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  1. Week 1 Day 2 Tuesday 4/25/17 Hp: 400/400 Health Potions: 0 // Gold & Silver: (0+0) = 0g, (45+70) = 115s // Mana: (10 + 140 -90) = 40 I was quite a dreary day here, its been pouring down rain for almost the entire day, and as much as I like rain I'm getting a little annoyed because it's putting a dent into the days I wanted to go walking on. Had some pretty serious sugar cravings on the way home from work today but decided to eat a pickle when I got home and it completely curbed my sugar craving it was actually pretty cool Monsters Killed today: Kobold (bojo), Goblin (Floss Teeth), Skeleton (Gratitude Statements), and a Gnoll gaining me 70s and 140 mana 90 of which I used to play some more Dark Souls 3. G1: Completed my first movement workout which was pretty easy for the exercises that I had floor space for :/ Most of the movement workouts require a decent amount of floor space to accomplish so I'm just going to have to modify them so I can do them in my tiny apartment lol (or go outside if it's a nice day ) and also did my middle split stretches. G2: Recorded my Nutrition in MFP and should be easily within my goal again today G3: Raining again today so no walk but I decided to ice roll my feet as I played Dark Souls, and I made it into bed by 10:45 check. G4: Checked in, check. Posted encouragement, check. Gratitude: Doing flexibility workout with my GF, cleaning the kitchen in the morning so its already done, cold water oooh so good
  2. @Korranation Yeah to be honest I think the jumping rope and the recipes tasks should be halfed. Jumping rope for a cumulative amount of time has got to be almost twice as hard as running or biking, and according to science jumping rope for 10min is caloricly equivalent to joging for 30min. [source] And while 10 recipes is way better than 20 that is still almost 2 new recipes a day. Guess you could just make a lot of slight variations like you suggested but that just doesn't feel like a *new* recipe to me. What if we 1/2ed it again so it would only be 1 new recipe for 100, 2 for 200 ex but they have to actually be full new recipes?
  3. Wow! that is an awesome list and I'll take a look at them and see which one I think I'd like the most. I actually like reading a lot of YA books as my students read them too and it give as a fun talking point. My favorite series of all time is actually the Protector of the Small Series by Tamora Pierce. I use to read the whole series almost summer during middle school and throughout most of High school too.
  4. Yeah! Thats the plan moving forward onto the actual challenge Lol yeah I stopped playing about 1/2 way though because, well Dark Souls can be literally soul crushing at times, but I just started over and am really liking my build this go around (I might even do a Dark Soul's themed challenge for the next one ). So my build is kind cheap but eh its dark souls so anything I can do to make the game more in favor of me and not my enemies I think is fair, but I'm an invisible mage (using the spell hidden body) most of the basic enemies don't notice you until you hit them and even then just backing up a bit they are like "huh I guess nothing is there" only to die to the next few shots of my soul arrows. lol sorry you couldn't find the gif you were looking for Thanks! Yeah I don't post much on there...ok really at all but maybe I'll start back up. I've just found having Instagram and FB on my phone to be too much of a time suck as I mindlessly scroll down the feed for hours :/
  5. Week 0 Update YEEeeaaahhh.... We're not going to talk about week 0 and I'm just going to pretend my rest week didn't become a super fat, lazy, didn't actually do ANYTHING healthy, scrub week. So yeah. Onward to the actual challenge! >_______< Week 1 Day 1 Monday 4/24/17 Hp: 400/400 Health Potions: 0 // Gold & Silver: (0+0) = 0g, (0+45) = 45s // Mana: (70 - 60) = 10 Had a much better start to this week than last week. I've also decided to go ahead set myself back at my deficit to start loosing weight again. I haven't taken my weight this week but I know it's not going to be pretty :/ I don't know why I had just a rough week last week by any measure it should have been an easy win because I was on spring break but I just died and thankfully was able to respawn today and get back on track :). No health lost today. Monsters Killed today: Kobold (bojo), Goblin (Floss Teeth), Skeleton (Gratitude Statements) gaining me 45s and 70mana 60 of which I used to play some Dark Souls 3. G1: Upper body completed today and I finally managed to complete 5 sets of 15reps for the row goal that I'd been stuck on for a while so YAY! G2: Recorded my Nutrition in MFP and should be within my +/-200 cal goal of 1610 cals. G3: It was pouring down rain for all of today so no walk but I'm aiming to be in bed by 10:45 so we'll see. I'll update tomorrow I didn't make it. G4: Caught up on a lot of people's threads and checked back in here. Gratitude: New Starts, Good starts to projects at school, Ordering our Switch (finally!)
  6. The pictures load fine for me not sure if you changed what you're doing but I can see all of them. I had that realization too, one of the reasons I only tried for 6/7 days for the last challenge and started with one health potion in case I slipped up. I don't know about you but for me it's often a mental game of "well you already missed this up...this day is ruined" and then I'll proceed to eat like 6 cookies >_< and then that will snow ball into a bad week, or longer until I catch myself. But I found that just having the "health potion" was a nice safety net that kept my mind saying "ok well you messed up but your still have 350/400hp and a health potion so we can still cary on". I hope that mades sense.
  7. Following to cheer you on
  8. Dang! Killing it Great start to the challenge on week 0 and congrats on 100%ing Halo
  9. But that's honestly to be expected for the first time you do a "points" system. Some ideas if you'd like to stick with 100 points and need to tweak: You could try Increasing the value of your 'high priority' goals/ tasks for the day. Set some things as habit goals for points (stuff you're already doing but want to make sure you keep doing to cement into a stronger habit). Assign extra point for just how "healthy" you meal was. (could count calories if thats your thing [500-700 cal +2 points for example], or use the fist-sized measuring method to track servings of veggies, protein, or fruit). You could also add some big to-do list items that you need to do for big chunks of points like doing taxes, cleaning a room, going to the dr, or something like that. Overall by the end of week 1 you should be able to have a much better idea of your estimated points per week and the you can adjust from there, but if you're going on the 4 week challenge "month" so long as you get 25 points per week ~3.5 points per day, which you seem to be averaging, you should make it under you current plan
  10. Catching up a little so you posted this a little bit ago, but if your having trouble finding a bare wall to do your handstand progressions on I've actually resorted to using the back of a door before and its worked pretty well, so you could try that if you're lacking bare wall space. Also all this talk of books makes me want to get one and try them out, I love Game of thrones and most epic/high fantasy (sword and sorcery) types of books. What would you recommend as a starting book/ favorite series of the lot?
  11. Congrats on the weight loss! Now I really want to find that speech that @Tanktimus the Encourager posted. Sounds very motivational. Can you post a link?
  12. It seems @Akari and I had the exact same idea at the same time >_< in that case I'll take strength for 200 if I end up being a non-doodle or stick with 300 if I'm a doodle
  13. Is it too late to sign up for this week since we don't start till tomorrow? If so I'd be ok joining whichever team since we seem to have more doodles than not Also if I'm able to join I'll take strength for 300
  14. Thanks! Glad to have you here oh neat I just found the pictures on Google, so I'm not sure which one your referencing YEEESSH GoT can't wait for the new season Thanks! Always glad your here Nice! you'll have to tell us all about how it goes