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    Working on my next Challenge Spread going to try an analog leveling system and see how I like it: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Ryuu Survives Aincrad

    Week 4 Day 5: Thursday Nov 16th (555/200) + 4 HC Kind of a Lazy Thursday. Decided to just do my morning yoga which just made the day seem like it was soooo long its like I didn't know what to do with all the extra time that I had lol. So I read a bunch, played a little Horizon Zero Dawn on New Game + and just chilled. Unfortunately that means I was siting a little bit more than normal which caused my back to start hurting and it just suck because its like if I'm not moving at all times (especially when sitting on a couch) my back is in low but constant pain and it makes me really worried for what going to happen with my surgery this weekend (getting my wisdom teeth removed) and I'm not going to be able to be as active for a while :/ G1: Nutrition- Nutrition was good, right around where I wanted to be. G2: Yoga- Short morning flow was all I did today kind of giving myself a little bit of a rest day, even though it ended up not being much of a rest day. G3: Walk- Went on about an hour of walking before I rested and then went on another one with the GF after she got home. +15hp G4: Read- Plenty of reading again today way over an hour +10hp
  3. Ryuu Survives Aincrad

    Week 4 Day 4: Wednesday Nov 15th (530/200) + 4 HC Solid Wednesday, with a good overall grind towards my goals. G1: Nutrition- Fine on nutrition, was under goal and even had room for a little treat, while staying within my calories. G2: Yoga- Very short morning flow followed late into the evening by the hardest class of the week intermediate hot power yoga, at 1.5h its not only the longest class but also the hardest for sure, but every week it gets a little easier and makes the rest of the classes in the week seem like nothing. Plus I love playing with arm balances and that is the only class that dares to include them into the practice. +10hp G3: Walk- Got a long walk in before I went off to yoga, getting over my 10,000 steps for the day +10hp G4: Read- Lots of great reading again today too I started the second SoA Light novel and am already almost 1/2 way though it. Even thought I know the entire story its just so good and I love reading more about it and seeing how the novel is different from the Anime. +10hp
  4. Ryuu Survives Aincrad

    Week 4 Day 3: Tuesday Nov 14th (500/200) + 4 HC Good Tuesday. Did a lot of goal work today. Good nutritionally, lots of reading, LOTS of yoga, little bit of walking. G1: Nutrition- Finally back on track, had a good nutrition day just being slightly under my cal allotment for the day. Win. G2: Yoga- Did a short flow this morning then did a double session this afternoon for a little over 2.5h of yoga for the day. +10hp G3: Walk- Got a bit of walking in before I went off to yoga, not as much as I would like but sometime when one goal goes super high you've got to be flexible with the other goals to accomidate. Rocked G4: Read- Tons of reading today and I actually finished off my book in 3 days hahaha so much SoA. Way over an hour +10hp
  5. Ryuu Survives Aincrad

    Week 4 Day 2: Monday Nov 13th (475/200) + 4 HC Actually had a pretty good Monday. Decided to get a little dressed up and go on a date night with the GF that went very well. Talked about the future and about my career options, which went well instead of just keeping it all in. We're both still a little raw emotionally from two weeks ago but we're working through everything remarkably well. G1: Nutrition- Had a pretty good day, went slightly over on my cals but only by ~300 exactly so not all that much worth complaining. -10hp G2: Yoga- Did a little stretching when I woke up and then did an hour after I got of work, which worked out very well. +10hp G3: Walk- Did a slight double walk today, one when I got home waiting for yoga and then another after we got back from out date night. for just under 10,000 steps +10hp G4: Read- Lot of reading today I'm actually really getting into my Current book and am really on a sword art kick >_< lol +10hp
  6. Rooks - Tracking the Daily Grind...

