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  1. Good luck to all of you!! It begins tomorrow! runnin, I'll let you know for sure if/when I start seeing results!
  2. Had a really shitty day today. Instead of comfort eating, I played (am playing) the shit out of Sims 3 and drinking a bunch of water.. victory!!

    1. dodg1988
    2. The King of Lame

      The King of Lame

      Oh gods! You've gone mad with HEALTHY CHOICES!

  3. The important thing is that you're not giving up! Good luck!
  4. Hello fellow masseuse! I find that just keeping up proper biomechanics is a damn good workout for my legs! I set my table one notch lower so I'm forced to bend my knees more Congratulations and good luck!!
  5. You can always have quality time with your family before or after your workout. I don't think anyone would blame you for wanting to take x amount of time a day to better yourself. You got this!!
  6. Such a detailed plan. You can really tell that you're into this! Good luck!!
  7. Ranger/Assassin.. sounds like a dangerous combo (in a good way, of course!) Good luck!
  8. You've got a great looking plan down! Good luck
  9. Thanks a lot good luck with yours as well!
  10. Once upon a time, long, long ago, I was an avid yogi and I was in the best shape of my life. My self-esteem was at its peak and I could not be happier. I met a boy and, long story short, I made some shitty decisions, moved in with him, fell out of yoga and put on all the weight I lost and then some.. for good measure I guess. Throughout the time with him, I've been half-assedly trying to get back to that place where I was fit and happy with the way my body looked. I never was able to stick to it, all the while losing confidence because it was a pretty shitty relationship, now that I look back on it. Now that we've broken up, I have nothing to show for the sacrifices I made to my health except a belly and lowered self-esteem. As the days go by, I find myself more and more afraid about being/staying weak, being winded climbing up stairs, or hell, even walking to the bus stop.. I'm tired of it! I'm a young, able bodied girl with more than enough energy to do what I know is right for me. SO.. SELF, DO IT ALREADY DAMN IT!! I think I've jumped back on the wagon at the perfect time! Just in time for a 6-week challenge Since this past Monday, I've been doing fasted cardio in the morning, combined with intermittent fasting and I feel. fucking. awesome!! I've never felt this enthusiastic about my routine ( even back then, sometimes going to yoga was a drag! ) so needless to say, I'm damn excited to start this challenge! Main Quest - lose ~10-15lb, which would put me at 130-135lb.. and/or lose my belly, and drop some inches from my thighs. whichever comes first. the scale isn't always the best gauge Quest Items (goals) - Treadmill: keep up the fasted cardio at least 5 days a week - Yoga Mat & Snowboard: do either at least 2 days a week. can be a combination of yoga once, snowboarding once or yoga twice/snowboarding twice - Basket of Fruits and Veggies & Measuring Cups: eat better food. no more feeding my body shit like McDonald's or wings or that kind of stuff out of "convenience" or laziness. be strict about calorie intake Life Side Quest Complete!! - get two part time jobs: one in massage ( my career of choice ) and one for extra income ( massage if possible, but anything that won't drive me insane is fair game ). continue working on my own business. don't give up on it.. even if it gets hard Quest Reward (motivation) - feel confident, sexy, healthy, and GOOD about myself for when I meet my (new, super awesome, supportive) boyfriend for the first time in May!
  11. Worked hard yesterday ( walk + snowboard ).. thought I'd take it easy (no walk) today, since I'll be snowboarding again.. but my morning feels incomplete without it. I've never felt this way before. This is awesome.

  12. Mmmm.. yum. I've got plain old quick cook oats and they're just not cutting it anymore. How is the flavor with steel cut oats?
  13. I looove eggs. I used to eat eggs pretty much every morning.. so imagine my heartbreak when I suddenly (literally suddenly, overnight it seems) developed an allergy to them. What are some things you guys eat for breakfast that doesn't include eggs? I know there's yogurt, granola, oatmeal.. etc.. but I need more ideas!
  14. Back after a way-too-long hiatus.. gonna strap myself into the wagon this time!

  15. Spent two hours this morning (from 6AM) uhm.. "evacuating" from both ends. No more junk food, ever. Ever. EVER.

    1. stevembk


      Let that be a lesson to you!

    2. Naaria


      Oh trust me, I've learned my lesson. It wasn't even as satisfying as it used to be.. Healthy food is so much more delicious and satisfying than the shit I used to gorge on. Thank god!

  16. Totally not fitness related but FFXIV:ARR release date is announced! Aug 27! awww yiss

    1. milythael


      Hehehehe, nerd. :D Hooray for nerds.

  17. May 22 ; BBWW 20/20/20 10/10/10 20/20/20 0/0/0 10/15/15 30/30/30 Omitted the dumbbell rows because I don't have anything heavy enough. Damn I'm tired. x-x
  18. May 21 ; 30 min ashtanga and a looot of walking. I'm tired today. Finally back to working after a month long break and while it's a good thing, I already miss sleeping in and having no obligations. Will try to bike today after work, we'll see how I feel. edit; didn't get to bike.. it started raining
  19. Craved bubble tea but bought ice cold water and chugged that instead! It's the little things.. :)

  20. May 17 ; 30 min ashtanga, couldn't bike because of the rain Wasn't a good practice, mind was totally elsewhere. Note to self, don't do a workout and have something in the oven at the same time..
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