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  1. I'm behind on my thread, on all your threads, what else is new? But I came here today because I really need to talk about last night and find out if I overreacted and own any apologies and etc. I went to karaoke at the usual place with my brother and a couple friends. Imagine my surprise with a KJ I hadn't seen in literally years showed up! the last I had heard he was on leave indefinitely due to medical problems. So it was super cool to see him again. Until he started talking about what else he'd been up to, and he talked about a new project (I'm being deliberately vague) he s
  2. Today was.... okay. Fair warning, I may talk about adult topics in this thread, and I'm not going to spoiler tag each time. Work was an odd mix of normal stress and high anxiety. The anxiety came in from over hearing part of a closed doors meeting on my lunch (it was in the room next to the lunch room), when two people raised their voices and one of them mentioned me. Fortunately, my anxiety got soothed later by finding out that someone's attempt to throw me under a metaphorical bus was immediately seen through. But, still. Not a pleasant lunch break. Aft
  3. I feel bad that I don't have anything terribly profound or helpful to say. But I am here for you, and cheering you on. also: DAMN. That is super well done! I need to get to that level.
  4. Updated my tracking post with week one results, and posted the recipes I cooked for anyone who is interested. I can't get the pics to upload so now food porn this time
  5. First off, I am so sorry for your loss. *hugs* Secondly, sorry I'm so late to your thread. But I am here now to offer what support I can. I'm sorry to hear that you had a rough afternoon. I hope that things can get resolved and improve soon.
  6. I read your first post, and your last post, because dude there are five pages. I'm sorry, I feel like a crappy friend, but I'm just gonna follow from here. Text me about food and workouts anytime. <3
  7. It's so nice to see you back! I wish I had something awesome to say, but that's it. Here for you. <3
  8. It is a load of crap, isn't it? Thanks for reminding me. Possibly too much peopling... but it should be fun. Re spoiler: I wish? but I still feel insanely depressed. I don't know. Maybe I will ask my shrink about it. Understood. Sorry. I just hate bringing others down with my depression issues, so it's a knee-jerk reaction to self censor so that I don't make other people feel bad. I will be seeing some good friends on Saturday, so that should help. That does make sense. And when I write privately, I
  9. *fistbump in solidarity* READ MASTERHARPER OF PERN RIGHT NOW!!
  10. Thanks, @CallunaTook @Wolfen now I feel bad for stating it so rawly >_< this is why I have trouble making myself post when I'm this low. I'm constantly worried that I just spread negativity and bad feels. Thus said, thank you, I truly do appreciate your kind thoughts and cheering on. Chicken apple sausage is super super yum. The meatloaves were great, I ate two for breakfast each day and it actually kept me full until lunch. Plus it made my kitchen smell amazing. I don't blame you at all for stocking up whenever those go on
  11. I ate deep fried alligator when I was in New Orleans back in... 2001? I think
  12. I'm sorry to hear it, @Teros It truly sucks I'll be visiting you in your new thread soon, I feel like we have a lot in common right now, so I want to give you any support I can
  13. They taste pretty amazing too! Thanks for checking in on me as you do, Sylvaa <3 Thanks, annyshay, I appreciate that! I will find your thread soon for mutual cheering on
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