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  1. This. And this. I found it's much less fun to cheat than I imagined. Even now, between challenges, I am only relaxing rules a bit - because eating junk would make me feel so much worse and I don't want to go back there. I find that my cravings have really changed ... when I do eat cake, or bread, or crisps, I'm usually quite disappointed. Doesn't mean I'm immune to their addictive traits though, unfortunately ! If you have ever smoked then you will know the deal - once you've stopped, cigarettes taste rubbish - but once you've had a few the addiction comes back and you're back craving them. So I get treats - the odd ice-cream or pint, or a handful of crisps. You will know when you've relaxed your rules too much because you'll be feeling rubbish again. ;-) Some people, I hear, manage better being 100% strict - and they don't binge when they have a cheat day - good for them. Just try what works best for you.
  2. Don't feed the trolls, Waldo ... especially not those who sign up just to insult other members and promote their own commercial program.
  3. It lasts for about 4 days, a week at most. Try to drink a lot, and take some painkillers if you get headaches. You got this !
  4. PB: I tend to store A LOT of water - up to 2.5 Kilos and I happened to be starting at max. So I know that's not actual weight loss. I found that I don't lose much weight when I just stay below 100gs ... so I think I'll to stay in this range for a bit more - about three months - until I am at my goal weight. I did well for the first two weeks and then ran into trouble when I started running again after being ill ... I got really hungry ... I'll try and think this through over the next week, adjust for the next challenge.
  5. Looks like today is the day when everybody's doing their rating, right ? I think I more or less failed pretty much all of my goals ! Let's recap ... 1) Low carb paleo I did well enough on the paleo and failed at the <50g threshold. Over the four weeks, I ate <50g for only 7 days. Another 6 days, <60g. I was <100 for another 8 days and over 100g for another 7. On the other hand, that's a 87g carb average over the last four weeks which is not totally bad. Also the calories were ok with an average 1865; net calories were around 1640; so I averaged a deficit without going hungry which is very much what I wanted. I lost 4.5 Kilos (most of which was water but I 1.5 definitely weren't) and lost 4cms around the waist. Deficit could be higher next time but there's a start. So I think I'll give myself a C for that. I wasn't diligent enough - by far - but I got some results and that's not all bad. Next challenge, I think I'll go with a threshold of 60g which is more manageable and try to be more diligent. 2) Being nice I'm very proud because this has worked out fine. I have stopped yelling and made an effort to be nice to my husband and kids. This has worked out fine and I was rewarded with much better behaviour from my son especially, and our relationship has improved a lot. I have found that being firm and vocal helps a lot in this. Eg, rather than cooking porridge grumpily and in a rush for breakfast when there is no time, I tell my kids that they cannot have porridge today but something else, and they can have porridge tomorrow. When I oversleep in the morning, I wake up my husband to help me with making breakfast instead of trying to cope on my own and getting desperate. I also persuaded my kids to take the other route to school which is much nicer - there's a zebra crossing over the big road which makes crossing a lot easier with two little kids in tow. They sulked for two days and then they were alright with it. Also going grain-free has apparently helped a lot. I couldn't quite put my finger on it but I have found that either wheat, or yeast, or both, are very bad for my mood. I find I am much more relaxed, have less anxiety, and am generally much more fun to be around. That has helped a lot. So overall I am giving myself a B+ on this. Had my husband not hurt his shoulder last week I might have even achieved an A-, but his injury and subsequent immobility has made life a lot harder for me. 3) Spend less time online This was more or less a complete fail ... I did make an effort but it didn't really lead anywhere. That's a D and a bit more thinking to do here. * Extra points: painted the garden gate (the right way with proper sanding, de-rusting, and two coats of paint with more sanding in between !), called the accountant, contacted an old friend which was long overdue, and sorted out some tax stuff for my husband. EDIT: I forgot fitness ! Fitness: I didn't really have a fitness goal but I did ok here. I ran 2 10K races with times that were acceptable for me, and a 7 miler (that was just a recce but still), I survived an intervals session with Chris, I started doing playground bar workouts and today I found out that I can now actually do half a pull-up and 4 sets of five 'actual' pushups (nose to the floor ones). Plus, I stayed healthy which was good after being ill on and off for three months. Made me think a lot about health and nutrition too. Maybe I just cannot eat as unhealthily as other people do and still not get sick. My immune system has always been rubbish ... maybe I can improve it through nutrition ? Love this ! Already planning the next challenge. You guys are great !
