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  1. Week 0 Day 4: Thursday May 25th Hp: 500/500 Health Potions: 1 Today was brutal, but by the strength and force of habits I managed to make it though and have a 100% day, which is even more impressive because of all that life through at me in terms of having an off day. So the day started out pretty dicy since it's so close to the end of the year the students are getting absolutely crazy, mostly just being loud and uncooperative give me a major headache for 90% of the day, but I pushed through and was like "bad days make great workouts" and so when I got off from work I got out my bow and shot a few rounds of archery, then went for 30min of interval training. Then another wrench flew into the day as I remembered I had the athletic banquet at school this evening so after running I had to rush put back on nice clothes and drive back out to my school for that. By the time it was over it was almost 8pm and I reeeeeallly didn't want to do my handstand or bridge workouts but I was like *f-this* I'm going to feel way worse and hate myself more if I don't do them so I turned it up to 11 and did what I knew I really wanted to do. Thankfully? This basically meant that I didn't even have time to play any video games today so I get to check that box off by default today, but that's not saying that it wasn't fully mentally challenging to make myself not plop my butt down and play instead of doing my workouts. At the end of the day I'm very please with myself for everything that I was able to accomplish today even with all that life tossed at me. No health lost today! G1: Handstand and Bridge workouts done. G2: Tracked and was within my range. G3: Rocked this one, got 10,000 steps, did some intervals, and did some archery. G4: Read and logged and tossed something useless too.
  2. Such a cool theme! I might just have to pick them up they look like something right up my ally. Following along and happy belated birthday!
  3. Just Finished up Batman Eternal Vol.2 and about to start the 3rd one. Then I'll probably find a good fiction book. I was actually thinking about picking up one of your suggestions (maybe even Shadow Hunters ;D ) though not entirely sure what's up next.
  4. Week 0 Day 3: Wednesday May 24th Hp: 500/500 Health Potions: 1 Had a significantly less productive day 3 but since I'd already done all of my chores yesterday, there wasn't much cleaning/housework/adulting that I needed to do today anyway. I unfortunately got a little absorbed into Portal Knights and forget to get my 10,000 steps (I got 7,018 yesterday) goal I'm thinking I might make the 10,000 steps an average instead of a strict must hit here everyday but I'll probably decided that later as the challenge continues. I also ended up having a Coke Zero yesterday but that's ok since I was only trying to go 3 days this first week with out any soda. G1: Lower body workout and Front Split Flexibility done today G2: Tracked ok-ish, GF made dinner and she forgot to write down the amounts that she used for the dish so I had to guesstimate, but was still a home cooked healthy meal so I'm 90% sure I was still within my goal range. G3: Nothing to report for this goal today G4: Read, Logged and I forgot to toss something today :/ I'll need to make a big pile of "junk" that I can easily throw away to make this goal easier.
  5. Whaaat nice! I'd like to have a small garden one day when I have a yard >_<
  6. So the way my friends and I play this game is supper mean we always try to get each other out with very specific "never have I ever-s" >_< like call out each others funny secrets. Another good option would be two truths and a lie, where everyone shares 3 things about themselves two being true and one being the lie and everyone tries to guess which one is the lie. Could "punish" people's wrong guesses by having them do something (burpees, push ups, squats...ex..) and if they get it right the person telling the 3 things has to do the punishment
  7. Good luck finding a Dance & Zumba Studio!
  8. Week 0 Day Two: Tuesda May 23rd Hp: 500/500 Health Potions: 1 Had a very productive Day 2. Decent day at work and I was super excited to get home because Portal Knights came out today (kind of like Minecraft only more RPGish) so I really wanted to play it but I decided to do all of the other stuff I had to do first so I got home and cleaned the living room and kitchen, then I put way the laundry and did all of my workout stuff. I was going to go on a walk to finish off my 10,000 steps but it was raining so I ended up pacing around my apartment till I hit 10,000. Then after everything was finally done I played Portal Knights and it was a ton of fun its really Co-op so my GF and I are playing it at the same time which is pretty snazzy and fun to do as a couple :3 G1: Movement and Middle splits done today. G2: Tracked, was within goal range, and didn't have any soda G3: Got 10,000 Steps even though it was raining from doing all of the chores and intentionally walking some extra during work today. G4: Logged, Read, and Tossed something out (a lot of things today as I was cleaning the living room lol) hahaha
  9. This challenge is flipping epic! Awesomeness love it! That's a lot of goals but I know you'll be able to handle it and knock them out of the park! Here to watch the continued progress
  10. Week 0 Day One: Monday May 22nd Hp: 500/500 Health Potions: 1 Thanks everyone for such nice words about my Bujo spread. I can't take all the credit it's mostly because of the dot paper, which help makes the boxes super easy. Then it was just a matter of counting out how many boxes each week needed. I do the rough draft in pencil and then go back over everything with rulers and my fancy pens to make it look better Had a pretty good first day of this challenge. Made a pretty nice start to a routine but coming home and immediately doing my 30min of reading, then getting most of the 10,000 steps done. I took a game break afterwards but did get my workout done. Then my GF and I went out to dinner at Red Robin (burger place not Batman's sidekick/ Teen Titans Leader) and got about 50% bad stuff (fried pickles and sweet potatoes fries) and 50% good (grilled chicken sandwich and brocolli) which actually cancelled each other out and let me just barely stay within my goal cals for the day No health lost for day 1. G1: Got my upper body workout done for today G2: Tracked, was within goal range, and didn't have any soda. G3: Got 10,000 Steps G4: Logged, Read, and Tossed something out.
  11. Thanks! I look forward to seeing you there yeah it was a close one! I'll see what I can find but I don't think I'll be able to get you pics from this race because it was such a small new one it didn't have any set photographers and my friend and I forgot to take some :/
  12. Congrats on killing this challenge looking forward to whatever you do next! I'm kinda in the same boat with goals since one of my 4 normally gets split into 3-4 goals >_< but they are all related goals normally so there is a lot of overlap
  13. Yay Wonder Woman! Looks like an awesome Challenge Following along
  14. Congrats on all the successes! Here's to keeping them up and keeping moving forward Also I felt this exact same thing hahaha yay for Fit Nerds!!
  15. Love it!! Following for Epic Quests and Fairy-tales :3