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  1. Kinda trippy now that this is over (or about to be) but It's been something! :3 Goal 1) Don't miss a Workout! STR +3, STM +2 A-Completed flawlessly~! Goal 2) Work on Worlds! WIS +3 C- This one I would say I've gotten 3/4ths done, but it wasn't as fleshed out as I would've liked xD Goal 3) Learn French! WIS +2, CHA +3 A- Yup! Practiced a lot during the 6 weeks :3 Goal 4) Work on Group Art! WIS +2, DEX +1 C- Alas everything gotten half-done or prepped but not completely finished I know life gotten in the way a lot with depression plus the starting of a new term at school, so both of those majorly affected my creative spot. Would've created more doodle comics to if I could. But at least from my failures I learned some valuable lessons and will be able to learn from them come around the next challenge~! :3 Mini-challenges done: #1
  2. Update: WOOP! Long time no see~ xD Man if anything I've learned is that Life is a pretty competitive metaphorical person, you start a challenge and it's all "OH REALLY? Hurr have some major obstacles, gunna trip you up bro." But anyways in terms of goals: Workout Goal: Only missed one work out throughout it all xD French Goal: Très Bon. :3 Game/Print Goal: Eh, not good really World Goal: Although plotting the one world hasn't happened, I HAVE been generally planning things around it, so does that count? xD Hope everyone else's challenges are goin' good~ ALLONS-Y HUEHUE
  3. UPDATE: Kay I'm all bettah xD for more or less anyway. Goal 1 : Workouts are no probs whatsoever :3 Goal 2 : Zombie Game/Prints still on hold, but does doing a heck of a lot of cards count for something? Goal 3 : French going good~ G oal 4: Plotting kinda still on hold, but if I evaluate where I am, technically I'm bout 3/4ths done Also gunna try tackling smaller doodles instead of bigger updatey ones EXPERIMENTS REVEAL PROGRESS YES. HURRAY CLIFFHANGERS -throws confetti- Merci Beaucoup Monsieur O: ~! The pens I work with are Prismacolor and each pen varies in size xD Hmm possibly so~ I have done other sorts of things in Illustrator haha Oh? xD Which cosplay? And yes jsut gotta get into the nitty gritty chilly panda of motivation express and such~ huehue
  4. Kay :3 Here's the monster girl one: http://shadeysix.deviantart.com/journal/30-Day-Monster-Girl-Challenge-List-316282175 Drawing improvement: http://pencilcat.tumblr.com/post/27420093968/30-days-of-art-improvement-challenge Tell me if you need any more~! Be glad to help :3
  5. So just list off random ideas? xD Hmm I could give you a couple challenge lists (like monster girls, drawing improvement, etc) if you want, not unless you just want the randomness ideas~!
  6. Oh man between everythin' that has been going on it still seems like you're doing awesome~! :3 -gives you a warm neck wrap- HEALS AND BE STRONGER BRETHEREN~!
  7. Dang you've been grinding this challenge in the ground~! xD -waves pom poms- Just caught up with everything and I'm super impressed! Can't believe it's already halfway through the challenge though yeesh <_> Time is apparently running C25K with ya~ hehehe
  8. PIZZA IS OVERRATED, well actually you could try a fruit pizza and share it with everyone xD FOOD ALCHEMY MAGIKS -flails- Keep at the goodness! O: -waves pom poms- 3/4s is still a cleverly disguised pie and pie is delicious!
  9. D'oh man L.O, Your To-do list looks about the length of mine Hahaha xD Be amusing to try and combining them to see if you could get it done quicker HEHEHE
  10. Yay~! It's awesome that you've been doing so well lately~ Starting can definitely be the most daunting though D: Also, You say inspirational Disney and my brain goes into "instant musical Broadway" mode~ hehehehe
  11. Everything is so busy o_o" yeesh

    1. minx34


      I totally understand. Where does the time go?!?

