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  1. Steal away Waanie! Mi spreadsheet su spreadsheet! Well, I done fucked up already. Had a bad morning and it didn't get much better as the day went on. Ate over my calories (not by too, too much. but still), had sugar, and fries. I was going to go to yoga, but I think I'll just do something easy at home. Tomorrow will be better. edit: apparently vetiver, lavender, and a nap makes today better! I feel less grumpy after that. I changed "stay positive" to "self-care" in my spreadsheet which I think makes a lot more sense.
  2. I've finally figured it out! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvFArQiRaSV1dEo5bXZhblU4TnN0TlptLTNqZnk0WVE&usp=sharing should work. I've also updated the link on the OP. Day 2 [4/15] Somehow, I prefer to update in the morning with what I'll be doing, instead of at night stating what I've done. I feel I have more time in the morning, especially since I can't do much else when I'm oil pulling.anyway! I think I'll do my checklist at the end of the day, but will update with anticipated activities in the morning. Anyway, my mom slept in today so I won't have time to walk on the treadmill, so I'll be walking to/from the train today. I am also going to go to yoga after work today I'm quite excited. It'll be an ashtanga class so I'll be getting my ass handed to me for being so lazy these past few weeks! On a lighter note, MyFitnessPal finally made it so that we can manually adjust our macros on the phone app! So I spent a good chunk of my morning doing that, figuring out numbers.. it's so confusing. But I've got it down I think! I can't think of any foods to make this week for lunch. Any suggestions?
  3. MFP Users! New update lets you manually choose your macros!! :DDDD

    1. thekatisalie


      Whaaaa - since when?!

    2. Rooks


      Hmm... still seems the same to me. Still stuck at setting increments of 5% on the website. We talking app or webpage here?

    3. Naaria


      therealkat, I updated this morning! not sure when it was released though

      Rooks, sorry, it's for the app!

