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  1. Holy crap the Elliptical is MADNESS. Tried it first, I was DONE at 5 minutes.... like whoa. Went on the stationary bike for 30 minutes, then back to the Elliptical, and couldn't even reach 5... ended at 4:30 minutes Good workout though! Went at just a hair after 6 today, and definitely was busier.. gonna aim for a bit earlier next time
  2. After having the day to think about it, I'm no longer that upset... It was a single day in a very long journey, and I'm not going to let it get me down. I'm heading to the Gym tomorrow morning, will wake up at 5:15am, be at the Gym by 5:30am, and work out for as long as I can. Planning for 30 minutes on the Elliptical and 30 minutes on the weight machines. Keeping my beer to a minimum has two advantages, less calories, and less drunken idiocies like midnight runs to McDonalds.
  3. Beer is the enemy. I drank friggin 6 bers yesterday, after dinner, and then went to mcdonalds all drunk and got 2 mcdoubles... 1700 calories over and above my normal day Gonna need to work out a lot this week just to work that crap off! GRRR
  4. PHEW!! Went through the circuit, as in, every machine, twice this morning. Took 40 minutes. Some machines I was impressed at the weight I could do 12 times (110lbs on the leg raise, 215 on the leg press).
  5. Today was the first day at the Gym! I got a 30-day membership for $8, so I'm going to take full advantage. Today I walked to the Gym (30 minutes each way) to fill out my information, then went back at 8pm to do a workout... did 30 minutes on the bike, then a bunch of random strength training. Spent ~15 minutes doing that.... Gonna go again tomorrow morning and see if there's less people there, couldn't really get near the dumbbells...
  6. This morning's workout contained: At 4 minutes I've done: 75 jumping jacks 20 knee pushups 20 squats 20 lunges 20 dumbell rows And all that only took me just under 5 minutes... my legs are like Jello and I can't do another pushup.... I can't go on! I can't wait to be able to go to the Gym to use the stairmaster, elliptical, bikes, etc... for a good hour long workout
  7. Thanks for the input! I'm not doing them every day, I was thinking 2 days on, one day off? Or should I do them one on one off? I went for a nice 50 minute walk (minus 10, lol) to Tim Hortons today, and I feel that could easily become a nice habit. Perhaps workout one day, walk the next? I'm not sure how to calculate body fat %, but I'll take some measurements today, great idea... And I guess a fat pic in the mirror, lol.
  8. I could feel the 'I don't feel like it' thoughts coming in today... Sore as hell from the last one, so I took yesterday off the bodyweight exercises and just went for a nice long hike up the mountain... My arms are still sore as hell today, legs still sore...So I did a smaller version of the bodyweight workout 10 pushups x 2 10 squats x 2 50 jumping jacks 10 lunges 10 - 15lb arm lifts Huffing and puffing is good, so as long as I keep on my dieting, I should lose weight, right??? I use MyFitnessPal if anyone wonders, GoStumpy on there too...Feel free to add me, I don't have many friends on there.
  9. I'm in damn near the same boat! I graduated in the same year, and I'm currently a size 36, and I want to be back down to 32. I got rid of all my 32 and 34 pants, but I have one size 35 that is too tight right now... that's the one I'm going to keep trying on every week or two and see if I am getting closer to fitting in it... Press on!
  10. I am also a member of MyFitnessPal, so I am tracking everything from calories to sugar to fiber... I am going to definitely do a lot of reading as to what I should be buying while grocery shopping, we can only eat what we have avalable to us... I just signed up for a trail 1-month membership with my local gym, $8 total for the first month. We'll see if I got the gonads to actually go to the gym regularly. I'm going to fill the fridge with fresh fruit, veggies, and keep the meats in the freezer ready to pull out. I also love hardboiled eggs, so that will be a popular part of my diet as well. Thanks!
  11. Thanks! I'm pretty damn sore this morning, legs are a big wobbly, arms feel sore, overall a good feeling I tried doing a bit of a workout this morning, but my muscles wouldn't allow much: 2 sets of 10 pushups 2 sets of 20 squats 2 sets of 10 dumbell rows I think I've figured out my timeline... I want to breach into the 160's by the time our baby is born. My wife is due in June, so that gives me roughly 6 months to lose 30lbs. Or 5lbs per month. This seems to be a fairly easy workout, I can get it done in under 20 minutes, my heartrate is up, I'm sweating a bit.. I hope to be able to do real pushups within a few weeks...
  12. Oh damn, just went and weighed myself for the first time in months... 197lbs. That's not good.
  13. I've posted on here... I've said it countless times, I'm going to work out from this day forward. I do pushups, squats, lunges, pullups, pant & sweat.... Then don't do a fucking thing for another 3 goddamn months. I'm sick of being lazy. I weighed myself the other day... I broke 190 fucking pounds. I'm only 5'7", and I feel FAT. I remember when I crossed 170, I felt fat. I weigh 20 fucking pounds more than then. And I still eat 2 goddamn Whoppers on Wednesday. It's time to goddamn change. I'm setting Nerd Fitness as my homepage, so any time I go on the computer, this is what I see. A reminder that I can't quit, I can't just 'relax today', I have to DO IT. I have nobody to push me (yet), so I will be pushing myself by posting here every.single.day counting what I have done. To start, I nearly broke my toe today, so keeping light on my feet has been today's challenge. GOALS: REDUCE MY FUCKING WAIST SIZE!!! Currently a 36, I want to be a 32. LOSE WEIGHT!! Currently ~190lbs, I want to get down to ~165lbs with some muscle. Today's workout: 2 sets of 20 pushups (on knees, I'm fat remember) 2 sets of 20 squats 2 sets of 10 lunges (my toe hurts damnit)
  14. I'm on board more than ever that I want to eat healthy and lose weight with moderate exercise... Do you guys have some tips on what to buy at the grocery store?? My last trip was amazing, I've never bought that much vegetables/fruit at once, and there was absolutely no processed food... I suppose I need to do some reading into Paleo type recipes? I am so new at this, previously I would A) cook a frozen pizza, have tacos, C) have tomato soup & grilled cheese, D) meat/cheese/crackers, or E) Butter Chicken on rice... Those were my fallback failsafe dinners... I think the tomato soup / grilled cheese is still OK right? It seems like this might take a few weeks or months to get the hang of the shopping for the correct food, so I have stuff that I can eat in the house... I've already had the habit of buying the 4kg box of Chicken Breasts when they go on sale, so I'm good there.. Sorry for the rambling, just wrapping my head around this new good for me diet shopping My weekly list: 2 dozen eggs 3 Bell Peppers 2 Cucumber ~20 Mushrooms 500g Almonds/Cashews Asparagus bunch 10 Bananas After that I'm starting to struggle to think of things.. I'm great with breakfast, but lunch & dinner I really don't know what to make/buy! Thanks for any help you can give, I'm going to go read up some recipes now
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