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  1. Not 100% convinced that this adds to it. But if they liked it ...
  2. Oh, oh, it's first week wrap up time already! How did I do? I didn't manage to stay under 50g carbs - I averaged 125g. I did a lot better on the calorie goal, since I averaged at 1705 - that's 145Kcal lower than my goal average. So well done on that one. I didn't lose a lot of weight - I'm at 74kgs now when I started out at 75kgs. I think I've lost inches though - I can fit two fists into my jeans waistband now when it was really tight before I started. Will check tomorrow. At this point I'm struggling to reduce the carbs more. I'm not really eating a lot but I'm having two lattes a day and some fruit, and a slice of bread every now and again. Not quite so sure how to proceed. I feel like I could easily reduce calories a bit more - thermodynamics tell you that I should be losing weight like that. However, experience tells me that reducing carbs will do the trick, even if I don't reduce calories - so should I trust my logic or my experience?
  3. Distance eh? If it's distance then I'm going to aim for 4K "fast" this week - "fast" at this stage for me is a 9 min/mile pace. That's another lap in the park - last week I did 3K. I'm going to have to up my game a bit but I could do 5K at 9.15 beginning of October (although that was on the flat), so I should be able to do it really. See how I get on. (Next semi-epic goal is 5K at 8'40'' pace, on the flat).
  4. Oh, I love, love, love the young person's guide to the orchestra! It's such a great piece. Sounds like a fun day, the trickathlon especially and the pool-sized dessert.
  5. Oh, I hope you feel better soon ... Just reminds me, from what I heard it's better not to mix ibuprofen and sports drinks in a long run, this can be dangerous ... http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2013/aug/30/brighton-marathon-runner-reaction-supplements
  6. It turned out really well, thanks! Crispy skin and very nice taste, yumm. It was a local organic chicken - one the farmers knew - so it was huuuuuugely expensive - £10 - but since I got 3 meals out of it, it was probably ok. At least for the chicken it was.
  7. Use a tape measure - that will make you so much happier.
  8. Naah sorry - it's not actually that great. Plus I don't have a fancy phone so there would be actual work involved in taking and uploading the photo.
  9. Amazing awesomeness going on here today. This was very much a DO IT NOW day. Apart from the workout, I managed to make a chicken roast with all the trimmingsmake chicken stock from the leftovers (for making chicken stew (for making chicken pie))clean up the garden (that has been on my to-do list since July)clean the kitchenmake a maths hat for my son's maths week next weekchange the sheets on all the beds (the taking off and washing part)get the uniforms ready for tomorrowwash and fold all the washing for next week Now all that's left on my to-do list is bathing the kids and it's only five. So I'll spend the rest of the day cleaning some more and making the chicken stew (then all I've got to do tomorrow is slap some pastry on an that's it) and being quite pleased with myself. Later it's a nice glass of wine and watching crazy Carrie Mathison mess up the CIA.
  10. I started push ups again today! I did 5-4-3 half push ups - on a football - with a football underneath my tum, that is, so I don't have to go all the way down (which is fine) and up again (which breaks my back). Back was perfectly fine so I guess that is just the right level of progressions for me right now. No reason why I shouldn't be able to do the 100- push up-programme with half push ups, right? So .... I'm in!
  11. After running I did a few sun salutations, 5-4-3 push ups on a football and - wait for it - my first headstand in 30 years! Mr Nanako had to help me push up my legs because I was terrified I'd break my neck and back, and fall over. But once I was stood there, I could hold it for about 30 seconds or so. Quite chuffed. Will practise in the kids room from tomorrow because there's a wall there.
