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  1. Hi El Exorcisto Thanks for the ideas Goals - get strong, build some muscle...look a bit more even (I'm at risk of looking like Mr Tumnus here...massive thighs and skinny little arms) ...chinups/pullups I'm stuggling with, as the pull up bar in the gym is rather high and I am short....perhaps I need a partner to do some assisted pull ups
  2. Hi y'all I have what could be described as a 'leg heavy routine' - I play sport, walk everywhere and go to a bootcamp style class once or twice a week which involves a lot of squatting (body weight and weighted), lunges and more squatting. I've been also doing barbell/goblet squats in the gym once a week, but I think this is too much (it feels too much), so I want to start using my gym visits (which are generally Thursday/Saturday OR Sunday) to concentrate on upper body.....does this sound like a good idea or do I just sound clueless? Which leads me to my next question...what would be
  3. This is stupid question but are ground almonds any cheaper? its the same thing, but I found ground almonds from a discount food store much cheaper than they stuff that is marketed as almond flour
  4. If I go to a new gym for the first time, I try to go at some time during the day when it's super quiet (perhaps the morning if mainly students are exercising ) , and have a look around, try out some new machines and so forth.Don't worry about looking like a knob though - i would say about 75% you see have no clue what they are doing? I like Kettlebells in the gym, as I don't always feel confident performing heavy lifts without a spotter. Look up 'kettle bell workouts' on Youtube. Or what about a class like circuits? I am assuming you're British? if you are, get signed to parkrun as well -
  5. LeafyWhites: Perhaps take the free trial session and report back? I feel your pain on the gym placement front though - I sometimes go to a hotel gym near me and to get there I pass 1) a Krispy Kreme 2) a muffin place 3) a Millie's Cookie's 4) a Burrito place. One day this will not tempt me...one day
  6. I've had a couple of meals out this weekend, and while personally I haven't been 100% good this weekend (Pinot Grigio and a latte anyone..), its got me thinking that actually it's quite easy to make good choices when eating out. This weekend I had Meal out number 1 http://www.vivabrazilrestaurants.com/ Viva Brasil is a brazilian type BBQ place and is great..their salad bar does sweet potato, cold meats and lots of nice salad. The meat they do is actually amazing. Although since its all you can eat, even though its paleo friendly there is so much scope to overeat :: meat sweats :: Me
  7. Wasn't there a worldwide shortage of Sriracha? it's amazing though...I could probably swig it out of the bottle x
  8. Yes Frank's hot sauce! it's not widely available here, but I get from Costco in like 1l bottles.....the salt content of it concerns me though? is it too much bad for you? I probably would use light mayo in lieu of Frank's. So far I've managed to stay away from the sweet chilli and the BBQ sauce
  9. +1 to most of the posts here, especially with regards to Weightwatchers. I know someone who last lost a lot of weight on it, but its mainly via sensible meals and some of those shitty snacks (the brownies are actually quite nice...but you may as well have an equivalent sized chocolate bar..)...when I lived at home I did it with my mother, but most days looked like this: Breakfast - Cereal Lunch - Sandwich with cheese triangles and ham Tea - Chicken stir fry with rice Snacks - Weightwatchers Brownies I mean...its hardly optimal eating is it? but I do think it's a decent diet. I lost 1.5 s
  10. I'm quite lucky here, Crossfit is around £55 per month, which is about the same as a gym membership in a high end type facility (pool/tennis courts/rich ladies walking on the Treadmill etc)...there has been a big rise in the 'budget gym' concept here so you can bag memberships for £20 a month...pretty good really.. I find sometimes it can be hard to improve in crossfit as there is so much stuff to master...like, I've just about mastered a power clean, but then there a snatches, c&j, handstand push up, ring dip, muscle ups, etc etc ...sometimes its nice just to go to the gym and SQUAT
  11. Where do you live? just curious.... I am big fan of any group training, and to me Crossfit falls into this category - but for example I have friends who would rather train on their own, in which case don't do Crossfit, as the group dynamic is a big part of it. The only way to know is go along and see if you enjoy it,I wouldn't worry too much about the credentials of the trainers - but I would look at how the workouts are programmed. For example, the box I go to, they generally have a strength excercise (5x5 backsquats), then a WOD that is never longer than 30 minutes. I think this is good.
  12. Thanks all, very helpful! My initial goal has been to clean up my diet and just exercise for fun- but I enjoy exercise so much more when I have a goal....although at the moment my goal is...to get a goal - so a frequency type goal is a good place to start jfreaksho a 405llbs squat is a commendable goal...I'd be happy to squat 80kg (176) - so maybe there's a goal right there... Lots of food for thought guys, love it ps I just realised how often I've used the word goal...goal goal goal
  13. Simple question really...... I am bit of a jack of all trades, I run a bit, walk a lot, throw some weights around, play netball, and sometimes do bootcamp/crossfit - the difficulty with this means, although i never bored I never get good at anything! So how do you set your goals...I know all about SMART objectives (I work in HR ), but as for thinking of a goal....no chance......
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