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  1. Hey, I know that mountain ! I've taken to sitting down in front of the telly with a laundry basket and folding away. Makes it a bit more bearable. Then, I'm calling my husband to put it all into the respective wardrobes. Works lost better than when I was trying to do it on my own.
  2. Ooooh it's really hard when somebody offers you sth especially for you ! It was easy enough around here when my husband was on paleo but now he's cooking and buying all those delicious things ... that keep calling me from the pantry... So don't beat ys up for it really. It's hard ! Just keep your own house clean of that devilish licorice ...
  3. I must be enjoying it really ! It's mostly the people really. If I don't show up for running club, they'll harrass me on FB ... and I actually enjoy their company a lot. Lovely bunch. Plus, doing all those races, I get to see the countryside a lot instead of prancing away on my own in the living room. There's something to these muddy Somerset hills and the whole set-up, the ridiculously low fees, the driving there there together, the banter, the stunning views, the pain and then, the ale in the pub afterwards, kind of appeals to me. Though intellectually, I suspect that focusing on something like BW or strength training would be better for me, healthwise. Running itself, eh, I have that image in my head of myself striding along hill crests like a gazelle. Or something. This of course is something that will never happen (as I look NOTHING like a gazelle, starting with the hooves ...) but still it's kind of part of my "I want to be an overall reasonably fit person" epic-ish scheme. Actually, being able do a 10 K in something like 55 mins would be ok with me, and I have a long way to go to get there ... at least half a year if I keep training regularly. Other than that, the list encompasses a muscle-up, a free-standing handstand, a reasonable (?) number of push-ups (50?) and pull-ups (10?), a front and back handspring, a front and back flip. So you see, I won't get bored easily over the next few years.
  4. This is very much what I wanted to say, thanks for writing it up so eloquently ! Hope you find a good way soon, Rymms !
  5. I'm really, really struggling to teach my son. It's the only gymnastic move I can actually still do (in a rubbish un-elegant kind of way) , but I find it's hard to teach.
  6. I've found it helps my immune system if I take LOTS. BTW I have the rubbishest immune system on Earth. I see a bug, I catch it. I caught all the bugs off my kids - things that adults are never supposed to catch - whooping couch, parovirus, scarlet fever, foot-and-mouth, yeast infections, systemic fungal infections, anything - you name it, I got it. My doc suspected diabetes but my blood sugar's ok. Thyroid's seemingly ok too, thankfully, no HIV or cancer anything bad. It's just been like that since early age. Immunisation jabs don't work on me either. And basically, whenever I rev up my cardio training, I get sick instantly. Makes you wonder why I do it, really ! Sorry, rant over ! Just had to tell someone !
  7. Thanks ! Today was a lot worse first - woke up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat with nightmares - and then a lot better (nice productive day at work). No paper work today, will have to catch up tomorrow. Deadline is approaching fast, but I think I got it covered. I'm almost there. Need another good three hours all in all. I wonder what that whole horrible anxiety/nightmare thing was. I seem to remember I react extremely badly to gluten and carbs once I've been off them for a couple of days. As in, mentally ... without wanting to sound like too much of a weirdo. Might have been that. One day, I need to get my diet sorted. Mental notes: A I can't go on running without having carbs after, that makes me ill almost instantly. Solution: Got myself some oranges and will mix them up with chia seeds after my long runs. After any runs really. That should fix it. Also remmeber taking lots and lots of zinc and all. B Can't change back and forth between paleo and carb feasting, this really messes with my mood, sleep, and psyche. No viable solution yet.
  8. My thoughts exactly. Mind you they are all cutting and cleaning in the same challenge. Incredible feat. Cannot seem to manage either myself !
  9. Cool, will you be on the website / flyer ? Aerial yoga sounds kind of scary. Same as the rolling pin, really ...
  10. Yay for camping ! And twice yay camping and running ! I've been checking out target area for nice easy cheap 10K runs (we're going in 10 days). Turns out there is one ! See if I can lure my family down there, pretend we're checking out Land's End, or something. Before they know it they'll be all signed up for the fun run, muaahhahhahhaha. Did I say we got coin showers at the site (looks smug) ?
