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  1. well, the first week of this didn't go so great. I got 3/4 walks in and then had a death in the family and a few other things happen that pretty much made me forget all about this. but i'm back at work now and hopefully can get back into the originally intended schedule.
  2. Hi, I am ComancheD and this is my sideways sidekick Hazelee. We have been together for about 2 years now since her (human)mother and I started dating and living together. Hazelee and myself have become best friends and like hanging out and conversing with each other. Her mother thinks I’m crazy for having full-fledged conversations with the dog but I feel like haze understands and responds appropriately. A few weeks ago Haze and I began walking on the weekends and she absolutely adores our walks and has a blast on them, but when the week rolls back in I haven’t been taking her and she starts acting a bit crazy. The other morning as I was about to leave for work and told her we aren’t going today she used her nose to knock an oil burner off the table. I’m not sure if she did that in protest and on purpose, but it certainly seemed like she did. This all leads me to the first of my goals: take haze for walks at least 4 times a week. I consider this a solid start, it will include our weekend walks and puts me into a position where I have to make time to take her out two more times. Hopefully if we do this regularly her mother will begin joining us. This challenge I am going to not push myself to hard as I have in the past and failed miserably, so I consider this to be one where habits are started and will otherwise be preparing myself for future challenges. My primary reason for doing all this is that I want to be in better shape both physically and financially. Many of these goals work toward both of those points: Fitness: Walk Hazelee 4 times each week. NF beginners bodyweight challenge 2 times each week. Diet: Bring own lunch to work – Whatever it is that my girlfriend or I cook it will almost certainly be healthier than the lunch options I choose when I don’t bring my lunch. Also it will be significantly cheaper than even ordering off a value menu. No energy drinks- There are a lot of sugars and nonsense in these beverages that are not good for my overall health. It will be beneficial for my body and my wallet if I stop going to the gas station each morning and picking one up. Create a food journal and maintain it. At this point I have struggled to maintain a food journal using the app and I feel like the options they have for the foods we cook at home are not very reflective of what I actually eat. So I will do this using a good old fashioned pen and paper. Smoke fewer than 7 cigarettes a day. I would say at this point this about on par with the average day and I can scale it back to about 3 if I try. But I have really long commutes (75 min. on average) and that’s when I do most of my smoking. In addition to the diet and fitness goals I also have this nagging need to work on my brain. My job is not really one where I frequently get to use my brain and it is particularly slow this time of year so I have set myself up with some goals that will benefit my brain and probably also my career. Duolingo – cada dia. This will be beneficial to my career but the real reason I want to learn Spanish is because my dog knows it better than I do! That’s right, little hazelee who you saw earlier is bilingual herself…. I suppose trilingual if you count dog barks and what nots. Khan Academy – SQL- 3 times per week. This one I scaled back a bit because there are only so many of the lessons and some of the tricky ones take me a while to figure out. TL:DR Guy is in total dogmance with his pooch. Wants to get to a point of running regularly to benefit the dog.
  3. Congratulations on your getting closer to your law degree! That's really awesome and super impressive. Sometimes we only need to focus on one goal and that helps everything else fall into place, so don't feel bad about only having one goal. I don't have a whole lot going on in my life like you do at this point so i'm going to set myself up for a few goals. Good luck, just keep to your schedule as best you can and i'm sure you'll do great!
  4. The first week was decent. did not eat particularly well early on, but have since improved on that in the last few days. I missed one work out, but have yet to go on a run, which i hope to do tomorrow morning, its more a question of getting my lazy ass out of bed.
  5. Thanks, I'm a big mma fan too. Jackson's gym is pretty close to my school so i occasionally see some of the fighters, those dudes are ripped like crazy. I'm actually a bigger mma fan but I think this boxing match will be one for the ages.
  6. I'm no expert but I think that strength is not really compromised unless you are trying to specifically build muscle rather than just lose weight, which seems to be your goal, with a focus on building muscle and finally reaching that 10% later on
  7. excellent, good to see a man with a plan. good luck
  8. do you have a specific weightlifting or running program you are following? or are you just throwing your sneakers on and going out?
  9. Sept 15 - The one - Las Vegas, Nevada Floyd Maweather vs Canelo Alvarez Danny Garcia vs Lucas Mathysse For the next 7 weeks, these 4 men will be working their asses off for this one night, I should be able to work half as hard for my own future. As part of a longer quest for weight loss I will aim to lose 15 lbs for my trip to Vegas in mid-September (7 weeks from the beginning of this challenge. So how do I achieve this goal of about 3 lbs a week? Diet: intermittent fasting : 9/15 Calorie tracking: everyday <1800 Exercise: Run 3x a week (mornings) Other work out 5x a week Side Quest: attend 90% of classes I have a huge issue with attendance and turning in what I consider to be "busy work." I am a good student outside of those two factors and always keep up with readings and perform well on tests but attendance is chronically a problem and my grades suffer because of it. Also, that attached photo is my inspiration, both men are in incredible shape, I realize I am not a professional fighter and don't have the time or resources to achieve their level but I can certainly get as close as I possibly can. Losing this weight is the first step
  10. Lets see here, My main goals have been progressing well enough, I hiked on Sunday and plan to again on Thursday. I have been doing my insanity close enough to the schedule (I took my hike day as the rest day and did insanity on what was supposed to be the rest day). However I haven't been doing it on the schedule that I would like to be on. The whole purpose of my side goal was to wake up early to have enough time to do it in the morning and so far I have been waking up at 5:30!! But then I have resisted actually getting out of bed and fall back asleep around 6 not to wake up until 7 or 7:30 :0. Anyway off to do my insanity workout for today and perhaps finish reading my book (have already read about half of the original 80 remaining pages). Hope everyone else is doing well on their goals. Do work !!! And have fun doing it!
  11. Pens fan here. It's been an embarrassing past few days...but anyway if you have trouble with meditation or don't really enjoy it than you can also try journaling? Or just writing in general. Open up a word document, put your fingers on the keyboard and see where it takes you
  12. Don't worry about your posts being wordy. It's good to get it all out and explain to your readers your reasons for your lack of progress or reason for over achieving your goals. I like your goals. Many of mine are also about getting back on track to an older routine. I hope you succeed and are able to find your 20 seconds of courage in your class...if you haven't read that blog on the nerd fitness site it might be worth checking it out. Good luck!!
  13. Anybody else doing insanity this challenge?
  14. No worries I've had the same experience although I have actually woken up and just laid in bed for about 20 min until I fall back asleep. Tomorrow!!! You could set up a trail of alarm clocks that are set to go off every minute and eventually just lead you into the shower haha. A bit extreme I know but whatever works right?
  15. Dang buddy sounds like you got a lot on your plate. My best advice would be to make sure you get to those crossfit classes to burn that stress and get yourself in the state of mind to keep on eating well
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