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  1. Day 32: Walked, no mindful meal. Day 33: Walked, no mindful meal. Day 34: Walked, no mindful meal. Day 35: Walked, no mindful meal. I think that's probably a B for goal 1 and something awful for goal 2 this past week. Day 36: Walked, mindful meal, binge. Food is pretty off the rails this week and despite having a couple of days off (thankfully) a couple of other responsibilities have made it more of a challenge to find time to sit down and reflect on this. I know fitness has to be a top priority, but I feel like if I make it a top priority, job/career stuff will suffer (badly). So, even
  2. I haven't had much time to keep up with posting and following in part because work is crazy. I'm taking days off, but now there's this whole other thing going on that is eating into my days off, to the point where I might decline a lunch on monday because I'm already going to be coming in on my days off to do... stuff. That will put my mind on work. Which is exactly what I don't need. I can't really ask my work friends to come out to me for lunch, but even travelling to the area to eat somewhere is going to stress me out unnecessarily. Day 29: No walk. The ten hour days are really wearing
  3. Day 26: Goal 1: Walked at lunch, slightly longer walk. Lots of ice on the ground, which shortened my route, but still managed a kilometer and a half. Worked late and binged on pizza instead of getting another good walk in - dumb, because it was foggy and fog is my favorite. Sunday I may give myself a break on walking, or will likely keep it short, as I'm helping someone move and that will probably be just about all I can handle. Today there's fresh snow on the ground and I'm not sure how gung ho I'll be to do my planned longer walk - my toes have been acting up a lot as well. We'll see. Goa
  4. Day 24: Goal 1: Walked after work. I've been doing an easier, flatter walk, where there's a hill right at the start but then it's basically all flat sidewalk, which is partly because I don't want to be out on the fun path when it's so icy. I'll have to catch up my some kms on the weekend to stay on track for rivendell. Goal 2: No mindful meals. Binge of sorts on lasagna. Like garfield. Day 25: Goal 1: Walked at lunch - not even 1 km. Left foot is giving me the business and it's not even my toe, it's somewhere in the middle of the ball of my foot. Sigh. It did make my afternoon much more sa
  5. You're doing fantastic with the consistency. Great stuff.
  6. Day 22: Goal 1: Walked when I got home, shins were sore (kinda odd). Goal 2: Did I have a mindful meal yesterday? That was so long ago. Um... Yeah, not sure I did. Wait! Yes, yes I did. It was a tea-time kind of meal where I eat the rest of my lunch late because there wasn't time to eat it all and because I won't get home in time to avoid the risk of hypoglycemia. It was peaceful. The Indian Slow-Cooker Cookbook is the bomb so far. Day 23: Goal 1: Walked when I got home even though I didn't leave work until 6. Had a mindful breakfast (homemade even). Ate some dumb breakroom food at work
  7. Yay, wobbly legs! Best feeling ever. Congratulations on getting back at it (and for getting started at the roughest time of year). I'm not sure how to properly follow a profile feed in, like, normal-time, but looking back on yours it looks like things are going AWESOME.
  8. Hope you had a great time at your party, and huge congratulations on getting out for the first mile to Mordor, especially in the snow. I just started rereading the books so that I can pick out a few meaningful milestones (not all of the descriptions on Eowyn really ring a bell), but I think I'll have to find some alternate sources of motivation to get me through some of the stretches. I'm trying to pull some motivation from your food logging - regardless of how the party went, you're doing great with the "80%" part of the fitness thing. I'm starting to feel inspired!
  9. Not sure how this week is turning out for you, but congratulations on your good progress anyway - whether or not the last few days went as planned, you've got some great goals underway!
  10. Take care and my condolences to your family. It's always a strain, even when the passing is expected and prepared for, so I'm sending well-wishes to you and your family.
  11. Congratulations on your progress!
  12. Day 21: Goal 1: 2 walks, gorgeous day out. Approx. 5% progress to Rivendell and averaging in range to make it on time. I think I'm dehydrated though. Goal 2: Food has been a mess lately, I need to really think through how to make more time for mindful eating and really... I don't know. I mean, I had ice cream yesterday, and pasta, and a bun today, and all of that is kind of odd for me. And I'll be sitting there really making an effort to taste my ice cream - and succeeding, and noticing that the ice cream is kind of gross and that I am already full, but I finish it anyway. What's that abou
  13. Day 19: I started work early and finished at 9 pm. Goal 1: No Mordor walks, although I got some short unintentional walks in during the day. My feet hurt for some reason, I think my new shoes are breaking in really slowly. Goal 2: I had a mindful dinner, sort of, although the fact that it was a second dinner after getting something at the food court to make it to the end of the work day tells you that it was probably not worth counting toward a good grade. Day 20: Not off to the best start (fast food breakfast) but then, the grocery shop could have gone worse. I was eying up all kinds of can
  14. Day 18: Goal 1: Walked after work (milestone: End of hobbits' day 1 walk. "Fox sees them"). So frustrated I cried (but I held it in until I was in a spot free of dog walkers). Got home, called my mom, cried and yelled a lot. Feel slightly less crazy. Goal 2: Mindful breakfast. Half-mindful dinner... ate the first part slow and thoughtful-like, and then just ate. Life goal: I heard back from payroll, so to get my stats for the second part of this challenge, I'll have to do the actual math and see if I want to change my contribution. And then figure that part out.
  15. Let's imagine that the worst case scenario is true, and all these jocks are totally thinking bad thoughts about you. I don't like to lean into this approach too much, I'm all about peace and love, but: who has time to waste judging other people when they're at the gym? People who aren't committed, who are kind of mean-spirited, who aren't focused on their own goals, people who have lots of growing up to do. I've been the judger, and when I have time to be like omg what's up with THAT guy/girl, it's because I'm being petty and not getting my own shit done. So I check myself, remind myself to re
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