  12. Yup so here are the pen/ink cards (kinda big cause of scan and I'm lazy xD YUP SO if you made it down here you survived the Image wall! CONGRATS~! (Now to go back to drawing more cards *Cough*)
  13. YAYYYY TEAMWORK~! This kinda reminds me of an article I saw a bit back where it lists off 10 different things that US has in their foods that's banned in other countries o3o If he is type 2 diabetic he could possibly grow out of it (or so i've heard) but I wish you all the best! Seems for lots of people there's just challenges within the challenge this time around o3o
  14. That makes perfect sense, kinda did that tonight with my homework xD LFHBSLKDJSD PENGUIN SO UGUU GET IN MAI ARMS. -grabbie hands- That would make sense, given some words in spanish and french are nearly the same/with same meaning since they kinda branch from the same language family branch xD You should! I've mainly been using Duolingo for my French, and they do have German! I shall *3* xD this has now become my Desktop b/g now~! Thankies Thankies everyone for the advice Everything shall be groovin' better now that the weekly life challenge has been overcome! Have a Fab Stitch filled with pixels of love and happiness~ Semi-Update: [Why does it seem like it's been forever when I last updated when it's only been a couple days? There is no logic] Workout/French goal is still a go~ however the other two are put on hiatus till I can gear 'em back up, but that doesn't mean I haven't found my rehabilitation art thingie~! Been taking a Digital break and making traditional pen/ink trading cards :3 Tomorrow I'll scan and post 'em to kinda make up from lack of DQ, bunch of variety from Commander Data from Star Trek to a cute koala, and some greek goddess lady that has endless swirls for hair xD haha Hope you guys are doin' awesome sauce on your meaty hamburger challenge~!
  15. YAY you have returned~! -throws confetti- Hope the skin thing is okay D: I shall throw confetti cream at you and see fi that helps! ...and for some reason your mass of updates, scrolling through them made me think of train tracks... woo woo xD
  16. -sips tea- Oh yes this is quite plesant. Oh yes. -eye twitch-

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      Tea should be pleasant. The eye twitch not so much. What seems to be the matter?

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      |ಠ_ృ|Pip pip, lads!

    4. Nara


      Yes~ :D TEA FOR EVERYBODY~ huehuehue~

  17. Oooo~ Pink hair xD That sound fun! HOW DO YOU DO ALL YOU DO? -flips table- Are you sure your not a badassoceror? Castings spells of badness on peoples booties? Oh yes and while going through your thread it made me think of this:
  18. Update: Currently in battle with myself, since I pretty much don't have motivation to do much else besides French or Working out (at least two of those goals are covered hurrhurr) Annnd then there's college. Maybe since I just started I'm just trying to get used to the classes henceforth [OVERLOAD=CRASH] Anywhoo~ Goal 1: Working out spot on yup. No probs here. Goal 2: If I could just flesh out the other character sheets, I think I can have this goal done sooner than I think. Fo shizzles. Goal 3: French is perfs fine. Fiddled with German for a day for kicks and giggles xD my pronunciation is horrible. Goal 4: That Zombie game is bigger than I thought, what was I thinking when I thought I could get this done in time for a xmas present?? Ugh DoodleQuest: Got them sketched in the PS (Did I say this?) Started inking some. KAY GUNNA GO ROLL IN SOME SKITTLES AND GET MY WINGS OFF RAINBOWS. RED BULL LIES. If anybody has good remedies for motivation leave them in my tiny charity box of wonders. Yes. *3*
  19. If you combined the intellectual badass with the crazy nerd, would you come up with a bipolar candy muffin with a affinity for rainbow chopsticks? o3o Challenge is going.... nyeh. My gears are currently stuck in unmotivational mud and from working out and learning french I have no passion elsewhere xD"
  20. Update: 101 Dalmations: The Spot Strikes! This week has been pretty much the week of recovery, since first week of school on top of challenge kinda made me stress out and also cause some heart problems come up as well so pretty much had to stay low for a while. But I think I got things under control now and gunna tackle this a bit at a time :3 Next week hopefully will be more productive~ So mainly the most I've gotten accomplished was my French Studies :3 Gotta get back the fighter spirit! O: MiniChal2: I decided to skip out on this, mainly because trying to eat that much food is too much for me and I end up a beached whale by the end of the day xD We could practice some French if you want :3 Was wondering where you were off to as well And Sicil + Lost One: IF I'M LATE I shall do the spider walks xD Hahaha ~
  21. Seems like it xD haha Hope everyone's second week is going swimmingly though :3
  22. Seems like we've been in this challenge for a while even though it's been just a week and a half xD Or maybe that's just meh~
  23. UPDATE: New term, added craziness Tuesday: Not much just did online class homework and characters, along with lining a print :3 Mini-Challenge 2: Check, although my stomach was very full guh Wenesday: Goal 1 : Check! Even worked out when peeps were in the house hoo haa~! O: Goal 2: Nope o3o Goal 3: Studied a little :3 Used some in conversation~ Goal 4: Worked a little on the prints~ I know lately been having heart problems so I'm currently trying to gauge it seeing if it's various foods or workload/stress. Hopefully it won't become something huge. But that's pretty much all for now :3 Mini-challenge 2: Halfway out of 85g~ Prolly hit it later on tonight. YESSSSS. XD Should print this out and put it on my door. I think I spider walk is more workable than the handstands, if i did the handstands I would just be a flip flopping pancake Hahahah~!
  24. Your doing so well~! Never really thought in depth about drinking water but it sure seems like it's helping you a bunch~!
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