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  1. Aaaah I can't believe I missed this lovely flowerpot the first time around ! And the "germinate" pun ! Definitely our next arts project. DS is passionate about the Doctor.
  2. Minor personal w00t today: I survived a session with Chris at the running club today ! Of course you don't know Chris but I do ... and he is one of the meanest and fastest group leaders in the club ... (he's a really nice person though). Anyway he was doing a 'slow' intervals session today and people > 9 min/mile could join in so I did. And I didn't even have to throw up ! Only just ! Plus I managed to complete sth difficult at work. Low carb paleo is definitely the way for me, I'm so much happier, I sleep 8 hours like a rock and work better. I even took a little walk today at lunchtime. Something I have been wanting to do for months. All good !
  3. Hehe yeah sometimes I think I have three children, not two ...
  4. I-Jo, that's basically what I mean by making it hard for yourself. If you cut processed sugars and keep eating loads of fruit, you'll still be craving sugars .. I think ... I found it much easier to slowly but steadily cut back on all sugars. Personally - again ! - I find I have little to no discipline so I tend to try and make things fun, or easy, for me. Eating no sugars - after I reduced and reduced over a long period of time - works better for me than eating some. I find it terribly hard to get back on track after 'flex days' and much easier to just keep on doing what I'm doing. The only time now that I crave sugars (or beer, or fruit) now is when I intellectually think that I 'deserve' some. My body only craves sugars the day before I get a cold; and after long runs. Bu there's also a lot of psychology involved and I find I get upset easily if I tell myself that "I cannot have x". This doesn't happen when I tell myself that "I don't do/eat x". This will be different for different people. But your magic ice cream also sounds intriguing ... maybe I should have some of it.
  5. I think it does depend a lot on what your diet was like before the change. If you usually eat a lot of junk and sugar, try to reduce first. Eg, first stop drinking soda and replace with water, for a couple of weeks maybe or even a month, until this is your new normal. Then tackle chocolate, after that, junk food. If you slip, just remember to just go back on the track right away after you've slipped - at the very next meal. Personally I believe the whole "strict days - off days" schedule is a) very hard to stick with and ( easily leads to some unhealthy eating habits like bingeing and ED like behaviour. And from my experience, it enhances you cravings. I have been eating fairly clean (no junk / occasional cakes or chocolates) for years, then changed to <150g of carbohydrates a day for three months at the beginning of the year. I had headaches for a couple of days. Now I eat <50g of carbs a day (with the occasional slip) and the change couldn't have been easier. Once you stop eating so much sugar, your cravings just go. Don't make it so hard for yourself. You are much more likely to stick with small changes over a long period of time. Some little bumps in the road, like a couple of days w headaches, simply cannot be avoided. But other than that, it shouldnt' really be that hard.
  6. Incredible, still cannot do even one.
  7. Which explains why you are so fit, with your identical sextuplets !
  8. Wait wait, I recognize that line of argument ... He is actually. I 'had to spend' an hour in the park after work today, playing football with my son, that's something I wouldn't necessarily have done had he been available. Great fun by the way.
  9. Back to normal after another couple of days with higher carbs. I must admit that third week didn't go too well ! Still, my weight is at 70.5kg and I've lost another centimeter - down to 74cm now. Let's see if I can still rock the under 70 goal !
  10. Yeah, sometimes it's a bit redundant ... but I really love the twists and turns in the story and how he lets you pick your favorite characters and 'follow' them.
  11. Good job if you can still swear - I only make embarrassing old people's noises.
  12. That's a nice enough time for a 5K ! Good job !
  13. So true. Don't beat yourself up for it though. Sometimes we are just kind of hanging on by the skin of our teeth and just don't realize that making that extra effort - eat right, make time tking to exercise - will actually make things easier for us. Which it actually does ... but sometimes that's just really hard to see and it's also really hard to leave that autopilot mode and make the changes you need to make.
  14. I love rhubarb too ! I remember eating it raw with lots of sugar as a child ... do people still do that ?
  15. Aaaargh havoc ! My husband fell down with his bike (pub night out with the other dads !) and sprained his shoulder and his other hand/wrist. Shoulder injuries hurt really badly and knowing male behaviour and pain thresholds this means he cannot do ANYTHING now. Argh !This household is built for a 50:50 workload balance ! *cries tear of exhaustion* Everybody does their share ... until now ... now I have to do ALL the things and I have to do everything for him too. Every single little thing ! He can't even open a water bottle ... I do love him, but I just wish he was a little bit more careful. Seems we just cannot let the dads go out on their own again. . Last time one of them fell on his way home and broke his glasses.
  16. Totally agree, it's really helpful ...
  17. Funny innit ? Have thought about giving up root vegetables completely in favour of red wine.
  18. I'll stop talking about it before you make it into a goal for the next 6 weeks.
  19. Hi and welcome to the scouts ! Your challenge sounds nice ! Have you been running for long ? If not I'd say take it easy and start with twice a week ... ? It's easy to get injured when you're just starting off and unfortunately, with running - as opposed to, say, tightrope walking - you can actually do too much too soon. If I were you I'd just try and gently ease into it. But then I am old and weak and wary because I tend to overdo stuff in the beginning. Need not apply to you ... What was I saying ? Oh yes, welcome, make yourself at home.
  20. I just realized I kind of misread your earlier postings and assumed your running partner was also you actual partner - !? So really you are getting up THAT early in the morning for a person you are merely friends with ? That is truly awesome. I would just die. Or get hit by an animal or something. ;-) PS Oh I'm reading GoT as well currently ! Makes a good read, doesn't it ?
  21. Why on earth would you want to cook celery ? Preparing for the zombie apocalypse, are we ? There's only two things you need celery for, one is soup and one is soffritto (pasta sauce base). Everything else is completely futile.
  22. Thanks for the encouragement guys ! Last couple of days I had a horrible, horrible relapse which started innocently enough with two slices of toast with peanut butter. I didn't end up bingeing or anything, I just ate a few slices of bread and almost immediately got into a really bad mood ... and everything went pear-shaped from there. My mood got worse and worse, my anxiety went up and my sleep got so much worse and I was just being a meanie overall. I was just all over incredulous and flummoxed at how something as ridiculously innocent and kind-of healthy as bread could influence my mood and behaviour so much. I felt very much like a crazy person off the internet. Erm, anyway, I'm not going to bore you guys with this any longer. I'm back on track; I think I'll just keep on doing what I'm doing for now and then later on invest a couple of weeks and do some kind of randomized study to see which carbs I can safely add back to my diet. Just remind me not to 'reward' myself with PB sandwiches next time. Today was good.
  23. Thank you guys, really appreciate it !
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