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  1. It's hard to understand how it feels to be in the shoes of someone other than yourself, especially if that other person has an illness or what have you to deal with. But I think that because we are aware of that fact, we can be more gentle with ourselves, even if the others around us aren't. Love yourself first, don't second guess yourself. You're awesome and I know that whatever you decide to do will be for the best. Good luck!! BY THE WAY! FF = Final Fantasy, I'm talking 14 specifically It's an online MMO!! It's a lot of fun <3
  2. Ouch, that looks painful! Hopefully you heal up soon! What a great family you have
  3. Day 6 [4/20] Happy 4/20 and Easter everyone. Best or worst combination? I didn't end up doing anything yesterday, but I feel perfectly back to normal today thanks to that. Today I'm getting back into gear. Will update again at the end of the day. In other news, I'm going to meet a friend for a tattoo fitting (as in, resizing and editing the drawing as necessary) and if all goes well, I'll have the tattoo done by the 27th. It's been a couple of years since my last tattoo so I'm suuuper excited!! I also ended up buying some essential oils last night, as well as Rune Factory 4. I think I'm done spending money now (after the tattoo, at least). As for the first week, I think considering some of the things that happened I did really well. I didn't do ANY yoga or BBWW, but that's going to change this week. I'll make sure of it. Everyone is working so hard so I can't slack either! Happy week two everyone!
  4. Noooo not LoL! Play FF!! haha.. Great first week Waanie, you're amazing!
  5. Day 4-5 [4/18-19] The past two days have been a little less than alright. Friday was a normal day. I didn't have as much energy as I did on the Thursday but I got through the day. Although near the end of the day I just started to feel really shitty and got in quite a bad mood. I ate over my calories and was all around grumpy when I got home. I slept as early as I felt like I could fall asleep, hoping the next day would be better. 3:30AM hits and I wake up to go and puke my guts out. My stomach was on fire and I was SO DAMN UNCOMFORTABLE the entire time. I am the biggest wuss when it comes to stomach/intestinal pain and I would honestly rather die than have a stomach ache.. add puking into the mix and I am not a happy camper. I called in to work because I was up pretty much all morning after that laying in bed trying to sleep. Luckily my boss is understanding and let me stay home, but when it comes to work, people's understandings have limits. I think I need to start taking even better care of myself. I don't know if it was the leftover chinese food or just stress piling up, but whatever it was.. my body didn't like it. Today I may skip out on walking and will try to do some really gentle yoga when my headache goes away and I feel less gross in my body. I've only been up for about an hour and I already want to go back to bed, but I need to get something in my stomach. On the up-side, I get to stay home and hang out with my boyfriend. We haven't had much time to actually do much together, so despite all of the crappy stuff in the past day, at least I have him to look forward to.
  6. *hugs* Let yourself feel what you feel and honour that! Take a bath, take a leisurely walk, cry if you need to, do something that you will enjoy. Pamper yourself! Everyone has bad days and it's not a bad thing.
  7. Nax!! I've been doing something called Oil Pulling and (even though I don't consume and teeth staining products) my teeth are getting noticeably whiter!! All I do is melt coconut oil in hot water (I stick the container in a small bowl of hot water and wait for it to become liquid) and take a tablespoon of it and swish it around in my mouth for 20 mins. You should try it. Oil pulling (especially with coconut oil) really helps with stained teeth and helps protect against enamel destruction. No harm in trying I think!
  8. http://www.doyogawithme.com/ ? Also Kino McGregor (ashtanga!) has many videos on YouTube
  9. Happy Easter! I hope you have a great weekend with your family. That's really awesome of your mom, I wonder if she'd keep it up even after you leave! And about Loki, I don't know any of his other roles except Loki.. so I shall continue to call him Loki. Also I now have a crush on him. Thanks.
