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  1. October Mon 29 - Thurs Nov 1st Update Uh this week is not going so great, slipped back into the bad habits as soon as my stress level spiked from my difficult class spiked and my motivation and will power are just so low right now to do anything let alone eat healthy and try to workout. Plus, I feel awful for already falling backwards, like I'm really having a hard time accomplishing my super basic of basics goal to "set foot into the gym" like how have I fallen this far?! I use to love going to the gym, now its like I'm almost scared of it and I'm just not sure how to change back. Its j
  2. Friday- Sunday 26-28 Update The weekend was for the most part ok. Wasn't disastrous but wasn't amazing either. Friday started well with some morning yoga and home cooked breakfast and lunch, got some Chick-fil-a for dinner, but got healthy choices so that went well. Unfortunately, I end up staying up really late and got some midnight munchies which were less than healthy so the day bounced back into the unhealthy scale. Was pretty lazy Saturday, but I did end up going for a walk to get some steps in and to do a little bit more physical activity which was good. Sunday was even lazier and d
  3. Yeah unfortunately they they are just a really tough bunch. They have been difficult since they were in 6th grade and most of the teachers have said said that it is just a really rough group in general. The group dynamics are just bad, a ton of discipline problems, and class clowns causing tons of disruptions and problems for the few good students stuck with the rest of them.
  4. Thursday Oct 25th Started off Thursday well with some quick 15min yoga and a home cooked breakfast. School was ok my 8th graders are very difficult this year so that was unpleasant but besides them being immature and lazy it was nothing major, but by the end of the day I was STARVING, oh so very hungry. Happily I decided that instead of stopping for candy and a snack that I would go home and walk to Wallyworld for a diet soda and a Quest Bar (protein bar). Pretty please with myself for that decision. Then the GF made stuffed shells for dinner which were quite tasty. O
  5. Following for the dancing wisdom Congrats on the working with the wholesale company here's hoping you get a killer deal!
  6. Update: Wed Oct 24th Pretty good day overall today. I was finally able to leave school at a reasonable time yesterday and even managed to not stop for a "snack" (candy and a soda) on the way home (WIN!). Thanks to cross country (XC) season having ended on Tuesday. Its crazy just how much stress coaching the XC team was putting on me due to having to go from my roughest class of the day, which is also the last class of the day, into coaching students after school for an hour- hour and a half. Its just so nice to actually be able to leave school and get stuff done, which is exactly
  7. Wed Oct 24th One of the hardest parts of starting back up is just biting the bullet to figure out just how far you've fallen, I've actively avoided taking my weight or measurements, only really taking notice when my pants just wouldn't fit anymore and I had to buy new ones. So actually taking them this morning was needlessly to say tough, but at least I know now. Its so sad to see the actual numbers and measurements when I compare them to the past, but I think I needed to see them to see just how bad it's really become...and its bad Starting Measurements: Weight:
  8. Reforged: Ryuu's Battle Log Start- 10/23/18 As much as I like doing the challenges I think I need to just start recording and documenting to give myself some accountability, so this battle log shall be just that. I feel like I'm just starting to crawl out of an incredibly unhealthy hole that I've dug for myself over the past 6+ months primarily though laziness and gaming addiction. Starting from last November when I had surgery to get my wisdom teeth taken out and I wasn't able to really do anything I started falling back and back on really old bad habits, basically spending t
  9. Week 1 Day 1&2: Sunday and Monday Oct 26th-27th (95/100hp) Lv.1 [40exp] Lv. 2 @55xp The challenge week started off rough, my jaw was hurting through Sunday and Monday and basically made me just not want to do much. I did manage to get most of my goals accomplished but just barely, at the lowest levels. But progress is progress I suppose and getting back into the swing of things after any surgery is always hard. To be honest I am happy with myself for getting back on track with my goals at all/ so soon and not falling off the wagon for months at a time like is pretty normal for me >
  10. Lol Yay I put the whole LEVEL CHART on a google sheet for ease of use, but Level one is only 55xp should reach it by about 1/2 way through week one. Glad to have you here Cool I looked you up and sent you a friend request my username on there is DragonForged Awesome! Happy to have you long for the journey
  11. Nice! I did the community center my first go around but I'm not a huge fisherman so I just opted to do the Joga Mart purchase all the repairs option for my second play through since being able to get the greenhouse before your first winter is such a help.
  12. Ryuu Levels Up! NF Challenge #10 11/26-12/23 100/100hp 0 Exp Health Crystal 1 [+50hp] I had originally planned to get this challenge up and running a lot earlier in the week but because of my surgery (had my wisdom teeth taken out last Saturday) and the resulting pain and recovery I've had delayed my start date for this challenge. For this challenge I'm going to try and analog leveling system to gauge my progress as well as a health bar and see how I like it/ if it is practical to use. Goal 1: Nutrition I will record in My Fitness Pal 7/7 days pe
  13. You got this! Finishing up the year like a beast! Here to cheer you on
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