    I don't think it would be wrong. It sounds to me like your grappling between extrinsic (outside) and intrinsic (inside) motivation and while it is better to be intrinsically motivated to do stuff it's not always possible to start off that way.Once you get into the groove again you' might realize that you're more intrinsically motivated that you thought and that you're now doing it for the internal reward (runner/ lifter's high) as opposed to just doing it just for your coach. A good coach can help you strike a balance between the two as well since it's not bad to want to please and make your coach proud of you. In addition by getting a coach/working out aren't you getting closer to achieving your health/fitness goals and at the end of the day isn't achieving those goals the point, regardless of how you motivated yourself into getting there? Sometimes we have to help/trick ourselves into doing what is best for us even if the motivation isn't there or isn't quite right. Ultimately, do whatever is going to help you move closer to your life's goals so that you're moving closer to your ideal self.
  7. Ryuu Survives Aincrad

    Week 4 Day 1: Sunday Nov 12th (455/200) + 4 HC Had a lovely Sunday morning filled with board games and fun and then after and unpleasant drive back to Greenville (b/c of my back) had a very productive day acomplishing my goals and meal prepping for the upcoming week. Even tried out a new recipie Mint Chocolate energy balls which were pretty tasty but really needed somemore protein to give them decent macros, as the recipie called for they are really more like little desert balls than snack balls. G1: Nutrition- Decent on food, went slightly over my goal but was able to keep it reasonable and fixed some healthy fish for dinner to keep myself better on track. -10hp G2: Yoga- Did 30min of yoga when we got home, it certainly helped with my back after the long car ride. +5hp G3: Walk- Did about a 30min walk when we got home as well to help increase my steps for the day and acomplish my walking goal, ended up with about 7000 steps for the day which I'm happy with +5hp G4: Read- Good amount of reading done today at least an hours worth +10hp
  8. Ryuu Survives Aincrad

    Week Three Review (445/200) + 4 HCs Had my "worst" week this week in terms of nutrition, not a bad week but definitely more challenging and it caused me to take some major hits to my hp. Hopefully now my my body and the excess calories that it missed during the super stressful week two this upcoming week will be smooth sailing. Goal One: Nutrition- 7/7: 21/28 Basically the opposite of week 2 with two days majorly over my goals with the other majority being pretty close to them. I think my weigh in this week was definitely closer to what it should be than my week two measurement, but once again it will be interesting to see how it changes for my final way in this Thursday and the beginning of the new challenge on Sunday. Start lbs: 165.2 Current lbs: 162.6 BF%: 22.8 Current BF%: 22.1 Goal Two: Yoga Everyday- 7/7: 21/28 Rocking out with a solid 48 day streak on my yoga goal did 4 hour long sessions two 30min sessions and one quick session this week. Goal Three: Walk Everyday- 7/7: 21/28 3 days at 10,000+ steps 3 at ~9000 steps and only 1 at 7,000ish steps this week with non under 5000 Good week of walking Goal Four: Read Everyday- 7/7: 21/28 Gotten a decent amount of reading done with at least 3 days of 1h+ reading and 4 of at least some reading done.
  9. Ryuu Survives Aincrad

    Week 3 Day 6 & 7: Friday and Saturday Nov 10-11th (445/200) + 3 HC The unsatiable hunger continued into Friday and caused me another big hit of damage. Thankfully I've built up a pretty good buffer for my HP so I haven't dropped very far. The third week of challenges always tends to be the hardest week, and while I stumbled a bit I'm not going to let it knock me down. I went to my parents house on Friday and that tends to make me overeat, I'm not sure what it is about being in a different environment that makes it so easy to munch without thinking but it happens non-the-less. :/ G1: Nutrition- Friday was a *bad* food day, I just kept eating and ended up with about 2780 cals ~820 over my goal for the day even with bonus exercise calories >_< It was my fattest day so far this challenge. Saturday was slightly better but I still went over, but only by about 300 cals. Overall -60hp G2: Yoga- Did 1 h of yoga on Friday and a quick session on Sat to keep my streak up. +10hp G3: Walk- Got plenty of walking in this weekend! On Friday I did a nice 45min walk right after I woke up and did my yoga and then on Saturday I met up with some other NF Rebels from NC to hike a local park which was about 5 miles and took about 2-3hours +25hp G4: Read- Got a decent amount of reading done both days but a lot more on Saturday +10hp
  10. Ryuu Survives Aincrad