  10. Oh lord that looks so GOOD! I can nearly smell it from here as well!
  11. What a busy day Good for you for keeping up with your goals! Also, chocolate isn't so bad for you if it's got a high percentage, I'd say 70% is minimum.. but I can eat that stuff like milk chocolate. 80% is the sweet spot, not too sweet, not too bitter. Have a good day today
  12. There's something intensely satisfying about having sore glute muscles. Things only get better from there! What sort of self-care will you be doing on your rest day? If you work hard, you must play hard!
  13. It's funny how often that happens! Love your attitude about it And yes, I take the bus and the train. I just sit in a comfortable position and keep my spine as straight as possible and breathe.
  14. Day 4 [4/17] Wowwie!! It felt like such a busy day today. Work was quite steady all day and, though it wasn't stressful by any means, I was in such a rush to come home because I decided I would make spaghetti and turkey meatballs for dinner! I made it with ancient grain pasta, mushroom, spinach, diced tomato, lots of pepper, lots of thyme.. awww yeah.. I have it sitting right in front of me and I'm going to inhale it as soon as I'm done this update! I did my usual this morning, walked, oil pulled, etc. and I was in SUCH a good mood all day and I really, really hope that it lasts. I ALSO hope that whoever reads this gets a little bit of my happy energy because I have a lot to share. <3
  15. Bekah, that's absolutely amazing! I know for me personally, yoga helped me with my depression. Such a great path to be on!
  16. You get a spreadsheet, YOU get a spreadsheet, EVERYONE GETS A SPREADSHEET!! How's your energy feeling today my friend? Anyone think that the Blood Moon has anything to do with the low energy all around?
  17. I don't have any personal recommendations because I've recently only been meditating while commuting to work, but here's a list! Experiment, have fun! Keep it up!
  18. The important thing is you still meditated! Slumps are okay and sometimes necessary, just make sure you rest up enough to move through them!
  19. Congratulations!! Your happiness is so infectious! Happy and safe riding! ..also Loki can really move. His hips are tantalizing @__@
  20. Don't let low energy take away from your accomplishment of getting shit done despite having low energy
  21. Day 3 [4/16] Aiming for a great day today. Oil pulling as I type, will walk, and it's raining today. I see it as a way to wash off the woes of yesterday, and stay cool and refreshed while I walk to work! I didn't have the energy to make any food for lunch today, so I'm going to opt for the "healthiest" option at the food court today while I'm at work. Greek food isn't bad, right? :x I'll also be engaging in a little bit of retail therapy after work and will probably go buy myself a fancy new scale! Depending on my mood later on, I might even try to shop for some clothes as well. We shall see! Evening Update! Spent WAY too much on clothes but I got a lot of awesome things. Got a new dress, new shoes, a scale, some cute flowy shirts.. it was a good retail therapy session. Walked around A LOT. My feet feel like they're on fire!
  22. Oh man, I could spend ALL DAY in an essential oils store! It's bad. It's very bad. But oh so good. I initially hated the smell of vetiver but the heavy, muskiness of it really does bring me back down to earth. It's powerful and quite humbling. I'm also really liking citrusy scents like orange, lemon, and bergamot. I'm actually experimenting right now.. apparently lemon helps to break down fat, something about it triggering the metabolic area of your brain, as well as "melting" it in the places you apply it. So I've been rubbing lemon diluted with grape seed oil after my shower in the morning (similar to abhyanga in ayurveda!) on my belly and thighs and seeing if it will make a difference. If not, it smells awesome and keeps me alert so it's working in other ways regardless! Thank you Waanie! I appreciate it. I will sit at some point this week and try to find recipes as well. I'm also really glad that you made that spreadsheet! <3 Here's to a great second challenge!!
  23. If you have a smartphone, there are also meditation apps that have notifications that are much more gentle and won't scare you when you get deep into the state later on in your practice.. assuming you even have that problem in the first place! As for feeling fatigued, it would actually make that big of a difference Make sure you keep up with food intake and nutrition!
  24. Three days in a row with no crosses on red! Love it. I'm glad you're feeling better today. You're off to such a great start!
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