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  1. Hey everybody, sorry I didn't check in, this week has been crazy. It was my daughter's sixth birthday so I had the house full of girls over the weekend and work basically hit me like a truck as soon as I came back. Just coming up for air again. What was I thinking? I haven't had a minute to myself in those last couple of weeks. Never mind though. I've stayed off the alcohol (well done me) and, day before yesterday, I managed to sneak off to my new Pilates course which is just around the corner. I kind of underestimated the HURT this would cause so haven't been able to move much over the last c
  2. Woah, only coming up for air today! Those last three days were crazy. I didn't have a minute to myself much less for exercise Will do a tempo run tomorrow and the long run on Sunday. Possibly try to fit in some squats today. I didn't even have time to prepare lunch for myself today so ended up eating bread things. This is a bit sh*t because now I'm still hungry although my calories are just about used up. :/ Never mind. Chuffed that I kept to my caloric limit those last couple of days (well, almost). Plus, still no alcohol, that is one dry week for me now.
  3. Just checking in quickly, so tired - Under the calorie limit yes, under carb limit no, did the yoga, didn't do the strength training, didn't have a drink. Tomorrow there is an afternoon meeting I have to attend (bummer) and I don't know if I'm going to be able to fit my 2miler in. That said, it's two miles! That's 25 mins so there. Quite pleased with my performance so far. But still a) I should be reaping some benefits soon and I need to improve my planning A LOT. Had some lovely tuna and swet potato fish cakes for lunch today but unfortunately their fishy smell almost brought the train dow
  4. Phoenix, if you search Utube with "Ekhart yoga bedtime yoga" there it is, it's 14:09mins long and you can do it IN bed. Sorry I cannot seem to cut and paste anything here, it's probably my Java script that's broken or something. I love this yoga thing. I put my PJs on and do the sequence and sometimes I get up again to potter about some more but it kind of rings in night time for me now. Today I woke up at 4am again and couldn't go back to sleep but it wasn't too bad. I did the mindfulness thing and kept fading in and out of sleep which was really relaxing and not awkward at all. I read some
  5. Did the bedtime yoga sequence again yesterday and I slept like a baby. (I'm going to post the link at one point but I can't paste anything in here, have to figure that one out.) This is such an improvement in my life ... for years now I have had trouble sleeping, especially with waking up or being woken up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep again. So yesterday night, I did wake up in the middle of the night but managed to go right back to sleep by doing the mindfulness thing she does in the video - give yourself permission to let go, etc. And it worked. Ta-daa!
  6. Hi Phoenix, so nice to see you again! xx Hope you're alright! Are you doing the upcoming challenge? Which guild?
  7. Portuguese? You don't say?! So nice to see not much has changed (except you all have been getting fitter, and me, slacking off) hereabouts and in Handstandistan. Happy to be back.
  8. Love the photos! Have you considered yoga for your neck/back pain? Good work on the diet & workouts.
  9. Incidentally this is day 7 of my new weight loss journey so I'm checking in: Weight: 76kgs (down .5kgs) Waist: 71cm (down 4.5cms) average calories/day: 1652 average net calories/ day: 1316 Paleo uh? Scale's not moving but losing inches like crazy. I guess it's a good sign although I don't quite see myself continuing at this rate ... I'd be wasp woman before summer. So according to my plan I have earned my first reward (I promised myself a smallish reward for each successful week of dieting). Will check my list to see what it will be.
  10. Yesterday was ok, I stayed under my caloric limit though not the carb one (lentils). Never mind. I didn't have a drink but tried out a bedtime yoga sequence which was brilliant. I read a few interesting things recently about drinking which got me thinking. It was something about how society encourages drinking at the end of the day to relax when really it does nothing for relaxation and doesn't teach you how to deal with exhaustion, stress, discouragement, guilt, fear etc. It is kind of weird when you think about it. I mean, I can see the upside of the whole positive thinking / motivationa
  11. Checking in: Happy New Year everyone! Yesterday was ok - not too much booze but enough to be looking forward to my dry January ... I made some bread rolls this morning as we'd run out of bread and then I had two myself: bummer. Must admit they turned out nicely though and the family was pleased. Other than that, it's going well. Lovely lazy day in bed, nursing a hangover and watching ski jumping on the telly while leafing through mountaineering travel catalogues ... I'd book all of those tours if I had the money. Lunch was veggie stir fry and tea was a bowl of lentil soup. I took the
  12. Thanks Jen! Yes I'll be looking to increase my activity ... haven't signed up for any summer races yet but there are many to chose from.
  13. So to help me with my challenge, I am going to continue my running. I'm signed up for a half in March, and I might try for another nice race in autumn. I am doing a dry January (possibly dry February too), so I'm changing my bedtime routine from crashing-on-the-sofa-with-a-glass-of-red-after-putting-the-kids-to-bed to a bedtime yoga sequence. Let me write this down: 6:30 pm tea 7:00 pm PJ time & teeth brushing for kids next day preparathon for me (lunchboxes, bag, clothes) 7:30 pm story time for kids 7:55 pm kids asleep 8:00 pm news on telly 8:15 pm PJ time for me &
  14. So I just had the best epiphany ever while doing the washing up: why not take it easy this year? So many times I have struggled to lose weight and get fit, taken on too much too soon, suffered injury or just failed for lack of willpower, you know the story... So this year, why not take it slow? So my challenge for this year is: lose 1 kilo a month (half a pound a week) This will add up to 12kgs a year (yay! Maths!) . I'm 76kgs now, so hopefully by the end of the year I will weigh 64kgs and I can spend the whole of 2016 losing the remaining 2kgs if I feel I need to (My ideal weight - dream
  15. Oh thank god for the respawn point! I'ts been a year ... or more ... I was even scared to log back in again. But well, it cannot be helped, and I am going to need you guys if I am ever going to get my *!$%t together aren't I? So yes, here I am, most literally back where I started and only slightly worse. Last August, I moved back to Germany from the UK with my family, I changed careers (new job - yay!) and only now do I have enough time to get my head above the water (barely). I have gained 3 kgs in the process ... which puts me at 76kgs now, definitely overweight now and no longer in the O
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