    Repost with some edits from my Battle Plan Been offline here for way too long and have slipped back a long way from where I wanted to be this year. For some reason I always have a weird feeling of being a disappointment when I really fall of the wagon to getting back online and updating because I really feel like I've disappointed all my online friends on here, a stupid feeling I know but a strong one none the less. But after a lot of struggling and beating myself up I've finally got back on and want to try and finish out the year strong. Around the beginning of the summer I hurt my back pretty bad which really thrown me off, and it has been a constant battle between the back pain and my own pity party because of the back pain causing me not to really want to do anything. I traveled around a lot this summer (want to Italy and Greece and to Tennessee) and overall had a great time but I know it wasn't the best for my back since sitting down tends to be what causes me the most pain and those long plane rides were painful . Plus having to stop exercising just made me hate myself and just snowball into bad eating habits on top of no exercise. Needless to say I'd gained some weight over the past few months which just added more snow to the snowball. Then once the school year started back I got the icing on the shitcake and was informed that my classroom had flooded over the summer and they still hadn't finished the floor. One week till the start of school and I couldn't even get into my classroom to start setting up, every day they told me that it would be ready the next day and then the next day would come and it still wouldn't be done. That continued for two weeks, into the first week of actual school and I couldn't even get into my classroom to start setting up for the year. Needless to say that didn't help my stress levels or my back, and made my work hell for the first month and a half of school. Finally, I decided that enough was enough and I wanted my life back. I was tired of life happening to me and being caught up in the shitstorm that my life had become for the last few months and decided to take back control, so I started with what I could do and I decided that I was going to wake up early and do yoga every day, so I started doing yoga every morning. So far I am 24 days straight of doing as much or as little yoga and I can. About a week ago I even decided to double down and signed up for a year long unlimited membership at a great local yoga studio and so far I love it and it's (or at least seems to be) helping out my back. Taking that victory and trying to keep up I've gone ahead and started making some goals and have a plan for the next 4 week challenge: Ryuu Survives Aincrad (_____/200) 1 HS The idea of MMORPGs and grinding levels has been on my mind a lot recently because its a lot like real life having to grind to get to the next level. Its a long (and mostly boring) process, but once you really get into the game or the activity the grind can become relatively fun. For this challenge I'm focusing on the grind, trying to build sustainable habits and get some level ups along the way. In past challenges I've used hit points to good success so I'll be using them again. Stat Bonuses- Goal One: Nutrition- ____/7: ____/28 Record Nutrition and be close to 1700 cal. Every 7 days of Recording = +1 Health Crystal (HS) Within >200: +0hp, >300 off: -10hp, >500 off: -25hp, 600+: -50hp, No Recording: -100hp Ultimate goal to loose ~2lbs maybe 1-1.5 bf% Start lbs: 165.2 BF%: 22.8 Practice my Sword Arts- Goal Two: Yoga Everyday- _____/7: _______/28 Yoga Everyday, for as much or as little time as I can, just do it. ~5min: +0hp 20-30min: +5hp 1h+: +10hp Explore the World- Goal Three: Walk Everyday- ____/7: ______/28 Walk everyday for 5+ min, Mindfully: Concentrate on my day, the future, the sights and sounds of nature...exc 0- 5000 Steps: -10hp 5-7000 Steps: +0hp 7-9000 Steps: +5hp 9-10,000 Steps: +10hp 10-15,000 Steps +15hp Find Magic in Words- Goal Four: Read Everyday- _____/7: ______/28 Read everyday for 20+ min. 0min: -25hp ~20min: +0hp 1h+: +10hp