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  1. tl:dr Starting over, seeking advice and accountability please I joined NF in 2013 and for years I was fully immersed in tracking all the things, moving my body, participating in challenges and cheering other Nerds along. Happy times! Since then I've fallen off the wagon, big time. I haven't been active in the NF forum since 2016 - ouch. Things have changed so much! Next weekend it is my birthday (44) and so it seems a fitting time to reflect, respawn and focus on getting back to the right path. I've decided to start over at the Academy. If you can provide any words of wisdom, tips on the new format NF challenges, cheerleading or help with accountability I would be very grateful. Thank you for reading PS. Are we still trading cat gifs? OK I need to learn how to insert them into posts now LOL
  2. So happy to still be alive in the last week of the challenge! You're doing awesome
  3. That's me, bottom row on the right with the pom poms LOL. Epic challenge, looking forward to following it
  4. You may not have tracked but it sounds like you made good food choices this weekend. Good for you!
  5. Good job, you have done so well this challenge. Thank you for being an awesome airshipmate
  6. Game Over - end of challenge reflections 1. Treadlift v2.0 Treadlift has been enjoyable and sustainable. Despite forgetting to switch over my workout prompt cards from level 2 to level 3 and therefore leveling up a week later than planned, I have kept up with all the workouts. Definitely seen progress, gains in strength and loss of fat. 32 points out of 32 points. 2. Foam rolling Foam rolling has been a healthy addition to my routine although it has been most appropriate for days when I workout. 10 minutes is a lot of time when you are foam rolling. If I were to do this challenge again I would not specify a minimum time. I think a time limit is useful when you are time poor but a minimum target can be difficult to reach and it not necessarily an efficient use of time. 19 out of 28 points. 3. Steppage I have worn my pedometer every day and measured my steps for the whole challenge. My steps have varied quite a lot from day to day and this data is going to be really useful informing my next challenge. 20 points out of 20 points. 4. 365 Catch up I have gotten way behind (much further than I thought) and so this challenge has opened my eyes and helped me to not only recognise how far behind I am, but also helped me to start progressing to where I ought to be. I have uploaded 45 photos during this challenge, my target for full points was 60 photos, so that's 15 points out of 20. Well on my way to catching up. Rangers gonna airship (mini) This has been AWESOME fun. I have contributed successfully to all 4 weeks' challenges. I have been doing extra walking, squats, pressups and meditations. In fact the meditation part of the mini challenge reminded me how much I get out of meditation and I should be making it part of my every day routine.
  7. Thank you to everyone for carrying me through this week and sorry I only managed 30 pressups this week. Definitely not my strong point!
  8. Week 04 Day 06 - Friday 8 July 2016 Steps: 5306 Last treadlift day of this challenge, shoulders, and it was good. Foam rolling done 3 photos uploaded to my 365 Week 04 Day 07 - Saturday 9 July 2016 Steps: 2459 Got all my laundry complete (washed, dried, folded and put away) Did 10 pressups towards the mini ~ Week 4 summary ~ Treadlift: 4 out of 4 Foam rolling: 5 out of 7 Steppage: 7 out of 7 Catch up: day 215 out of 253
  9. Week 04 Day 05 - Thursday 7 July 2016 Steps: 8717 Treadlift was good. Remembered to get my new sheet out so workout #3 was done. Had to google a couple of the moves but that was fine and keeps it fresh. Doing the interval times as prescribed now, so definitely getting fitter. Walked for nearly an hour with Harry. He was walking really well on the lead, played two games of fetch even though there were other people around (which usually scares him or at least sidetracks him.) Foam rolling done, my neck and shoulders were particularly grateful for the foam rolling session (which was weird because it was core day and before that leg day so not done anything particularly shoulder taxing.) Uploaded 3 photos to 365.
  10. Is it wrong that I read you went to "Maniac island"? I think I'd run everywhere if I was on Maniac island. Anyway your approach is really good and way better than anything I get done when I am away on vacation.
  11. Week 04 Day 04 -Wednesday 6 July 2016 Steps: 4257 Walked outside instead of the gym because treadlift day off Uploaded 3 photos to my 365 Foam rolled, legs still aching from Tuesday. Thighs again appreciative. Watched tennis on TV so no walk with Harry tonight.
  12. This is an awesome approach. Just enjoy the run.
  13. It's the final week of the challenge, decide to finish strong! You can do this!!
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