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  1. I've been suffering from major depression for the last month. Eating primal has gone, replace by whatever is easy. When I think about how I am ruining all the progress I made in the previous 6 months I cry.

    1. Ba'sini'on


      *hugz* Need some help?

    2. 27angel


      I went to the doctor on Tuesday and have started new medicine. Thanks for the hugs.

  2. Day 2 of this challenge has been a failure so far! I am having HUGE stress at work which is causing me a lot of anxiety. This stress has made my willpower against the sweets that people keep bringing to work null and void. I just have no energy to pull away and say no today. Plus today I was asked to work through my normal lunch break and take a much later break. Basically they want me to take my break from 2-3 when it is normally 12-1. Since my normal time to leave is 4 I have opted to skip my lunch break altogether and leave an hour early. I quickly ate my lunch during my morning break. Hope
  3. I am #14 on the accountabilibuddies goggle doc. Does that mean I am in the group? I don't want to get anyone in trouble.
  4. I signed up as #14 but it seems like there are many more that 13 other people in this group. If there aren't then I'd love to be #14. I've been in other groups during my first 3 challenges but they all fizzled out during the challenge. So did I during my 3rd (last) challenge. I've been side-tracked by life for the last several months and my exercise discipline has gone by the way-side. Then on Halloween I found out that my dad was in the hospital because of heart issues and I completely jumped off the primal bandwagon and into a carton of ice cream. My dad is better and out of the hospital and
  5. My main quest is to lose weight and fit into size 10 clothing by my 39th birthday on February 27th. Currently I weigh 201 and wear sizes 16/18 clothing. The missions for this 6 week challenge that will help me achieve success in my main quest are as follows: I will be disciplined about eating a 100% primal diet. I also plan to follow the Primal Blueprint Fitness plan. Since I am not regularly exercising right now I will ease into this plan. I will walk every day during my lunch break (even if I am not feeling like it) unless it is raining. If it is raining I will need to make-up the walking
  6. I've been eating primal since the beginning of May. Today I reached a terrific milestone, I have lost 51 pounds...GONE forever!!! My next goal is to stick with regular exercise. I've been having a lot of problems with migraines and they have kept me from sticking with the exercise. I went to the doctor yesterday and I am trying some new medicine so hopefully this goal will be a reality soon!
  7. I really appreciate the comments and suggestions. I have been extra vigilant in keeping snacks with me all the time. Something kind of cute happened today at work. Someone brought a homemade cake for the teachers. My co-teacher got herself a slice and picked off two of the strawberries that were decorating the top of the cake and brought them to me. I really appreciated that she had thought about me.
  8. Does nobody else have this problem?
  9. I quit sugar 5 months ago (except for a small amount of fruit and dairy each day) as my first step to going completely primal. I have allowed myself homemade desserts when I have been with family/friends 4 times during this time. I found that I don't react well to the sugar anymore. It makes me feel ill. I should probably mention that before quitting sugar I was basically a sugar addict. If it was sweet not only would I eat it but I wouldn't stop at just one. Since quitting I really don't have cravings during the normal course of a day. The problem I am having is that it seems that anytime p
  10. I agree that it is easier to abstain than to try some and then stop when it is still all around you.
  11. I have been eating a strict, low-glycemic primal diet for the past 4 months. Last weekend I went to Dragon Con for 4 days. I packed paleo food and snacks that would cover me through the weekend. Most of the first day I did fine, until evening time when I was hanging out in a friend's hotel room while we all got ready to go out in costume and roam. Every one of my group of friends had decided to bring some sort of homemade baked good to the con. I decided that since it was a vacation weekend I wouldn't be so hard on myself to stay primal. I indulged (quite a bit) and became sick a while later,
  12. This challenge seems to have been a failure from the beginning. First I was sick and now I am having migraines every couple of days. My diet hasn't changed since the beginning of May, so at least I know that the food is not the trigger.
  13. Stryder, I don't think this is the kind of pain you should push through. I agree with what j_addict says. I am for the most part a beginner to exercise but if something causes you so much pain that you can't continue to exercise then you need to stop doing that and change.
  14. I climbed back on the horse (err. treadmill) and just competed week 3, workout 3 but it is actually week 3, workout 1 because I had a week off and needed to restart week 3. I don't feel ready to progress to week 4.
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