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  1. How do you deal with your own insecurity in a relationship? That stupid voice.. I can't shut it up :/

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    2. cityalien


      Let your significant other know about your insecurities. Understanding each other's position goes a long way. If you ever need to talk, message me!

    3. Naaria


      Thank you Nara and cityalien. I'll try to replace the bad thoughts with good but it's really hard when you see your SO as an amazing person and yourself as.. not even close to amazing. He could be with anyone else and part of me thinks he's looking, or other people are looking to take him away. He's never given me a reason to believe he would cheat, but I don't know how happy he can be with me. ._.

    4. Nara


      I agree with cityalien :3 Let him know and that way both of you can work it out together!

  2. I don't like the idea of wasting paper when I could just write it all down here and in the process use it for some accountability. My basic stats are: 23 year old female, 5'2" ~140lbs. When I was practicing yoga regularly I was 135, but I also had much less fat, and more muscle. I am SO WEAK now and I hate it. Even then, I was a really shitty vegetarian during that time so I know I could have been much stronger if I put more thought and research into losing weight healthily. My goal is to get to where I once was, but healthier. Stronger. Faster! Goals get fit and healthy, no more being winded walking up stairsI know numbers aren't "good", but hitting 125 would be amazingease into non-strict paleo diet. will cut rice, pasta etc, but potatoes must stayget friggin good at snowboardingmeat only one meal a daydabble in parkour So my basic workout will look like this, and will up it as I get stronger: Sunday: off dayMonday: yogaTuesday: bikingWednesday: BBWW or Angry BirdsThursday: bikingFriday: yoga, bikingSaturday: off day It's finally time to stop making excuses for why I'm not exercising.. so here we go. First off, just to make note of what I've already done.. May 07 ; 20 min bike, mostly uphill. felt like dying, so I took it easy on the way back home May 08 ; 15 min bike, to store and back. supposed to be an off day but the store is "far" and walking is really inconvenient since I started biking May 09 ; 45 min bike, 30 min yoga. a little too much for one day, but minimal soreness May 10 ; 30 min yoga, feels good man May 12 ; 30 min yoga, feels really good May 14 ; BBWW Squats: 20/10/10 Knee Push Ups: 10/10/5 Lunges: 20/6/6 Rows: 10/10/10 ~5lb? I used an 8 year old laptop.. need to get free weights Plank: 25/15/15 JJacks: 0/50/30 notes: squats + lunges really friggin burn. As I write this, two days later, my thighs are still sore! I forgot about jumping jacks the first set, which is why the last set of numbers look silly. At least I know now what numbers I'll be aiming for with BBWW in the future.
  3. I swear that when I get back to the way my body looked when I was doing yoga regularly.. I'll never call myself fat again. No more put downs!

    1. Ba'sini'on
    2. otter905


      Start now! Why wait to stop calling yourself fat? Focus on the things you like about yourself and the changes that are happening in your body now!

