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  1. Hey there guys Better fashionably late than never.... again! Quest number 2 will see me get back on form after the IT band injury. I have 3 smaller races in the next 8 weeks and am determined not to pull out of a single one. Also, the last one is my first obstacle course race of the year so super excited about that one. Let's do this! DEX +3 STR +3 New challenge means new workout plan. Full points awarded if I follow said plan to the letter with no missed sessions. The days alternate between training runs, continuing building on my Lady Spartan workout from the previous challenge, and the all important and underrated rest days of yoga and IT Band stretching. STA +5 The main aim of this quest is complete my first race since March, the Leeds 10k, Sunday . Full points awarded for completing the race injury free (I will listen to my body and understand my limitations, but I will also strive for this goal... sensibly). This race is special to me. Same time last year I ran this race. It was my second ever race and first one where I felt like a proper runner. Plus this is also the race I met my arch-nemesis, Fat Elvis. Yes, a man in a Fat Elvis costume beat me and it stung. Then he kept appearing at other races and beat me again. Well not this time. This is MY race now! I'm not going to try and beat my of my previous 10k times as I am still in recovery, but beating Fat Elvis would be awesome! What!? Healthy competition, is all! CON +1 CHA +1 Building on my beating the snooze button in the last challenge, I now aim to use the extra time I have gained in a morning wisely by walking from my house to the train station to get to work. No more buses! A nice 25 minute stroll to really wake me up in a morning. CON point because it contributes to my daily exercise and CHA point because the 25 minutes of listening to my Queens of the Stone Age mega mix each morning will really make me a more civilised and approachable human being WIS +2 I have neglected my other passion of late: reading. Points awarded for finishing Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan and House of Suns by Alastair Reynolds by the end of the challenge. One point per finished book. Yes, I love space travel. Yes, I love sci fi! This also means I get a trip to Waterstones to buys House of Suns. Aah, my happy place Good luck everyone!
  2. OK after a quiet spell I'm back. Final verdict on this challenge: DEX +2 Complete my IT Band stretches 3x a day. RESULT A never missed! +2 DEX for me! STA +2 Complete my (modified to upper body and core) Funk Roberts Spartan Training workout 3x a week. RESULT B drunken handstands DO NOT constitute a workout. +1.5 STA for me! STR +2 Hold a wall handstand for 30 seconds by the end of the challenge. RESULT A there is even video evidence of this! +2 STR for me! CON +1 CHA +1 Now here's the killer. Only hit the snooze button a maximum of two times each morning. Surprisingly the easiest of the quests to master. Maybe I am a morning person afterall... RESULT A +1 CON +1 CHA for me! LEVEL UP! Lvl. 2 Cylon Scout |STR: 4|DEX: 3|STA: 6.5|CON: 2|WIS: 3|CHA: 4|
  3. P.S. Overheads now up to 10kg Dead hang record now at 40 seconds Closest handstand ever to the wall tonight and held for a solid 20 seconds thanks mostly to there being a big spider on the gym floor!
  4. Well hey there, Scouts! How are we all doing? It would appear I have been slacking (as you may have guessed). Apparently, had I set my goals as "drink copious amounts of rum" or "become tequila's new best friend and always order at the bar by saying 'why did the Mexican push his wife off a cliff? Tequila!'" then I would have levelled up 50 times over by now! So, snoozes are still at two max, I'm still stretching daily but I have missed one of the three gym sessions from last week. And no matter how much I try and claim having a handstand-off or press up battle at a house party this weekend was a gym session, ain't no one gonna believe that! So what have I done to get back on track? Only bloody had my first run in 8 weeks without triggering the IT! Back on this!
  5. That sounds pretty hardcore. You're really smashing those targets. Keep up the good work!
  6. Haha yes I promise I am! I am determined to get over those walls and up those ropes in my next obstacle race. Give the guys a run for their money! Plus, it's a great party trick to pull off a handstand :-)
  7. Hey Scouts, back in business. Suppose I better clarify what my workout is. 2 circuits with 2 minutes rest between circuits. 60 seconds each exercise with 15 seconds rest in between each exercise. As many reps as humanly possible. 1. Bicycle crunches 2. Push ups (man style of course) 3. Alternate plank reach-unders (evil personified) 4. Russian twists with 5kg plate 5. I call this one overheads (lie on your back on a bench, hold dumbbell above your head with both arms and lower behind your head, parallel with your body, kills your stomach) 8kg so far 6. Assisted pull ups (still need help but on level 12 out of 20, with 20 being no weight) yippee 7. Tricep dips 8. Rows with 45lb (not sure of the name of this machine...) 9. Deadhang for as long as possible on pull up bar (up to 30 seconds) 10. Wall handstand (hands still not as close to the wall as I'd like but staying stable and no face related injuries this week!) Let me know what you think! Goals are going well. Beat the alarm and leapt out of bed like a spring chicken this morning.... I assure you this won't happen again! Otherwise not going over the snooze limit. Stretching 3 times a day (even after a night out this weekend!) Workouts still on track for 3x week Handstand coming along slowly but surely How's everyone else doing?
  8. Nice work! It's definitely a mental battle more than a physical one. So what hill are you going to conquer next?
  9. 300 on the telly box tonight. THIS. IS. SPARTA!!!

