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  1. <dork> m00se be all l00se up in the hizzy. </dork> Well, I missed the last challenge, and I fell, flat faced, off the bandwagon. Not only did I fall off the bandwagon, it backed up and rolled my rump over. Hey, we're only human. (I also took a nasty, fairly theatrical tumble in front of a coffee house, almost landing Madonna style across the hood of someone's car whilst clutching a cup of scalding nuclear-hot coffee in my hand. That is a story for another time.) Here's the skinny: I wasn't able to keep up with a lot of my previous goals in the last challenge, but I did hold tight t
  2. Scale this morning was sitting at 203 point not. Getting closer and closer. I was a little bit curious this morning and did a quick 3 point calliper pinch-test, and I was sitting right at 9.1% body fat and LBM of 182, which is down from 10.3% and LBM 184 when I started at the beginning of this. 26 days, and I'm down 1.2% body fat? I'm down for that. But I realized that I don't have enough muscle built up underneath to make it look good - so for the time being I'm just skinny when I'm standing up. I'm at a "desired" LBM according to my ACSM manual for my weight, height and body fat, but I r
  3. Alright! Ebbing down toward the 100's slowly; this morning the scale told me I was at 203.7. Tonight, I'm doing a brick, even though this is supposed to be a rest week. 3 Mile run, half an hour of strength, and an hour and a half of swimming - all followed by leftover pot-roast from last night. :3 Meant to wake up and do Tai Chi, but the body was tired.
  4. Yesterday I was at 204.5 when I weighed myself, and today I was at 205.2. Seems this is where my body likes to hover right now, but then again, it's a rest week. Monday nights run felt awesome - I got out to the park with the new shoes. No foot or leg pain, and I was wishing I could have gone another lap. The coach said just do an easy run (no HR zones) so I ran at a comfortable pace, which averaged to an eight and a half minute mile and a cadence between 75 and 80 RPM. These shoes are changing my stride length and technique from what it was when I was running in the vibrams, but I think for
  5. The whole weekend I have been hovering around 206 pounds. Swimming and Running on Saturday (of course it snowed on Friday night...) I ran 58 and 1/2 laps at the local indoor track. Talk about monotonous. Swimming was fairly simple, seeing as we were having a flip-turn clinic for the upcoming state championships. Sunday, I was supposed to ride, but I was feeling lazy and cleaned the kitchen I didn't get to last weekend. Recovery week this week, so mileage goes down. Next week, I'm out of base-build and we go into full training. One thing I will give this paleo diet: the return of the 6 pack.
  6. Yesterday and this morning both I came in right at 205.4 pounds. How's that for a little irony? I took a night on Wednesday off so I could clean. The chlorine at the temporary pool was really bad, and one of my swim coaches told me if you can't see the bottom of the pool, then you shouldn't be swimming in it. The Tri coach didn't have my run workout up and posted it later in the day, so I missed it; but I did get a good dry-land workout in with the team. There was a good bit of Pilates, Yoga, and plyometrics. Following the workout last Thursday, we workshopped technique last night at practice
  7. Day 16 Yesterday, Woke up and weighed myself: came in at 206.2. This morning, I was down to 204.8. :shock: If things keep going the way they are, I'll be down in the 190's pretty quick. I don't know if I should be that low, I'm getting pretty lean as it is. Perhaps more carbohydrates will help. Doing some research on the matter - as to what my weight should be as a triathlete, I came across this training peaks article. 204 lbs / 81 in... carry the pi... I am at a ratio of 2.5 pounds per inch. It's not like I'm carrying a ton of extra bulk, really. 171 to 186 pounds would put me in the 2.1 t
