side one was not so bad, but the front one hurt like woah. I think you can see it in my face there... my weight basically just pulled my shoulders back that far where they have never been before. A bit sore this morning haha. I also saw this amazing trick on instagram. I really want to be able to do this one day!! Finally, in r
  6. Apparently I had already posted the bunny. Meh. I'll go to hoop tonight and collect more pics.
  7. OK! Just got back from the Misty Mountains AKA Snowdonia. I didn't plan any walks myself, but that's OK. I had to run off and help a friend with something instead. My friend planned and led a couple of walks for us instead, and it was freaking amazing. On the first walk I followed along with my map and compass and totally managed to keep track the whole time, so go go gadget navigation skills. I was a bit worried that my legs wouldn't be up to it... I'm not sure how much strength work on my legs I do with all the focus on rings and handstands. But the girls kept up admirably. I've
  8. I'm not sure they are neds if you are outside Scotland. Just your ordinary common or garden chav.
  9. (Karinajean, you asked just as I was typing this reply!!) WHAT A WEEK. I was feeling loads better, but everything kicked off. My husband came off his bike in the snow, and lost his keys, phone everything... in the middle of the night and 200 miles away! I had a job interview Tuesday... and some nasty local kids started throwing dog poo at my house (yes, seriously), and abusing me in the street. Then at the weekend, some of their older mates broke into my garage and tried to make off with my motorbike. SERIOUSLY. HOW DID THIS ALL HAPPEN AT ONCE. So a lot of this week has
  10. Omgosh, I swear the climb setters problem is universal, especially when it comes to setting routes for shorter people! It doesn't help that most setters are male. So many times I've got over the crux, I'm feeling great, and then there's a move which would be nothing for a 6' guy, but impossible without levitation for anyone else. Well. That's my excuse anyway. Sooner or later some tiny child always comes and trips you up. I just keep telling myself that we ladies get to work on our technique early on in climbing. Whereas those tall men just cavemen their way up. I hover around a 5
  11. Depends on the day. There's a TRX frame thing at the gym where I can hang them. Or I can hang them from the pull up bar in my doorframe, although that does get a little tight! Can't wait for the weather to warm up, so I can just go to the playground. That's my favourite place to work out. I've been stuck inside all week with a cold. With no exercise. I'M BORED OUT OF MY MIND. I mean, I have finally finished a knitting project, and finished all of Stark Trek: TNG, but still. I HATE BEING ILL. Feeling better today, so just did some morning yoga. Felt OK, so p
  12. Subbed again! Hope you feel better soon, I'm down with the dreaded lurgy too. It doubly sucks when most your hobbies involve hanging upside.
  13. Climbing, climbing, climbing! Just stand up! Following back since we seem to be into the same things. What sort of grades are you climbing, and what style?
  14. Safe on the other side of the ravine, Vixen decided to make camp. Building the fire was no problem, and soon a pot of water was boiling merrily away for tea, but putting up the tent was a bit more of a struggle. "If only I had someone else to help me," Vixen grumbled, before clapping her hands together in delight. That was it! She'd struggled on the vines because she didn't know what she was doing, so why not invest in some help? Before you could say 'product placement' Vixen had signed up to the NF rings and handstands courses and was flicking through the pages on her phone. The terrain ahead
  15. Vixen cursed as she tried to snatch at the vines. She'd made good progress when she started, but now everything seemed rather more tricky now she was in the thick of it, and not on the cliff. Through sheer determination, she made it to the other side, but as she stood bent over, hands on knees, gasping, she realised that if she was going to attempt that again, she was going to need to take on board some serious advice. RIght, I'm awarding myself a level up for this month, even though things didn't go quite as I planned. You can see in my last week I slacked off on the exercise a f
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