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  1. The crew list thing is awesome. Great seeing you make a recovery job/$ wise and health wise. ::zielperson::
  2. Alright, here is the latest update Fitness 1. Loose weight This challenge has moved into the pure "eat clean" region. Doing my best 2. 90 KB swings every day Not happening 3. 3 workouts per week Also not happening I do the occasional bycicling and swimming, but not enough to count as a workout. Life 1. Education Going strong 2nd test of 6 in the 2nd part done. 2. Freelance 2nd job done, only one more to go 3. Decluttering ha! Painters are coming on Thursday to redo 2 walls in our bedroom - all of the stuff has been moved into my office. BUT - I managed to throw out a pile of old clothes. ::zie
  3. Hmpf.. Hip won't let me do anything.. did I pull something? Going into a slow start next week, only option. Fitness 1. Loose weight (again) Starting weight was 94.1kg, now sitting at 93.4 - almost one kg lost. Right now, the challenge is pivoting on food alone. I have cut out sweets and sweet drinks, also watching what I eat. 2. 90 Kettlebell swings EVERY DAY. Not happening - hip / knee acting up still? 3. 3 workouts per week - 18 full workouts in this challenge This is in dire jeopardy. Going to eeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase into it next week. Life 1. Education This is still going strong. 2. Freelance
  4. Starting the challenge again today. I am picking up with the mini challenge from last week. Yay! Food / Sweets has been good so far. I have also been very successful with something I completely failed up to now: Water intake. Oh well... Also writing my 2 year plan / re-introduction. ::zielperson::
  5. Thanks for the backup, ocelot. I am actually not going to go cold turkey on sugar. I just want to cut out all the unnecessary sweets that I have been shoving down my throat. My wife and I are decent to good cooks, so we never use ready meals. Just looking at the ingredients of ready meals makes me want to scream. It is simple. There are 3 things that make food taste good and are cheap, so they are found in any ready meal in more than abundance. 1. Salt - taste enhancer 2. Fat - Fat is a "taste transporter" and also serves to make food better to swallow, also your body loves getting fed fat. 3.
  6. Good that a doctor has seen it. I missed that your location is UK. I feared you were in the US, as things tend to get complicated with US healthcare / costs. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. ::zielperson::
  7. Wow! Congratulations on the job! My sympathy for the foot injury, those are nasty. Please look out for the wound, puncture wounds can be tricky. If unsure, please see a doctor. If you are unlucky, a pocket can develop if the wound heals over before it has healed on the inside and that is seriously not something you want to happen. (Source: I worked in surgery where we treated wounds like that. A nail one time, a dog bite the second time.) ::zielperson::
  8. Alright, this has been a disappointment. Starting Sunday night, my hip started aching (along with my knee) and the pain has just left me today, Wednesday. I did something wrong during my rest? argh. At least I got more work done. Freelance project 1 - done Learning for the next course - on it! 52% done, hope to achieve 100% today, then final assessment on the weekend I went to the warrior's guild to get advice for my gym training, so I am setting this up as well. Right now, I am changing the direction of this challenge (slightly) Food I am restricting sweets. Period. No more sweets unless the
  9. Hmm.. Thank you all for your input. I will devise a much shorter program for myself, taking into consideration what you brought here. ::zielperson::
  10. Nonono... no objections at all against dropping the isolation work. Really unsure about the deadlift.. just use the eZ bar or??? Really hate that University gym. It seems as if they took out the barbells because some students did too much idiotic BS with them... ARGH! ::zielperson::
  11. Alright... let me answer some things. The above routine was an actual bodybuilding routine I did a few years back. Yes, there is a lot of isolation movements there, which was what I needed at the time. I know I need and I want to change it, this is why I came here. @Trad_Climb ... your comment actually took me aback and yes, made me a bit angry, which was why I did not reply yesterday evening. It comes down to this: I work a 9-5 as manager in IT, I have a family, I also freelance (3 projects running currently), and I started a professional training program that will take another 5 months to c
  12. To answer some questions: I have done this program before, I know I can do it productively. I am asking for a 2-day split because I will train with weights 2 days a week. The Wendler program calls for 3-5 workouts a week, so no dice here. Another reason for the 2 day split is simple time restraints. I see now that I will have to simplify much, much more. ::zielperson::
  13. OK, I am getting back into a little bit of weight training, to add to bodyweight/TRX and kettlebell/sandbags. Basically, I can hit the University gym two times a week. Bad news is, they don't have a free barbell (only a SZ-shaped one, don't ask me what it is called in English..err... curl barbell?) So I need to adapt my program a bit and hope for some help from you. My old warrior workout: 2 day split, 2 variations on each day Variations 1 [TABLE=class: grid, width: 500] LegsChestLeg Curl, sitting (machine)Benchpress barbellLeg Press (machine)Incline Bench PressLeg extension (machine)Butterfly
  14. Woopsie... forgot about the plan this week: 3 workouts at home (Kettlebell,Sandbag, TRX) Sign up / pay for University Gym Get exercises for Gym set up One more course and final assessment ::zielperson::
  15. Thanks for the link to the shin splint exercises. ::zielperson::
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