  4. The asthma could have been triggered by the (presumably) cold wind in your face. Don't let that discourage you!
  5. I think you'd lose CHA if you didn't wear it and your teeth went back to what they were prior to braces! Nice first day
  6. So, is the Google Docs link working for everyone? I feel like I might have given the wrong link!! Please let me know so I can change it. Day 1 [4/14] Walked for a grand total of 70 mins! I feel awesome!! Stayed under calories, caught myself being a jerk to my boyfriend and corrected it.. today was overall a really good day. As fate would have it, I didn't have any left over cupcakes to bring home from work so I don't have any temptations to worry about! Yay!! 4 AWESOME points with a total of 8 points for the day! That's a win
  7. Awesome! I'd love it if you would follow me I've already followed you!! Great start to the first day! Those pics are gonna be amazing to look back on when you've lost some inches where you want to lose them! Keep it up!!
  8. Great first day! I agree with trying yoga. It will make a huge difference in how you feel about yourself from the first class. Luckily yoga is getting megasuperpopular so it'll be easy to find a class, as well as discounts on classes!
  9. What an awesome start! Great job
  10. I made a Google Docs! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvFArQiRaSV1dEo5bXZhblU4TnN0TlptLTNqZnk0WVE#gid=6 That was really fun to do. It's satisfying to make things look nice and neat and organized. I ate some fried chicken tonight, but I ate half the amount that I normally would so.. not too bad I guess. So at the end of the day, I got 7 points, four of them being AWESOME points! Great start. I know I can keep it up throughout the whole challenge, so I will do my best
  11. Good luck with your challenge!! Turn your frustration into motivation! You've got this <3
  12. Google Docs to track your activities?!! YOU'RE A GENIUS!! <3 I'm totally going to steal that! I'd love to be your accountabilibuddy if you'll have me! I'll follow you now
  13. omfg I LOVE YOUR DRAWINGS!! I think you should get that meditation cushion sooner rather than later and really dive into meditation! And you can possibly reward yourself with something else after the challenge is done
  14. Haku, reading your post hits home for me. I have been in a similar boat as you for.. my whole life. Even our goals are quite similar. I want you to know that you're not alone. Anything and everything you want to become or achieve will eventually be yours. Don't give up!! I'll be following you and cheering you on.
  15. I miss being vegetarian but I somehow can't get myself to go back to it.. I need to put more thought into it. Nice to see such a dedicated guild leader!! You can do it!
  16. I love how organized you are!! Your OP is so structured that I might steal it in hopes that I'll attain some more structure in my life. Looking forward to how you progress!
  17. Gain with protein! Eat more chicken or beef or legumes, or with bigger portions. Find a delicious protein powder and have that for dessert! Good luck with your challenge! Your goals are beautifully realistic and attainable which is something I'm learning is super, super important.
  18. Beach lodge?! I'll be in the mountains with the snow!
  19. WAAAANNNIIIIIE <3 Thank you!! I'm going to spend today fine tuning this stuff. Your advice is great and I'm a very whimsy sort of person so someone as logical as you is definitely what I need to help keep me on track.
  20. Thank you everyone. Your kind words uplift me. I took photos last challenge and loved the progress that showed. I will definitely be doing it again this time around! Perhaps I should mention that in the OP. Naxius! What a great idea about the vanity club!! haha! I wonder if we can make a sticky of that? And we can make posts when we buy cute new clothes? I would love that.. I don't have many people in real life to share these things with other than my boyfriend! *hinthint to the mods* Waanie, I feel so blessed that we have crossed paths. It warms my heart to know that you were thinking of me enough to formulate the AWESOME points system for me! I'll edit the OP a bit and make it more manageable and more detailed, but I'll definitely be using your system. <3 edit: I've edited it now. Please don't hesitate to let me know what you think about it!! Day 0 [4/13] Update: I'm oil pulling as I type this! I'm going to walk once I finish. I took my first progress photos today. I'm debating whether I want to post them here.. but we'll see if I can muster up the courage. Last challenge I was measuring myself weekly but the numbers were so slight but added so much frustration. I might opt out of that unless my curiosity really needs to be fed. Speaking of fed, this morning I have a huge, awesome breakfast planned. Eggs benedict! Oh, did I mention that I CAN FINALLY EAT EGGS without dying? I don't know why it was even a thing to begin with but.. when I was at the store I decided to buy organic, free-run/range eggs and ate those with no pain! So anyway, eggs benedict!! I know it will be hella calorie dense but I'll limit the hollandaise and I have a sweet potato to roast, as opposed to a russet. The eggs are going to be on a bed of avocado instead of ham/bacon/whatever. I bought mushrooms and have some spinach to sautee for the side. I only thought of this now but I should have searched for whole grain english muffins.. I unfortunately only have white.. but it'll be delicious regardless. Damn this is gonna be good. Happy day zero everyone. <3 Will update again at the end of the day.
