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  1. Waanie, I think that's a great idea! We can be accountabili-buddies! <3 And yeah I just.. don't have the discipline. I fell out of walking, but I started up again today. I can't let myself slip.. I can't.
  2. Alrighty, well I didn't rock the last few days, but I did walk today, which makes me happy. I've decided I won't level up because I honestly didn't do enough to deserve it. But I'm already taking steps to do better when the next challenge starts. I'll be using aromatherapy as much as possible to help curb hunger, stress, depression.. all those things make me want to stuff myself to the brim with delicious, fatty food. I'll do my very, very best to go to yoga twice a week.. but it's hard considering my schedule. But I'll still try. Otherwise, I will walk every morning. If I don't have time to walk, I'm gonna do SOMETHING, ANYTHING to get my heart rate up. Jumping jacks, squats, run in circles in my room.. anything. I walk to the train most mornings, but I will work on walking to it every morning. ..That's all for now. I'll come back and finish my thoughts later. Adding: Okay. I think I've decided to resign from the Druid status. I don't have the time/extra money to be spending on a yoga membership right now. I might work on getting into the BBWW stuff and other bodyweight training.. and will definitely keep up and add to my cardio load.
  3. Bought myself a really nice matching plate and bowl! Smaller than usual dishes to help encourage smaller portions :3 It's silly how happy this is making me!

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    2. Waanie


      Sounds good :). What do they look like?

    3. Naaria


      I bought them from a store called Osaka, which is similar to T&T Supermarket, if you have it.. basically an asian supermarket. :o

      And Waanie, I'll post pics on my thread at some point!!

    4. Bekah


      that is great!

  4. Give yourself time and try to listen to what it's asking of you. If rest is what you need, you should give yourself the time to Hope you feel better soon!
  5. Thanks for checking in Waanie <3 I finally feel normal today. I'll do what I can for the last few days. I don't know if I'm allowed to level up since I pretty much didn't do anything for 1.5 weeks.. I don't feel like I deserve it. Opinions?
  6. Week 6 numbers 144lb(+), waist 29.25"(+), hips 38"(-), thighs 24.5"(=), calves 15.5"(=) Somehow the hips going down is disappointing.. doesn't that mean that my butt's getting smaller? Noooo... Anyway.. last week of the challenge. I have no idea how it's going to play out. My mood is still way low. I don't know if I can take the last steps to finish this challenge well. At the very least I could stop eating over my calories.. Gah.
  7. Congratulations!! And yes it makes a HUGE difference. I personally weigh myself in the morning, before I've had/done ANYTHING (water, breakfast, exercise). Your weight can fluctuate by as much as 10lb on the extreme side between morning and night! Usually for me it's anywhere between 1-5lbs. What does your diet consist of? I know when I eat rice and pasta I bloat like no tomorrow..
  8. Waanie, ratatouille sounds so simple and so delicious x__x when I get my next big cheque I'll have to gather those ingredients and make it!! I will report back! Thank you for your continued support. <3 I finally got back on track today. I ate a fuckload of junk this past week. Did not count calories. Ate McDonald's. Shot up to 146. Not happy, but today I feel like I can make my way back down the scale. Newenham, yeah, you're right. Luckily I've been so good the past few weeks that my binge this week wasn't THAT bad. It could have been much worse.
  9. That really sucks to hear. I hope you heal up quickly and well! Don't think of the challenge as over, think of it as changed! Now your goal is recovery, instead of muscle building! Perhaps you can look up what foods are known to help with healing of muscles. I know upping proteins in general would be helpful. Perhaps if you're into cleanses, do a light, easy one! Good luck, don't give up. Just change the way you're going to reach your goal!
  10. If you push yourself while you're injured, you run the risk of further injuring yourself and having an even longer down time with worse/more scar tissue to deal with. I vote Final Fantasy.
  11. Objective POV suggestion: Toss a coin. Your gut instinct will tell you what you want the most as the coin is making its way back down into your palm. That's the idea anyway. Personal suggestion: If you're happier with the way you feel and look now compared to the you from 32 days ago.. It can potentially be a really steep slope that feels more like a cliff! I slipped and ate some junk food and I can't seem to stop. ;___;
  12. This week will be better. A setback is just a set back. I can keep going. Maybe.

    1. Deslok


      A set back is just a tiny bump in a long long road.

    2. TheCrimsonFist


      Cut that maybe crap out. You've got the power to do anything you want.

