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  1. I have made 4 different accounts here... There, I said it. At 4 different points I've created a username, used it while being all healthy and ambitious, then when I stop being so healthy and ambitious, I'd never log in again, and leave that username to collect digital dust as a tiny hidden monument to my failure. I don't remember what event specifically took out username Jack O'Lantern. In fact, I can't remember what specific events took out usernames Harnvin Ginn Lantana, Pheidippides, or Die Barfuss Ritter. But I'm resurrecting Jack O'Lantern, because it was my favorite account name, and
  2. Weekly update: I completed 13/14 required novel sessions 10/10 stretching sessions Ran 31 miles so far. Did some speed work only to find I'm getting slower on my 1.5 mile! Any tips for improving speed would be appreciated!
  3. Weekly update: I completed 6/7 required novel sessions 5/5 stretching sessions Ran 19 miles but very little speed work.
  4. Morning, Jack O'Lantern wakes. Well not quite wakes, more just realizes its morning and begins moving.. The whole undead, forever haunting the earth bit of being a headless horseman, ruins most night's sleep. Scraping the nights frost from his pumpkin face, he notices a letter perched in the tall grass before him. "Cash payment?" He scoffs. The currencies of the living seemed so trivial. Only a head long since lost and perhaps an undead horse would bring any sort of fulfillment. But without a horse, a scout Jack O'Lantern certainly was. Compelled by curiosity, or perhaps boredem, Jack O'Lanter
  5. Hey guys, thanks for all the kind and encouraging words! Looking forward to rocking this challenge with you all! =] Thanks for the advice, and noted. I tend to be one who faces "paralysis by analysis." Thanks for the excitement shaff! John and Dany together on the Iron Throne at the end, it better happen. I'll have to check out that site. And glad to see a similar goal, let's do this. Thanks, and totally, I'd love to help. This is roughly the routine my Yogi friend prescribed to me.Circles with leg: Same side hand grabbing outside of same side foot and doing wide circles in slow motion. Kne
  6. Bahaha EE might turn running into danger, running into a chiropractor. =] This is my second challenge too. Effort based goals are often the way to go. You got this.
  7. I like the affirmation set up. Looking forward to your scribery!
  8. Hey I just went off my antidepressants about 6 months ago. Running, meditation, and keeping an active social life have been as effective as any med I've taken. Wishing you an awesome six weeks!
  9. Welcome to the crew! Best of luck starting off strong on your first challenge.
  10. Welcome to the scouts! Like the goals. Its nearly time: Let's get down to business To defeat the Huns!
  11. Glad to have you here. Sounds like you've got nothing but great stuff lined up for this first challenge.
  12. I'm in the same boat as you with justifying my eating with exercise. Here's your fellow rationalizer wishing you a successful 6 weeks!
  13. I'm quite inspired by your effort to regain stamina. Best of luck this challenge!
  14. Jack O'Lantern: A Challenge of Ice and Fire Race: Headless Horseman Class: Scout Age: 21 Starting Stats: STR 5 | DEX 3 | STA 9 | CON 2.75 | WIS 5 | CHA 2.25 Run now because, "Winter is Coming": Goal: Run 100 Miles Strategy: Run 5 miles 3 days a week. More once in a while. Starting Point: I can run 5 miles with semi-ease, but never have run that interval so frequent. Grading: A:100-100+ miles B: 85-99 miles C: 65-84 miles D: 45-64 miles F: 0-44 miles (STA 4) Hip flexibility is key to "Growing Strong": Goal: Practice stretches that will lead me closer to a full lotus 5 times a week. Strategy:
  15. Grade: A I was able to run up the trail to the peak in 17 minutes 7 seconds on 5/11/13. It was a wonderful feeling and my lungs feel so much stronger for completing this. I think the high altitude & high intensity has made me much more efficient and processing air while running. Grade: A After a slow build up, I was able to hold the whole 5 minutes on 5/14/13. Grade: D Of my 68 charted meals durring the challenge, 43 of them were non-processed. 63% non-processed eating. The goal was 80% clean. I fell short by 17% and deducted one letter grade for each 5% off my mark. I started off
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