  21. 1.5 because I didn't quite make it to 2.0 last challenge. This time, I'm gonna rock my goals and do it with a smile on my face. My ultimate goal is still to reach 130-135lbs, which is now only 7-12lbs away (down from 10-15lb)! So some progress has been made! However, something that I found last time was that I felt like a million bucks even though the scale wasn't looking the way I wanted it to. I'm going to do my very best to not let that discourage me from progressing even further. It seems so counter-intuitive looking back, but in the moment all I wanted to do was drown in cheesecake and cookies. Not happening. I want to improve my relationship with when/why/how I eat food. I want to eat once every two hours with a cut off at 8PM. I want to eat food that will sustain me, energize my body, and make me feel good. Sometimes that's not always going to be the best tasting things. Some questions I need to consciously ask myself are: Do I REALLY need that piece of cheesecake at 9:05PM? Am I going to starve if I don't grab a second helping of dinner? Is the hunger I feel in my belly really THAT bad, that I need to eat something RIGHT NOW? I want to improve my outward look, as in the way I dress, hold myself, or present myself to others. Whenever I walk into a store, especially if it's at the same time as someone else, I find that the clerks will happily greet the other person, but look at me and then look away, basically just ignore me. Well, before yesterday my response was with self-pity. I must look weird. I must be unlovable. They must know what a terrible person I am. Well, yesterday I was in a particularly good mood overall and decided to make faces at myself in the mirror while washing my hands. Then I decided to make my neutral face. Oh my god you guys, I have THE bitchiest resting face. Like, they coined the term because of me. I looked like I was looking for someone to kill. It was hilarious how MAD I looked. So I've decided to always have at least a slight smile on my face at all times. As for dressing better, I want to overthrow my current wardrobe and get nicer clothes. I dress mostly in tank tops, yoga pants, sweaters/jackets if weather calls for it. Comfy clothes. I want to find comfy, nice-looking clothes. I know it's possible. This year, I want to be comfortable wearing shorts. In public. Without leggings underneath. I started wearing dresses without leggings last year or so (YAY!) so it's possible. I just need to lose inches on my thighs before I feel comfortable attempting it. Well, now for the big question! How am I going to reach these goals? I will walk, do yoga, do jumping jacks in my room, chase my cat around, ANYTHING.. to keep moving. At least 30 minutes a day. If I don't have time to walk on the treadmill, I will walk to and from the train for work/errands/whatever. It's 20 mins each way so 40 mins a day JUST LIKE THAT. Self, it's really that easy. Don't be lazy. Yoga 2x week, Walk 6x week = STR +2, STA +3, DEX +1 I will use my fancyshmancy new dishes that I splurged on to help with portioning as much as possible. I will be more meticulous with portioning my food in general. I will buy a digital scale at some point this weekend or next. I will eat better food in general. For this challenge this means less fried foods, less sugar, substitute healthier options for meals. Stay within calorie range. Eating well will improve my overall mood. It always does. Home cooked meals 2x Week with better, more accurate portioning = CON +2 I will slowly replace my old clothing with new, pretty clothing. I will stay within my budget (since I'm trying to move out soon) by shopping smart! Clearance, sales, deals, no expensive stores! I will be true to my Taurus spirit and be frugal and smart with my money! I work way too hard to throw it away on junk! Get a few Spring/Summer outfits and actually feel awesome and confident when I wear it = CHA +3 I will do my best to be a better girlfriend and better person all around. This is for the sake of future me, and for my boyfriend who is supporting me with everything he's got. We met through sheer luck, through everything lining up the way it should and we ended up together. I am so blessed and so thankful for the chance to be the girl he loves. I'm happier than I have ever been. I meet him for the first time on May 11 (FOUR WEEKS OH MY GOD). I will not let past experiences cloud the love, happiness and sunshine that I experience with this guy. I can't fuck it up. I won't. 3 AWESOME points a day or 21 a week = WIS +4 If I am able to do any of these following things, I get an AWESOME point for the day! I will take progress pictures weekly and, instead of feeling bad, I will be grateful for my effort and progress.I will meditate daily if I can, even if it's closing my eyes on the train and breathing.I will use aromatherapy to help control cravings and keep feelings in check.I won't let toxic thoughts dictate how I feel. I will stay positive.I will smile at people I see. If at least one smiles back, AWESOME point for me!I will oil pull regularly! Thank you guys. Good luck everyone!! Made a Google Docs thing! IT'S AWESOME!!
  22. Go Waanie! I'll be supporting you in every way I can!! <3
  23. Thank you Bekah! I will definitely be following you. Since I didn't make it to level 2, I need to make a thread in the Level 1 Rebels still, right? Just want to clarify because according to the FAQ: If this is your first challenge, you have to post in the Level 1 Rebels group. In order to move to a guild, you have to have completed at least four weeks of a challenge successfully. That means you have to join in the first two weeks. If you join after the first two weeks, you need to do your second challenge in the Level 1 Group but I made it through 4 weeks.. just didn't hit level 2! So confused!
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