  11. Bet it was the carb flu ! Well done you for being so disciplined !
  12. Ok morning. Managed to persuade myself to do some work on the paper - 20 minutes this time. Still better than nothing ... I'm hanging in there. Pushups: did 3 -4 -2 -3- 5 following this routine http://www.hundredpushups.com/week1.html#sthash.FomfUmBF.dpbs which promises to magically increase my pushups from max 4 to max 50 in 6 weeks. Sorry but I forgot who posted this in the first place, thanks for that ! We'll see how it goes ! 20 would be good I think.
  13. Thanks 18ck ! Mr Nanako also had the rubbishest day so we concluded it wasn't us, it was 'them'. Rest feels good and there was a bit of rose left over in that bottle. Managed to stay under 1800 kcals today too in the face of adversity.
  14. This always makes me feel like a failure. There's nothing I want this badly, apart from protecting my children. Other than that, it's just a big fat blank ...
  15. Sounds like the best evening ever, eh ? Mmmmh steak ...
  16. So I had a rubbish day feeling shaky and wired, half-sick and mentally unstable. Haven't felt that bad in .. months ? Not happy. Shucks ! Decided to reduce running - maybe I've upped my miles to quickly ? I have a race on Friday, so I'll take it easy, bit of yoga and some BW until then.
  17. Summer holidays are getting the better of me ! Managed to get up at 7 though with everyone else sleeping and put 10 minutes of work in. Better than nothing. Will place my laptop on the table in my room tonight to make it even easier. Tonight is running club again, hope somebody will do a speedwork class. Oh and I heard back from the gig rowers, can start my free trials from Spetember !
  18. Hey, I know that feeling ! Both the itch and the coldness. Nice to have it explained for once.
  19. Today I started the challenge off with a holiday - no seriously, I took a day off because I was feeling a bit rubbish-y and had had too little time over the weekend. Turned out that was a good idea, because I ended up sleeping for a couple of hours in the afternoon, waking up with a bit of a temperature and the feeling of having escaped a cold. So no work or paper-writing today. I did push ups (5-3-3-2-2-5), chin-ups (4-3-3-2-2-1-1), and I did a 1inch pull-up ! Yay ! As in, I jumped up, held the 90 degrees and managed to pull me up by 1inch from there. 8 weeks ago I couldn't even hold the negative ! And now it's not going to be long. If it's anything like the chin-up, it's only going to take another week or two.
  20. Ooooh I love that picture ! It makes me wanna run to a gym and do something like that straightaway (I won't because I'd dislocate all my shoulders and other joints) ! I've always been a firm believer in ballett for good form. Your goals sound complex but it seems you've got it figured out quite well in your head. Best of luck !
  21. Hah ! Yay for sculling ! Did I say I went gig rowing (for about 15 minutes ?) ? Lovely day wasn't it. Thunderstorms here came in only later in the afternoon.
  22. What kind of workouts do you do ? There's two kinds of workout that I know can have this effect - running (cardio) and (bad) yoga. This is only from personal experience, but low-intensity cardio sometimes has this effect. Maybe something hormonal - the cortisol ? I honestly don't know, I just know it makes me angry and sad, so I stay away from it when I can. Bodyweight exercises (I presume weight lifting would be sthe same) on the contrary, have a lastingly positive effect on my mood. Second thing, yoga without a teacher might release some things that aren't good for you. Some poses you shouldn't do when you're having severe depression, for example. I remember bawling every time after I did the plough pose until some guy who's done yoga for twenty years told me about it. Just try it out for a bit, it might just work for you.
  23. Seriously ? Find something you enjoy. As in really, really enjoy. Find something you want to be doing all the time, everyday. Sure, some people get off on challenges, or competing, comparing themselves with others, or looking at their progress and all of that can be really nice and helpful, but if you're a serious hedonist , you want to find something you really enjoy doing. You only have so much willpower, so you want instant rewards. And you want your active lifestyle taking over. Find peers that will hold you accountable. If I don't turn up for running too many times in a row, people from the club will start making fun of me on FB. Find people to do your races with you, or your climbing course, or your surfing lessons. Think of something you really, really want to do, or wanted to do as a child, and start doing that. If you're really out of shape, start training towards these goals. Who's going to stop you ? And hey, if you have to exercise for the rest of your life, you might as well choose something you enjoy. What you want it that feeling when you're sitting in the office willing it to be 5pm already so you can go out and a have a go at that elusive pull-up, or that race that you know you are going to PB, this time, or that roller hockey game that your club is going to win, or that wave ... you get the picture ?
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