    1. Daithi


      No, This is Nerdfitness, Go back and take the left.

    2. Dirty Deads

      Dirty Deads

      ^ Yep! Should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque.

    3. Geekula


      Oops! I always get a little carried away when I'm kicking someone down a well! This. Is. Nerd Fitness!!! Aroo :-)

  10. You're a braver Rebel than me! I'd instantly be thinking of all the monster movies I'd seen with giant mutant killer megafishosauruses and such like! Do people swim off course much?
  11. Think I'm going to amend mission #4. I'm fine with the snooze button but almost nodded straight back off this morning. Never jolted out of bed so fast in my life. Well.... except that time I'd watched Alien on my own and leaped out of bed in the middle of the night looking for a weapon, convinced there was a facehugger under my pillow.... CON +1 CHA +1 Now here's the killer. Only hit the snooze button a maximum of two times each morning and THEN GET OUT OF BED BY 6.30! Workdays only, of course! Then I get time for a nice cup of tea and a cheeky stretching session.And happy to report I held a 20 second wall handstand tonight and a 25 second deadhang. Hello upper body strength, hello Tough Mudder monkey bars!
  12. That is genius! Food and fitness, my two loves. Two birds, one rolling pin! Seen as I don't own one already, it's on the shopping list for tomorrow. Shame they don't do Pretty Muddy in the UK. But I've done a couple of mud runs hosted by British Military Fitness. Nothing as exhilarating as battling cold rivers and swamps whilst being called a maggot by a sergeant with a megaphone! The sprint sounds tough enough. Are the swims open water too? I bet that's freaky....
  13. Oh and I guess I better update (I am level-grinding, honest!) Bad news first. I have now officially pulled out of the Leeds Half and the Edinburgh full Marathon. Pretty low point. BUT, I have guarenteed places in them next year and I guess I can have some kind of Rocky style training montage to build up to them And the good news. All stretched out today like I'm freaking Elastigirl Wasn't the snooze button's bitch this morning Workout 2 of 3 is scheduled for tomorrow evening ....looking forward to the next handstand too!
  14. Wow great aims That sounds completely epic! Bet you'll be getting a warm fuzzy feeling inside do-gooding and keeping fit at the same time. What made you want to do that? What's the distances in that? Is the running a marathon? I just admire how everyone manages to transition so quickly! It's getting a lot of stern looks and encouraging motivational speeches but not cooperating yet. Need to up the stakes. How long were you out of action? It's all positive though! I'd give anything to be able to run consistently a few times a week without being crippled after. Gonna have to look into these foam rollers.... Sometimes, when you fall off an obstacle, you have to do 30 burpees. They are just soul destroying haha. Which obstacle races have you been looking at?
  15. Hi I sure do haha ever heard of the Spartan Death Race? I am on a mission to complete it before I am 30 because why the hell not! :-) I just wanna see what I'm really capable of. I figured the only real difference between me and a proper athlete is the training and that attitude got me started. Now to see how far I can go. Does anyone else have a crazy goal they're working toward?
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