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  1. Woot WO done! Boom.

    1. Ba'sini'on


      Here Comes the Boom!

  2. Awesome, Thanks for the advice! I guess they would be dumbbells? Lol told you I was new. ha.
  3. Ok so I am doing weight lifting at home with my cheesy 8 lb weights. I want to upgrade to bigger/better ones, but what is a brand/style that fits well. Also what lbs do you guys recommend to get. I am new to this "at home" workout. I usually just go to the gym but honestly those machines do nothing for me. I am about 2 weeks in to doing it, I am 5' 1 1/2" if this info is needed. Thanks in advance!
  4. Days off are worth so much more when you don't get them. So enjoying my night to catch up!

  5. Excited I am getting workouts in finally! Woot!

  6. Ok so I have posted before about finding time to exercise and I just ended up kicking my ass into gear. I will be waking up to do it if I do not have time at night PLUS I have been taking advice about fitting in push ups here and squats there. So Yay to myself for leveling up. Now, I am writing because I have been in a plateau for weeks. I have lost little to non on inches. Weight...stopped. I am hoping that with the added exercise I will be triggering the weight loss again. But I can't help but be bummed that I got stuck 2 months in. I have lost a total of 18lbs and 2 1/2 dress sizes. Which is great! But I don't want to get stuck here. I want to go all the way! Now what discourages me is I noticed this all happened when I lost time to WO and my thyroid meds were reduced. Those in my family know my thyroid has been nothing but a thorn in my side. It has been one of the big reasons I have had a hard time with weight, health, etc. Because as you know the thyroid pretty much controls everything...well not everything but you know what I mean. I am reaching out to you rebels who have a thyroid problem and have overcome the obstacles it throws at us. How did you figure out what was wrong, and what to change? I am at a level and weight I have been stuck in previous years. Never have I been smaller then this. Size 12. When I was 14 years old, I was 8...but oh to dream. Again, hoping adding more exercise and healthy fats will turn this around but what if it doesn't? Thanks in advance to all you awesome rebels!
  7. I have been Paleo for 2 months now and let me tell you. The first week is hard. The hardest time for me was 2 weeks in because I really wanted to just stop cooking/prepping/making sure I had food and just eat a damn bagel! But I read It starts with Food. Totally helped me really understand what has happening when I hate the bad stuff. Motivated me to not go there. Also I found I LOVE Bananas and Almond butter. Watch intake but it is super good and makes any old chip, eh. The other thing is willpower. That is if you are going cold turkey. If not. I say take it slowly till you are where you want to be with paleo. Let your body adjust to the changes. As for the crashing. After you change your diet, those "want to crash" moments go away. You will find you don't crave them as much. And I found eating things close to the foods I missed helped a lot. I got motivated to loose when I crept up to 180. I never wanted to be there and I am turning 30 in 11 months. I want to look and feel how I always wanted too by then. That is my big goal. Plus having hypothyroidism and hypoglycemia was also motivators. So far they are getting on track and it is wonderful! As for a guide, NF, Marks Daily Apple, Whole9life, and my coworkers have been big helpers. I'm actually at a rut right now so I am here for the added support I need to get over this hump I am in. But you will do fine. Stick to it and just remember. EVERYONE who starts paleo and working out struggle. You are not failing, you are just going through the motions.
  8. My frist job is desk, my second is more physical. Climbing latters, walking around, lifting heavy boxes. So there I know I am at least getting something. I could do some push ups at work. We have an open area with a desk.
  9. Oh and get a good pair of running shoes. I suggest going to a specialty store that has people who watch you run and evaluate your stride. They then can recommend a pair suited for your running. For me it was Brooks Glycerin.
  10. Ok so I am new to Nerd Fitness Forum, but not totally to NF. I have 2 jobs, work 65 (give or take) hours and find it hard to "Balance" my time to get everything in. I am 90-100% Paleo, I try to get 1 hour worth of WOs in a week on one night/weekend day off. At this point I know I have to start getting up to do my exercise because there is really not other time to fit it in and two days a week just doesn't sound like enough. But is there any tricks people have besides walks during break? Or fitting it in on your only day off? My day starts at 6:40am and ends at 11pm. Now sleep is somewhere in between that. As it is right now, sleep is lacking and less then the required amount. So I have issues there. So I ask again... any tips?? I don't want to have excuses in this, and I am at a point where I have sort of stopped loosing. So something somewhere has to change. Thanks in advanced!!
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