  4. Thank you both for replying. My current activity level is light.. so good call on the "too much too soon". I was trying to think about how to not be lazy but I guess I didn't factor in enough resting time. How about this, for the first maybe month or so? Or should I do this for longer than that? Sunday: biking Monday: yoga Tuesday: biking Wednesday: BBWW and/or Angry Birds Thursday: biking Friday: yoga, biking Saturday: off day I figure since Saturday I'll have the whole day for resting, yoga+bike on Friday would be okay?
  5. If you're going to sit in a chair, don't lean back into the back rest, you may fall asleep and we don't want that. If you're going to sit on the floor, use a cushion for your butt if you feel a stretch in your hips, or the outside area of your thighs. Remember that in most cases, you'll be sitting in one position for at least 10 minutes so you want to be comfortable. If you're sitting cross legged, your legs may fall asleep. Other people's opinions may differ but I try to just breathe through it UNLESS it starts to hurt. If it does, I slowly and consciously straighten my legs out and depending on the session, I'll ease myself back into "reality" or go back into position and meditate some more. Your spine must be straight. Your legs could be in perfect full lotus and your shoulders could be pulled back and melting down your back like nothing but if your spine isn't straight, you're losing over half the battle. Try this: sit ( whether on the ground or in a chair ) comfortably and then while inhaling, really exaggerate sitting straight up like you're back in Kindergarten and your teacher is telling you sit up straight. Now, as you exhale and without slouching or losing your form, soften your muscles. And by that I mean try to "unflex" your muscles. In your face, your shoulders, your legs, etc. Parts of your body will move a little bit but the point is to take the stress of holding up your bones away from your muscles and leave the support to your bones.. does that make sense? For example, when I do this, my spine goes from curving inwards at my lower back towards my stomach when I inhale, to a more "neutral" position when I exhale. When my spine is like this --> ( it's the muscles holding it in place. However, when my spine is more like this --> | , my bones feel like they're stacked onto each other and I don't have to work as hard to hold myself up. I really hope this is making sense so far, haha. As for actually meditating, there are a lot of different types you can engage in. I'm not knowledgeable in those areas so I can't help you there, but usually when I meditate I just like to slow it all down. I start off by counting ( in my head ) as I begin to inhale. One-inhale exhale. Two-inhale exhale. ( note: I don't say "inhale/exhale", just the number in my head ) Up to 10, and then I start counting over again. I really like this method because you'll find that if you're not concentrating enough, you may find yourself at 17 before you realize you've gone over 10. Or, if you're trying too hard, you won't know if you just skipped 5 and went straight to 7. You don't want to zone out while meditating, and you don't want to stress your brain out by thinking way too hard about which number is coming next. Eventually when I've relaxed enough, I'll drop the counting and just breathe. If a thought pops into my head, I imagine a cloud appearing around that thought as I inhale, and as I exhale, I blow the cloud away. In meditation we don't become unaware of the things around us, but instead we become hyper-aware and try to be hyper-accepting. When you walk into a room where someone is meditating, it isn't as if they don't notice you enter the room, or walk around trying to be quiet. They do notice, and that's it. We try to avoid thinking "damn it, hurry up and get out so I can continue meditating". It's more like "someone entered the room".. and that's it. Just the fact, no feelings, no followup, no nothing. Of course, this is all much easier said than done, but with practice it'll become a breeze. My last and possibly most important piece of advice, based on my own personal experiences: do not quickly open your eyes and stand up as you normally would at the end of your session and start working away at whatever it is you want/need to work on. I especially stress this if you've achieved a deep state of meditation. If you're deep into meditation and you open your eyes and start to dart around, you will get a massive headache and it will HURT. Again, this is just based on my personal experience. I give myself an extra 2-5 minutes afterwards--or more if I was in a deep state--of just breathing and thinking about "bringing myself back into my body" before I open my eyes. Afterwards, I'll sit and start moving my arms and legs, stretching with my eyes open for another ~5 minutes. I find it really keeps me connected to that meditative state longer than if I rush to get stuff done right afterwards. Please let me know if none of this made sense and I'll try to say it in another way.
  6. Most/all of my workouts will be at least 30 minutes long for the first while, until my body gets back into the idea of "moving". So far this is what I'm thinking: Sunday: biking only ( will try for an hour ) Monday: yoga ( ashtanga/rocket/vinyasa.. so somewhat intense ) Tuesday: "Beginner Body Weight Workout", biking Wednesday: yoga, biking Thursday: "Angry Birds" or BBWW, biking Friday: yoga Saturday: some strength training only Now, on Tues-Thurs, am I putting my body through too much? Am I not letting my body rest enough between workouts? I prefer to work out in the evening after school/work so I think that gives my body ample resting time but I'm really not sure. Thanks in advance for anything that you can help me with
  7. Thanks for the welcome I'll check out Zuzana tonight! Hmm, I'd like to go for physical awesomeness where I excel and not be winded going up stairs.. and look hot There's also a lot of fat in my thighs that I really want gone. My dream is to have thighs that aren't attached to each other. I know you can't "spot reduce", so I think if I keep the cardio and some strength training up eventually my thighs will shrink.
  8. Hello everyone, nice to meet you all I came across this site when I found the article on Staci's amazing transformation. I was really inspired! Today is actually my birthday and I'm using today as a marker for a day to get rid of my baggage ( physical, mental, emotional, spiritual ). I'm currently standing at 5'2", 140lbs, 23 years old. My shitty scale tells me I'm 20.4% body fat but there's no way that's true! My belly tells me otherwise. I use MFP and have my calories set to 1600 which I stay under for the most part, but I do have to admit that I'm still eating pizza and wings a little too often.. but I'm working on it. My BMR is ~1475 and my TDEE is ~1730. I am ( apparently ) a Druid as my favourite mode of exercise is yoga. I was doing yoga regularly for two years before I moved away from my rent-free parent's house which was a five minute walk to the studio, to a $410/mo apartment with my boyfriend including a minimum fourty minute transit ride. Needless to say.. I fell off the wagon completely and I've put back on all the weight that I lost in those two years. I know I could have done home practice but it's hard ( boohoo, I know, cry me a river right? ) to keep up with. I've been looking for a community to try to become a part of but my primary concern being games.. I've never really been knowledgeable in fitness.. so the "usual" fitness sites were a little bit intimidating. So I'm REALLY I'm glad I found this place I'm ready to work hard and get healthy again! My current, rough plan for weight loss is: riding my bike 3x a week. I have almost zero stamina so what I'm doing now is riding a mostly uphill bike route near my house until I can't ride anymore, and then ride the downhills back. I'm not sure if this is legit or helpful in any way, so please let me know otherwise!yoga 3x-5x a week. I have a few different videos/DVDs to follow so this shouldn't be too hard. It's just a matter of getting my butt into gear. My favourite style of yoga is Rocket and Ashtanga which are both quite intensebody weight training 3x-5x a week. I'll be following the http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2009/12/09/beginner-body-weight-workout-burn-fat-build-muscle/ guide, so hopefully I won't suck at working out maintain 1500-1700 calorie intake Sooo.. there we go! Thanks for reading my rambling. If you have any questions or suggestions for me please don't hesitate to ask or tell! I'm totally open to anything
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