  6. I found this article rather interesting: http://www.nomeatathlete.com/paleo-vegetarian-8-weeks/
  7. Drinking, eh ? Might be worth checking. Thanks !
  8. I've had enough of long runs ! I'm giving them up entirely. My legs hurt and everytime I do one I end up eating as much as I burn ! And I can't even say I really enjoy it, I am just ravenously hungry and I can't stop eating ! It was ok yesterday because I ate clean and then had a nice half pint and some chocolate when the football was on. Can't say much against that really. But still, it's not what I want ... I want a deficit and I want to lose weight ... So next challenge, I'm switching to speed training and hills and I'll only do a long run if I absolutely have to, like when I'm racing ... But wait, that was what I did over the last two weeks and it didn't work out. Aaaargh !!!! Think again ... ah well, I love doing long runs because they take me places, like yesterday .. How can I stop myself from eating so much ... ? It's hard to not eat when you're hungry ... I hate it when things are hard !!
  9. Hammi, I was thinking about you a lot yesterday when I had a conversation with a girl from Chippenham Running club about "post-marathon depression" ! She said she had it really bad although she's normally not prone to depression. But she was really struggling. Limited range of emotions, no ability to experience joy, no desire to work out at all ... she said it took her about 3 months to tackle it. Strange isn't it ? I wouldn't know because I've never done a marathon but as I said I had to think about you a lot. Apparently it's not unusual. Her mate said he didn't get depressed but he'd had enough since the training had stripped all of the fun from his workouts. So he stopped running for a year after the marathon. A year !
  10. Yeah, good luck with the race ! You got this !
  11. I sometimes wonder if the people who post these pictures with chairs do actually try the exercises on them - I nearly killed myself once trying to do inverted rows from under a table ! But thanks for posting the progressions ... I can't seem to do a single dip on the the double bars (playground) but maybe I can work my way up there.
  12. Get some Chia seeds and eat a teaspoon soaked in water when you feel a cold coming on ... works a treat for me. They have super high levels of zinc and some crazy stuff in them that chases colds away.
  13. Hi all, I'm back from the recce ! It was one of the loveliest mornings ever ! The start of the leg is really grim with a 100m incline on the first 500meters ... my legs still hurt from that. Then we ran through the woods and it was just amazingly beautiful, with wild garlic and bluebells blossoming everywhere. We saw ewes with their lambs later; the weather was so nice that you could see over to Wales and the Severn Bridge. Just amazing. We even met some horses later. After the run we went to a nice country pub with a beer garden and I had half a pint of bitter and a steak and onion sandwich (without the bread). What more can you ask for, really ! Best day ever ! The guy I was running with, Jim, is doing this crazy charity thing. He and his mate and his dog are running a 10k (or more) every day of this year. I was curious how they would be getting on because its' just a massive thing, no rest for a whole year and what if you get injured, or ill ... But they seem to be doing fine - they managed to get almost half done after all and they haven't missed a single day ! So today I sponsored their run. Have a look at their FB page and see how they are doing over the rest of the year. You can also sponsor the dog. https://www.facebook.com/10kX365 Or Twitter if you don't fancy FB: https://twitter.com/10Kx365
  14. Oh I have one more ! I just did some maths - a 500cal deficit will lose you about one pound per week, which is roughly what you will need to lose (and it's a healthy sustainable rate to boot). So it's probably best to start now and not look back. For me, cutting carbs (under 80g/day, better:under50g/day) has made all the difference and has made weight loss really easy. At the same time you want to eat a good amount of fat (while at the same time tracking your caloric intake!!!) to satiate you. Eating low-carb, low-fat will make you miserable, so you may want to keep that in mind. Other questions about weight loss, post in the weight loss forum and ask for Waldo who knows ALL the things - he's the definite source of weight loss knowledge. If he says anything different, do what he says. He might not know that much about breastfeeding though, but I can assure you that cutting grains, sugars and processed foods will not affect your milk supply. Just don't start any fad diets right now, and don't drink sage infusions.