  12. Ha! I went for a run today -- 3K "fast". It's been aaaaaaaaaiiiiiiges since Iast ran and I got a new badge at smashrun for coming back after more than 30 days. Not too flattering, but hey! Yay for badges. I didn't run around the block like before but down to the park, one lap, and back up again. The "up" and "down" parts tell you that it's not the ideal "fast" route. So my overall average was only 9.53 min/mile when I'd made a reasonably good job running 9.30 on the flat. But I live in a very hilly city and just running around the block was so mindnumbingly boring I just couldn't take it. I still can't believe people actually enjoy running on treadmills. However that brings to mind the sister of a friend who bought herself a stationary bike "so that she wouldn't be as bored when watching TV". She probably was just playing down her fitness aspirations but I don't think the hilariousness of that quote occurred to her.
  13. Best of luck! 10 miles is just about doable if you don't usually do long runs ... but it's probably going to hurt! If you've done 4 miles, you can probably do 6 easily.
  14. I have the same problems when I don't cycle to work for some reason ... even though it's just a couple and odd miles so you wouldn't think it makes a difference. But it does ... it just takes so much longer to wake up.
  15. This is how I always eat. Except, well, beans aren't paleo.
  16. Oh yes and I should say I haven't had any tantrums or rages since I went off grains again.
  17. Paleo is just one weird diet. A few days ago I just stopped being hungry. Incidentally I was just talking to PB about how I am hungry all the time, and the next day I was not. Not one bit. I kept thinking I had forgotten to track something, but I hadn't. I eat around 1700 kcals a day, if at all, but I'm not hungry. (Ok I pig out once a week on bread, but that's the plan). I'm losing inches (well, half-inches rather) but not any more weight right now it seems ... Why was I eating so many more calories all the time and still hungry? I'll start training again tomorrow, maybe that will change everything again ... But at this point I feel like I could easily be eating less say, 1500 kcals? - and still not feel hungry. And I've already cut back on my original (caloric) goals. Makros today 1741 74 95 142
  18. Yay! That one's really good. Introspective.
  19. What I wish I'd known: I wish I'd known that wearing cushioned trainers would ruin my knees. I remember reading "Runners World" and exchanging the flat pair of Nikes I'd had for 10 years for something new because I'd read it was "bad" to run in old shoes. Total rubbish. It took years of recurring injuries, then reading "Born to run" and re-learning how to forefoot-strike to learn to love running again. You don't need expensive trainers. If you get hurt, change trainers instantly, no matter how much you paid for your new pair. Never run through pain. Find the shoes that work for you. Been injury-free since changing back to flat (minimal) again, that's four years now. I haven't learned anything about running this challenge, but I'll tell you something from last challenge: Even if you're like me and can easily run 10K without re-hydrating, and think water bottles are for whimps: don't - just don't - don't ever try and run a half-marathon with a hangover with no gels or sports drinks in your pack. It really, really hurts.
  20. Nuts are evil. When I wanted to up my selenium uptake, I had Mr Nanako keep my stack of brazil nuts and he would give me 3 a day. Felt weird though. Children and planks - that's just like children and monkey bars, or children and rope climbing. No competition. Nanako-chan can do 2-3 minute planks without batting an eye. I can so 90 secs ...
  21. Almost forgot to track! I did do the bread thing yesterday though - so I 2545 -112 - 222- 136 Today was better again: 1456 - 54-97 - 68
  22. So, I'm sorry to disappoint you all but I decided against doing the Bath Hilly Half. It's just too expensive - £27 - I can sign up for the Hot Air Balloon Society for a whole year for that and incidentally that is exactly what I'm going to do. If I was in good form I'd do it but I'm not ... bit disappointed but there'll be other halfs. There's absolutely no nice 10K in the region for the rest of the year so I'm going to focus on Park runs. Saves us money and there's really nothing better for improving speed than doing lots of 5Ks, right?
  23. I'm a big believer in greens too. I try to always have some mince or eggs or bacon in the house now. When I'm hungry I'll just do a stir-fry type veg thing with whatever I have in the house, then throw in a bit of meat (or eggs or bacon) and two or three handful of greens. Voila. Not too creative but working well so far.
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