  8. Happy Monday, fellow Nerdlings! It's been a long weekend, from the feel of it, but it went by way too fast. And guess what? I didn't get any housework done like I thought I would. (Suppose I should get on that before I'm taken hostage by cockroaches and smuggled into a foreign country. Well... it's not THAT bad...) Weight totals from this weekend are pretty interesting: Friday: 207.6[/*:m:8qcx4e78]Saturday Morning: 206.8[/*:m:8qcx4e78]Saturday, post run: 204-point-not[/*:m:8qcx4e78]Sunday: 206.6[/*:m:8qcx4e78]Monday: 206.3[/*:m:8qcx4e78]Fridays are my day off, although I did opt to do some T
  9. Day 9, 10 and part of 11 Nothing really exciting happened on Tuesday, diet-wise. I went and saw my kinesiologist for an adjustment, thereby missing a swim practice. Yesterday, I was up to 208.2, but I think it's just the average body weight fluctuation. This morning, I was at 208.8 lbs. o.o Well, I wasn't expecting to lose much weight, anyway. I don't really need to. Ran last night, but my joints were sore from the adjustment I had Tuesday night. I think the muscles were trying to readjust to everything being set right. I had the only paleo-safe chipotle option I could think of... steak salad
  10. Day 8 Weight on morning of day 9: 206.9 lbs. (WOW! Down a tenth! Book the cruise!) I haven't been down this far, though, since my senior year of High School. Back then, when I started swim team, I went from 235 to 190 in the space of a month. We were swimming 5 hours a day then. I went back up to 230 over the season in muscle gains. (Mom thought I had an eating disorder, although I was eating three helpings of everything at dinner. Hey, 5 hours in a pool will do that to a guy.) I am noticeably leaning out, especially in the arms and legs. Still can't see much of a change in the belly. If this
  11. Day whoosherwhatsits... (7, I guess...) Boulder was calling my name. 45 mile bike ride around the Rez and through St. Vrain, and nice dry roads to do it on. It was supposed to be in the 50's by 11, and when I got to the Rez to park, it was only 41. I threw on my leg warmers and hit the road. This was a "zone 2" workout, so I couldn't go very fast. Hills were especially sucky, because I had to go up them really, really slow to keep my HR down. (Then going downhill, my Garmin was squeaking at me that I wasn't working hard enough. Alas, Garmin's a harsh mistress...) Started to bonk toward the end
  12. Forgot to post my stats and measurements, so here they are. Age: 28 Height: 6'9" Weight: 207.4 lbs Waist: 33 1/2" Hips: 41 3/4" Pant size: 34/38 Neck: 15 3/4" Shoulders: 47" Chest: 39 1/2" Bicep: 12 1/2" Forearm: 10 1/2" Thighs: 24" Calves: 16 1/2" Body Fat (3 Point Measurement): 10.3% (LBM 84) Today I had a 3200 Meter swim this morning, and I had an 8 and a half mile run this afternoon. Nothing like destroying your legs on a beautiful Colorado afternoon. Hurts so good. After the run, I realized I didn't have any sweet potatoes cooked, and I needed a high glycemic carbohydrat
  13. Moose

    Alurons quest!

    We had low ceilings in my house growing up. When I had to come in for curfew, mom would leave the ceiling fan on low, so she knew when I'd come home. (She knew I wouldn't turn the lights on, because they would shine out the window and reflect into their room.) Their room was right above the fan. :3
  14. Thanks for the comment! Set your mind to it, and anything is possible! Steve has a good thing set up here - and I wish it had been around three or four years ago. If I'm sounding like a broken record player.. it's all about setting goals! Good luck!
  15. Well, it's hard to start on, but it's not so bad when you get into the groove. I've felt a little sluggish the last week, but it's starting to pass, and I don't get the 2PM slump like I used to, unless I'm in a really boring meeting. Day 4 and 5 Weight this morning was 206.6 - so I guess I am dropping some weight, for sure. I've noticed that I am starting to get leaner. Last night I did a five mile cadence-based training run with no real issues. I'm feeling my energy levels starting to come back up a bit, and I felt great for yesterday's run, other than a few small things. From yesterday's tr
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