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  1. Sunday report: Woke up did 22 pushups! Went to the gym, my 5km time is 30 min 15 sec ....... soooo close!!! I usually start off walking for 2 minutes, so the plan for judgement day is to do a 2 minute warmup and then start my 5km so that my warmup doesn't take from my time.
  2. neilarey.com has an awesome variety of body weight workouts, you can pick and choose individual workouts or do a 30 or 90 day program, all body weight! I did a lot of these while I was on the road over the summer in my hotel rooms, so you don't need a lot of space.
  3. So I definitely thought this was the last week of the challenge, turns out there's one more week after this! Gives me a little more time to build that extra bit of strength for my goals! I will still make it to the gym on Sunday though to track my treadmill time
  4. For today's jog, the weather was pretty nice actually -7*C! The little voice on my phone came on at 5km for a time of 31min 53 seconds. My excuses (not that I should be making any) I was way over dressed! Never thought that would be possible in December but it happened, two long sleeves and wind breaker, touque, mitts and a buff. By the end of it I was pulling my gloves off and wishing that I wasn't relying on my coat pocket to carry my music in or else I would have shed that too and been able to come in the last km or two a little stronger instead of fighting heat stroke in December. I have y
  5. So I technically had only the one slip up on week 1 for this challenge so far. This week I stuck to my one day rule, but I'll be honest that one day got mildly....... well lets just say it was only one day but it made me feel like I still broke my rule. But I have to admit, home made wine is awesome! Props to my Opa. But lesson learned (the hard way), keep things under control, and only bring enough to the party for a few. Not a bad challenge for me so far, I feel like this one is teaching me a lot about myself, my habits, personality, friends, hobbies, willpower, etc.
  6. So this challenge feels like a slower go than the first one did, maybe it's because of the cold weather snow and ice rain that's going on lately, or all of the school work and finals that are coming up or what ever other excuse I have! It hasn't been all that bad though. It's easy to do body weight workouts in my living room. I'm proud to say that I actually managed 20 push ups! The last 4 were sloppy and i needed a little 5 second break at one point, but it happened and it was amazing! Still have some work to go though before I can call this goal accomplished. My 5km in 30 min. I've gone
  7. So I had a slip up of a sort. Had only one beer on Thursday with a girlfried (I had forgotten about the goal and then as soon as I cracked the can I remembered and was like .... "well I guess this is my one free day") and then I ended up having one drink with my dad on Friday. Saturday I got up and did 15 pushups (5 more to reaching my goal of 20!) and then walked out to the field to help him and my sister put hay out for the cows and horses (which I'm counting as my walk around the block because it was cold and walking and labour were included). My lovely Opa (grandpa) also gifted me 4 bott
  8. So far everything seems to be on track! I couldn't wait to use the Buff as a prize, I went and bought one last night along with some reflector bracelets. My workouts have been a little slack since I went home for the weekend and just relaxed with the family, but I was up nice and early this morning and went for an a.m. winter jog! Very proud of myself. As for my goals specifically. Drinking.... mega decrease! I ended up haveing two drinks on two separate days so after the second drink on day 2 I went for a walk through the field at my dads place and threw down a solid 15 pushups. This goal i
  9. Bookworm_Tess: So happy to have other students on here, annd super jealous that you're close to a beach! We don't have snow in Northern Ontario yet but the temperatures are sitting around -12*C and it's calling for snow at any time, already a few centemeters on the ground in the towns a little farther north. Our finals will be from Dec 10 - 12 which is just before the end of the challenge, I'm kind of happy that this will take me through to the end of the semester to help keep my motivation up..... Also congrats on being alcohol free for the last 13 months, that's awesome!! Xena: Yes! Bribes
  10. Since the 6 week challenge started on a Monday, I'll start my week on a Monday. This way the whole weekend is included in one week and it'll help me crack down on this goal a little more
  11. Yup discipline will be for drinking more than once a week. I will be able to do either a glass or two of red on a Wednesday as a treat, or head downtown for some craft beers on a Friday after a long week, but definitely not both!! as soon as I have one beverage, all remaining days in the week are off limits. This past weekend was a lot with two birthdays and a formal dinner, the weekend before my family was in town and it was Halloween, it's become more exhausting than anything! So time to bounce back!
  12. I'm loving seeing everyone's great achievements, and goals for the future whether it's for the 6 week challenge or a long term life goal that you've been steadily working on already. Last challenge I decided to cut back on caffeine and it was a lot easier than I thought (aside from a few hangover days where my mug was never empty). That being said, this challenge I'm cutting back on alcohol! This is going to be a once a week treat for me, my friends and family are all very social and love getting together for beers at the large variety of pubs downtown or just having a glass of wine while watc
  13. So I actually made it through my first challenge and it feels great! I learned a lot and am ready to step it up a notch for my second challenge. My overall, long term goal is to avoid putting on weight now that I'm a student again. Being in school is such an easy excuse to fall back on when it comes to getting take out, eating convenient junk foods and skipping workouts because the only thing on my mind when I get out of class is that I have so much studying and homework to do that I couldn't possibly find time to dice up some carrots or go for a jog. Assignments, midterms and finals become
  14. Challenge 1 complete! Week 5 Stretching = A, Caffeine = A, Workout = A Week 6 Stretching = A, Caffeine = A, Workout = A Barely pulled it together to get my last workout in to accomplish an A for the workout session but I managed to get it in at the last minute. If I had to rank my over all 6 weeks (I don't know maybe I do) I would say; Caffeine = A (this was a lot easier than I thought, but I know without the challenge there would have been more than just one or two days that I would be over) Stretching = B, there was only one week that I didn't get 3 sets of stretching in and the goal was to
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