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  1. Hello! I finally have internet again! I know I've been absent almost the whole first two weeks, but that definitely doesn't mean I've forgotten. Well, I mean, I've forgotten some things, like what I made for dinner last week, but I know there were definitely 3 paleo options, even if I'm the only one that took that path. This week I made a big mess of pulled pork that I used in a few recipes, once for a hash, once for stuffed potatoes, and Nate was still able to make himself barbecue sandwiches a few times. I also made a pretty good pork stir fry last night, with rice for Nate. Tonight I'll m
  2. Haha, sometimes I feel like Nate IS a child... But we sat down and had a good conversation and both decided that as long as I throw him a bone every couple meals, he's perfectly willing to try my zucchini noodles and mashed cauliflower. Now if I could just get the ice cream out of the house... :-P
  3. Hello Fellow Rebels! I'm writing this from a Starbucks WiFi connection, still won't have my own internet for another 2 weeks. Last challenge was difficult to keep up with for this same reason, plenty of things happening and victories to track, but no way to alert people! Even now, I'm probably going to have to leave before I can finish, so I'll try to make this quick. Even though I'm a HORRENDOUSLY slow typist. My main quest for this challenge is to get ready for law school, which will start a month into the challenge. Then I'll have 2 weeks of classes to assess my preparedness and make an
  4. Hey Rebel Family! So I've been off in a land with no Internet, a land called Moving Apartments. I haven't forgotten my challenge! It's just that time warner cable won't be setting up our internet until the first week of August. I have been trying to maintain healthy habits, it's just been a crazy month and no ability to catch up on here. I'm typing all this out on my phone and my hand's already cramping [emoji39] So in the last month I have trained an entire new division at my job, left that job, moved 300 miles to Austin, and now we're unpacking everything and getting ready for me to start l
  5. I could just fall into that picture, what a beautiful hike!
  6. Happy vacationing! Can't wait to hear all about it when you return
  7. You know, it's actually pretty easy to make your own larabars, they're basically a half and half mix of dates and nuts with whatever dried fruit you want thrown in for flavor. The high sugar content mostly comes from the dates.
  8. Gotta love a good crockpot recipe! It seems like you're rocking out so far, I bet it feels good to be back in the swing of things
  9. DFTBAmanda

    Ems 10.0

    Hey Ems! How long does it usually take you to cook for the week? Do you have a routine to save time? It always takes me hours of planning and a full day of cooking just to have food for 3 days :-P
  10. Amanda=mesmerized What you've been doing is so freaking cool! I have to look deeper into GMB.
  11. So... multiquote isn't working on this tablet. Neither is linking in my signature. Come to think of it, neither is picture loading. This could just be another one of those fun little quirks that Windows 8 has, or... it could be fixable by adjusting the settings? Anyone know? Aaaaanywho, This week has been full of both highs and lows. There have been great triumphs! And dismal, dismal failures. Let's start with goal #1. I actually did both workouts that I set out to do, one on Thursday, and one just a few minutes ago. While my rep number was very very small compared to where I was once upon
  12. I'll have to track down your thread! It's definitely good to be back. Keeping it simple for the win!
  13. Thanks Blaidd! I'll probably throw in something spicy if I can keep up with this for a few weeks, I'm excited to see how it goes!
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