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  1. 24 years old and I'm finally getting my first dog!!! :DDDDDDDDD

    1. The Swedish Ninja

      The Swedish Ninja

      Naaaawww, congrats! What are you getting??

    2. RedPandaOne
    3. Naaria


      Ninja, he's an American Bulldog x Pomeranian.. HAHA! Don't ask, I don't know! I'm just the adopter :) but he's sooooo adorable!!

  2. MFP Users! New update lets you manually choose your macros!! :DDDD

    1. thekatisalie


      Whaaaa - since when?!

    2. Rooks


      Hmm... still seems the same to me. Still stuck at setting increments of 5% on the website. We talking app or webpage here?

    3. Naaria


      therealkat, I updated this morning! not sure when it was released though

      Rooks, sorry, it's for the app!

  3. Bought myself a really nice matching plate and bowl! Smaller than usual dishes to help encourage smaller portions :3 It's silly how happy this is making me!

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    2. Waanie


      Sounds good :). What do they look like?

    3. Naaria


      I bought them from a store called Osaka, which is similar to T&T Supermarket, if you have it.. basically an asian supermarket. :o

      And Waanie, I'll post pics on my thread at some point!!

    4. Bekah


      that is great!

  4. This week will be better. A setback is just a set back. I can keep going. Maybe.

    1. Deslok


      A set back is just a tiny bump in a long long road.

    2. TheCrimsonFist


      Cut that maybe crap out. You've got the power to do anything you want.

  5. CURSE YOU NUMBER ON SCALE!!! Must.. not.. get.. discouraged!! >___<

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    2. Spark


      Don't get discouraged! I lost exactly one pound the whole first MONTH I was working on stuff from this website...but I was stronger all 'round and had lost strategic inches. You can do it!

    3. Naaria


      I *feel* awesome. Like I'm in the best shape of my life.. I can run without getting winded immediately. I can walk up stairs without getting winded. I feel like, in that sense, I've accomplished something but the numbers are still not on my side!! It's SO frustrating.

      And Spark... thank you. That gives me hope.. I'll keep at it.

    4. Waanie


      You said yourself that the scale is not always the best gauge. If you feel happier and stronger, then you are working out great. From what I saw from you, your eating habits were not really healthy and you are changing them now. This will almost always change your water balance (or whatever you call it in english), so not losing weight is not weird at all. How are your other measurements, are they changing positively? Just look at the long term, that is far more important than looking at thes...

  6. Feeling a little discouraged today.. :(

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    2. insanity


      Worry, is misuse of the imagination...

    3. Naaria


      I feel like I've come across three different super peaceful monks! Thank you guys. <3 Your words helped me get through the day yesterday.

    4. insanity


      Glad to hear it, just remember there's no sense in worrying about things. If you can change it, then do so, and if you can't, then don't. :-)

  7. WOW!! Got hired at a massage place and at a cupcake place a day apart! Life be good <3

    1. Waanie



    2. TheCrimsonFist


      I would advise against combining the two. Rubbing cupcakes on people is a messy thing, and leads to poor tips.

  8. I never thought the day would come when I would say this.. but I'm having a really, really hard time reaching my daily calorie intake of 1500.. wat do D:

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    2. Waanie


      Bacon and eggs, or fry some vegetables in a bit more oil/butter than you're used to.

    3. Teros


      cashews and raisins snack

    4. Naaria


      Thanks!! Unfortunately I can't eat eggs but I wouldn't mind slathering my veggies in butter.. bwahahaaaaa

  9. First Yoga class at a new studio.. super success. I feel fan-fucking-tastic

    1. Q_est


      yay! A good yoga class is a find.

  10. Had a really shitty day today. Instead of comfort eating, I played (am playing) the shit out of Sims 3 and drinking a bunch of water.. victory!!

    1. dodg1988
    2. The King of Lame

      The King of Lame

      Oh gods! You've gone mad with HEALTHY CHOICES!

  11. Worked hard yesterday ( walk + snowboard ).. thought I'd take it easy (no walk) today, since I'll be snowboarding again.. but my morning feels incomplete without it. I've never felt this way before. This is awesome.

  12. Back after a way-too-long hiatus.. gonna strap myself into the wagon this time!

  13. Spent two hours this morning (from 6AM) uhm.. "evacuating" from both ends. No more junk food, ever. Ever. EVER.

    1. stevembk


      Let that be a lesson to you!

    2. Naaria


      Oh trust me, I've learned my lesson. It wasn't even as satisfying as it used to be.. Healthy food is so much more delicious and satisfying than the shit I used to gorge on. Thank god!

  14. Totally not fitness related but FFXIV:ARR release date is announced! Aug 27! awww yiss

    1. milythael


      Hehehehe, nerd. :D Hooray for nerds.

  15. Craved bubble tea but bought ice cold water and chugged that instead! It's the little things.. :)

  16. How do you deal with your own insecurity in a relationship? That stupid voice.. I can't shut it up :/

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    2. cityalien


      Let your significant other know about your insecurities. Understanding each other's position goes a long way. If you ever need to talk, message me!

    3. Naaria


      Thank you Nara and cityalien. I'll try to replace the bad thoughts with good but it's really hard when you see your SO as an amazing person and yourself as.. not even close to amazing. He could be with anyone else and part of me thinks he's looking, or other people are looking to take him away. He's never given me a reason to believe he would cheat, but I don't know how happy he can be with me. ._.

    4. Nara


      I agree with cityalien :3 Let him know and that way both of you can work it out together!

  17. I swear that when I get back to the way my body looked when I was doing yoga regularly.. I'll never call myself fat again. No more put downs!

    1. Ba'sini'on
    2. otter905


      Start now! Why wait to stop calling yourself fat? Focus on the things you like about yourself and the changes that are happening in your body now!

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