  13. You look amazing!! You're such an inspiration! I think if you're going to become a yoga teacher, then you might be a Druid!
  14. Even though I was bad about food and exercise this week, my numbers stayed relatively the same. For that I am grateful.. but it's back to work now!! 144.2lb(+), waist 29"(=), hips 38.5"(=), thighs 24.5"(=), calves 15.5"(+)
  15. This past week has been difficult and long. I'm bloated because I gave in to my emotional-eating temptations and have the belly to show for it! Today, I'm going to take a day and recuperate by the time Monday rolls around, I'll be back to relatively normal routine!
  16. Do something new, fun and exciting to get you motivated again! Spring is a lazy time.. it gets all comfortable and whatnot. But I totally feel ya.. I can feel myself slipping and it's a little worriesome, but it happens to everyone I'm sure and we just have to chug along and get through it! You've been doing great so far! Keep it up!
  17. impi, yes but it's SOOO fun!! What other styles of yoga do you do? Waanie, as the days go by I'm calming down more and more about it. I'm still not pleased with her decision on how to treat us, so I'm not sure if things will ever go back to how they were. This event was the straw that broke the camel's back. There are other things that I won't get into that greatly contribute to how I feel now. Work is great, I'm learning new things every day. Both are quite easy jobs which I admittedly love. I'm totally a lazy butt. So far I'm really loving that mustard chicken that I mentioned a week or so back. I've had it once a week since! Well, since you're offering, send over your favourite recipe! <3 Newenham, thank you. <3 You're right, of course. It's easier to be more understanding now that the rage has calmed down. You're very right. I should focus on what makes me happy.. in any situation.
  18. Thank you Waanie. <3 Day 22-24 (Tues-Thurs) It's been a really long week. Working lots and lots. Luckily it hasn't been that busy at massage so I spend a lot of time sitting around doing almost nothing most of the time.. which is great. Emotionally, I've had an incredibly long week coming to terms with a few things to do with my parents. Long story short, I have terrible parents and I'm just now realizing the extent of their bullshit. As kids, it's so easy to be blinded by the idea that they know everything.. they must. They're old. They're our parents for Christ's sake. On my way home from work yesterday, I thought I might start accepting that fact and moving towards a place of peace with it. Then my mom let out her uber bitch and I just wouldn't have it. Who guilt trips their kid just because they "talk back" to them? "I just wish my kids loved me enough to blahblahblah" she said. Which was her response because I was getting snippy at her being a smart ass "if I don't buy food, the kitchen won't be dirty anymore" she says. I do not take kindly to bullshit. I don't care if it's my mom or the fucking pope. If you're being unfair and stupid, you're going to get called out on it. She didn't like that, so she resorted to a guilt trip. I told her that I don't appreciate being guilt tripped and she said that, "she doesn't do it to just me." She does it to my whole family in order to get what she wants. She just had to up the ante for me because I was "talking back". I call it standing up for myself. I lost any and all love and respect for her in those moments. ... I'm going to leave that there. That was cathartic. I munched out last night. I don't feel good about it but it was necessary in the moment. The rest of the week will be spent trying to normalize my emotions and shrink my late night pasta belly.
  19. http://yogadoctors.com/DrEdenGoldmanBlog/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/8_24_YJ-CHAIR-POSE-LONG-HOLD.jpg ?! With less knee-bendage? If you hold it long even with only-slightly-bent-knees you'll really feel the burn!! You can also get some extra stretching on by doing this! http://www.onlineyogaguru.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/118-yoga.jpg
  20. Congrats on quitting WoW! It's a hard thing to shake 30 days included with purchase of the game. If you wait around, they sometimes have some pretty sick deals going on!!
  21. I LOOOOOVE THE SHIT OUT OF FFXIV!! That is all. It's the first MMO since RO and WoW that gave me that feeling of wonder and awe and amazement. Highly suggest you play, but I'm very biased. Look it up The grind isn't too bad and endgame is quite fun. We have a major content patch coming up on the 27th as well. If you decide to play, I'm on Leviathan!!
  22. It's probably because you're quite new to it! Give your body some time to get used to the fact that there's food in it first thing in the morning! I was the opposite; I would be dizzy and quite angry if I didn't have breakfast in the morning.. that lasted quite a while. Now I sometimes forget to eat breakfast at all!
  23. I'm sorry about the double post ;___; what the heck! That's twice today!
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