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  1. You can also start with kale chips, making a hamburger patty mixing in pieces of broccoli, carrots or something.
  2. I have the same question. What makes water so rough?
  3. How many hours do you have for cooking a day? A frozen bag of chicken breasts is my friend . Toss how many breasts you want and you'll be done cooking them in... 15 - 20 mins? How do you like your veggies?
  4. No, right now I live in Michigan.
  5. Everyone reacts to coffee in very different ways. My mom has to drink coffee regularly. I rarely drink it, and if I do, it doesn't wake me up, doesn't raise my alertness level... Probably got that from my mom though.. She can drink a red bull and go right to bed.......
  6. I avoid anything with artificial sweeteners when I can, so when I do taste something, I can tell... even if I'm not told, that it's artificial......
  7. Hey guys, is anyone going to this convention? http://www.upintheaether.com/
  8. Are you guys all in michigan? Anyone going to the Steampunk Convention Up in the Aether?
  9. I don't know about post workout benefits, but after a stressfull day or dealing with kids, chocolate milk is a good stress reliever.
  10. HEEEEY I-Jo, completed three circuits!!! yay?
  11. Weeell then go for it! Has a doctor given you the ok to exercise?? If you want to do some crossfit, then you should research the available gyms before you make a decision. Anyways, I think the community is very supportive. What are your initial fitness goals?
  12. I'll let u know when I track the food.
  13. Use a wall for lunges? I do pushups on my knees already... :$ I did a total of 5 full pushups and the rest were knee pushups...
  14. Because I physically couldn't do anymore. I couldn't lift myself from the pushups and I was falling to my side while doing my lunges. If form starts to suffer, it is lots safer to stop I think.
  15. I see what you did there I-Jo...
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