  15. Hi have.at.it, welcome to NF ! Matter of fact, I do have some experience eatish paleo-ish while breastfeeding ... I didn't call it paleo at the time but it was basically radically reduced grains, no processed food, no sugars, no fruit and lots of meaty protein. So I guess it was pretty close. It worked out great; I never lost weight as fast, I felt good, and my milk supply was fine. There's a lot of talk going on about how you shouldn't diet when breastfeeding, but actually, that is just what your body is designed to do. It makes sense to store a lot of fat during pregnancy because you will be needing it later. If you breastfeed exclusively you will probably have a natural 500kcal deficit per day. If you diligently track your calories and keep them at 2000 max, you should be losing weight rapidly. One thing about breastfeeding is that it can give you massive carb cravings. All my friends who complained that they weren't losing any weight while breastfeeding were actually eating chocolates by the bucket, especially at night. (Nothing wrong with that - it's is a great way to live and I fully endorse it, unless you have to lose weight. ) But since you have a strong incentive; my personal advice would be to make it easy for yourself by reducing your sugar cravings. Switching to paleo is great; if I were you I would also avoid fruit and watch my sweet potato intake for a few months. Be careful to substitute fruit with LOTS of green leafy veg for the vitamins. Eating less sugar will reduce your sugar cravings and your hunger in general - it will take about 3 days to a week getting used to but after that it's easy as pie. (Pie ! Mmmmh !) Paleo will also make it MUCH easier for you to keep your calories down. Secondly, cut out low intensity cardio. Lift instead. If you seriously love running and feel you can't give it up, switch to sprints, speed training, or hills exclusively for the next 5 months. This will also reduce your after workout hunger attacks. If you feel you need the long runs to get away from your family for a certain time (everybody has that ), sprint for half an hour and do push-ups in the park after for half an hour. Or just sit in the park for half an hour listening to bird songs. After sprinting, that is ! Third thing, track your calories diligently. Weight loss is 90% diet, there is no way around it, though many have tried and failed (I have, many times). So keeping your cals around 2000 is good if that means you are in the 1850-1950 range, but bad if you're in the 2100-2300 range more often than not. That way you just won't lose and it will only be incredibly frustrating. Stress has a bad impact on your milk supply, even more so than diet. So, that was my 2 cents - sorry that answer is kind of long-ish ! Good luck, you can do it !
  16. Awesome ! You inspired me to go back to minimal running ...
  17. Great job on the grains ! As for triceps training I can really recommend inverted rows (at the playground ). They target the back, shoulders and, biceps and triceps and work much better for me than normal push-ups (which I am no good at). Have a lovely weekend yourself !
  18. DId I tell you guys I signed up for another race ? I'm all excited ... it's a relay race, this one, it's end of June: http://www.cotswoldwayrelay.co.uk/ It's a run along the Cotswold Way http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cotswold_Way which is a 100 mile footpath here in SW Engand ... nice scenery, stunning views I am told ... So every team member runs about 12-15kms with more or less hills. I signed up for the easiest stage. Good thing is, there is a cutoff time for each stage so even when you're slow, your team will be better off than without a runner for that stage. Perfect for me ! So I don't have to feel too bad if I lag behind. (Of course I'll try to do better than the cutoff !) Going for a recce tomorrow with two other runners from other teams who are doing the same stage. Fraternizing with the enemy ! I love those silly small country races. If I manage to get into shape in time I'll try some proper fell running while I'm here in the UK.
  19. I can see you are all playground pros ...
  20. Yesterday was upper body day playground day - the weather was so lovely that we went to the park after swimming and I hit the chin-up bars - I can't do a chin up but I did some inverted rows (4x10) and incline pushups (5x8) against a bench. I did feel a bit self concious - a chubby mum with all the kids jumping around - but decided to go through with it anyway. I am really sore today so it was definitely worth it. Might do this more often.
  21. If right now you have 4 days of light bleeding; I'm afraid the cons will outweigh the benefits by large ... Mirena IUD has a bad name in Europe as it's been linked with depression, anxiety, and weight gain ... NuvaRing, Depo, implants are linked with depression and weight gain - massive weight gain for implants ... hysterectomy, even partial, is linked with increased risk of ectopic pregnancies which can easily kill you and - wait for it - right - weight gain. All of these do apparently work for some people but for each of these, I've personally heard a story that put me off completely. I'd say if you feel very strongly about this, try what works for you if you can afford it - everything except the implant, it is actually possible to "lose" these when they wander in your body, making you irrevocably fat and infertile for a long time.
  22. Funny that you mention it, I remember tonight's dream - I dreamed I was putting on my Merrels for running later and then I realized it was snowing outside, so I had to change shoes. Waking up, I was quite intrigued that I should have dreams that are so realistic and detailed yet incredibly boring at the same time. No wonder I slept through it.
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